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03/24/09 Ubisoft
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03/20/09 Ubisoft

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Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut for Wii builds on the original, boasting a new and explosive narrative interwoven with the first story. After witnessing the brutal and horrifying murder of one of Paris’s richest and most influential statesman, the player will be pulled into a sinister conspiracy rooted in a long forgotten medieval legend. New puzzles have been added that specifically utilize Nintendo's unique Wii Remote. The game also features stunning animated facial expressions drawn by Dave Gibbons, artistic genius behind the comic book and upcoming movie Watchmen.


  • Deep and Captivating Murder Mystery
    • Intriguing storyline following a journalist’s eyewitness account of a tragic assassination.
  • Intuitive Controls Redefine Adventure Genre
    • Wii Remote controls create a whole new level of interaction and accessibility to vibrant and detailed settings.
    • New hint system prevents players from ever getting stuck on puzzles by offering tips and advice when needed.
  • New Cooperative Multiplayer Gameplay
    • Discover the adventure with an all-new two-player mode, allowing two players to explore settings together for clues and hints.
  • Exclusive Director’s Cut Content
    • New story elements and settings – piecing together events before and after the original Broken Sword.
    • Exclusive puzzles add new depth to the exploration gameplay.
  • Rich and Colorfully Illustrated Art Style
    • Stunning hand-drawn illustrations by renowned artist Dave Gibbons.
    • Animated facial expressions depict empathetic and emotional storytelling.

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1 n/a n/a 3,481 3,481
2 n/a 5,264 4,274 1,625 11,163
3 n/a 3,380 3,747 1,206 8,333
4 n/a 2,074 3,406 920 6,400
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10 n/a 786 1,616 402 2,804

Opinion (24)

valen200 posted 07/04/2010, 09:34
I beat it yesterday. I sorta feel sad to finally complete it, because now I know the story and adventure games don't really have much replay value. I will need to track down the sequels now.
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hankakacjd posted 30/03/2010, 06:19
I originally bought the wii version, and recently bought the ds version brand-new for five pound on game
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valen200 posted 27/03/2010, 05:15
I had the GBA version, but this one is much more interesting. The other version was not bad, just a bit more constrained.
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JEMC posted 22/03/2010, 08:16
I've been lucky enough to get it for 12 (brand new). Not a bad purchase. Oh, and that puzzle near the end made me sweat! That was hard.
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elzumo posted 06/12/2009, 10:53
Glad to see sales pick up a bit. I agree with famousringo too, it should have been $30 from the get-go.
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famousringo posted 02/11/2009, 09:12
Bought it for $30 and enjoyed it, but I'm glad I didn't pay a full $50 for it.
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