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Boku to Sim no Machi Party

ぼくとシムのまち パーティー


EA Redwood Shores



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03/10/09 Electronic Arts
03/12/09 Electronic Arts
03/13/09 Electronic Arts

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MySims Party turns any gathering into an instant party with 50 mini games to choose from, each hosted by a different MySim. You and your friends have the chance to Stick the Trick in the extreme snowboarding mini game, outrun a robot in Robo Assault or shake your groovey thing with DJ Candy during the Go Go Dancing challenge. Each MySim character brings a unique combination of skills to the mission, with differing levels of endurance, speed and luck giving you the option to choose the best MySim for the task. You can play mini games one right after the other, or you and your friends can compete in a themed festival such as food, music or sports that offers multiple mini games.

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1 n/a 7,188 n/a 1,267 8,455
2 n/a 5,029 n/a 887 5,916
3 n/a 3,624 n/a 640 4,264
4 n/a 2,726 n/a 481 3,207
5 n/a 2,068 n/a 365 2,433
6 n/a 1,615 n/a 285 1,900
7 n/a 1,385 n/a 244 1,629
8 n/a 1,136 n/a 200 1,336
9 n/a 940 n/a 166 1,106
10 n/a 797 n/a 141 938

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stof posted 22/04/2009, 04:38
EA is already putting focus on original Mysims games with MySims - Agents.

A party game was just a logical step, and I'm sure it's sales will pick up over time. There's almost no way it couldn't.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 21/04/2009, 04:21
not as good as the first two.... : (

i hope it does not sell, so EA puts more focus on original MySims games, not party games
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SaviorX posted 04/04/2009, 02:27
This game has recently been receiving a substantial amount of advertising.

I expect the sales listed here to either see an upturn, or remain consistent.
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SmokedHostage posted 19/03/2009, 04:00
decent first week. I expect nice legs though.
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NeoStar9 posted 22/02/2009, 05:28
I hope MySims Party and MySims Racing doesn't mean EA will stop putting out MySims games that are like the original and MySims Kingdom in favor of more party games. The first two were really enjoyable. The last thing the Wii needs is more party games.
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