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08/28/09 System 3 Arcade Software

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SuperCar Challenge for the PlayStation 3 is a high-octane racing game featuring both arcade and simulation tarmac thrills! Building on the critically acclaimed Ferrari Challenge racing simulation engine, SuperCar Challenge heralds the addition of the sexiest supercars on the planet while improving on its spiritual prequel in every way.

Over 40 cars will be available to throw around the most celebrated corners on the racing calendar. Experience the thrills and spills that come with harnessing the full grunt of an Aston Martin DB9, the Ferrari FXX, the McLaren F1 and many more!

More than 20 tracks will also be available, with old favourites such as Silverstone and Spa mixed in with the joys of Nürburgring and the fictitious charms of Riviera!


  • Eyes Wide Shut
    Players young and old, veteran or novice will be able to enjoy the look and feel of a real supercar thanks to brand new additions to the handling modes, with the ultimate aim being to graduate players through to full simulation handling.
    • Assist Mode – race with all the assists switched onto full. An amazing way to learn how to drive a supercar and learn the track, but also just great fun. Tear around a track without fear of screwing things up because you forgot to brake at just the right time. This makes the game accessible to so many more people and will even see your gran cruising around Silverstone on a Sunday afternoon with a smile on her face!
    • Arcade – the power of a supercar with forgiving handling and more powerful brakes. Performance off road will be less but nowhere near as much as in Simulation mode. Breaking into corners and accelerating out of corners is far more straightforward and there’s no need to worry about spinning out all the time. You can REALLY throw your car around a corner and have fun whilst doing it. Don’t forget though – your opponents will be just as aggressive!
    • Simulation – the critically acclaimed handling returns. Drop your concentration for one second and it could mean you’re out of the race! For the hardcore simulation fans only, albeit with the option to change any of the assist settings.
  • Gimme A Break!
    Your opponents’ artificial intelligence has also been completely rewritten with a brand new Dynamic AI setting allowing the game to change the challenge you receive based on how well or badly your career is going. Of course, if you fancy a real challenge you can always set the AI to Legendary… strap yourselves in tightly though because it won’t be an easy ride!
  • Sitting Pretty
    There's a vast car customization suite at your disposal in SuperCar Challenge. Once you've bought your car you can choose from a bulging base paint swatch consisting of matte, gloss, pearlescent and metallic effects. Then it's time to let your imagination fly, and with over 500 different objects available the sky's the limit! Choose from letters, numbers, splashes, tribals, flags, racing lines and many more before positioning, rotating scaling and flipping your way to a masterpiece. By combining various basic shapes (such as circles, squares, triangles, curves and such) over as many layers as you like you can create quite literally any image you like. It's all down to your imagination.

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Opinion (5)

metalgearmatt posted 20/11/2009, 03:19
Looks good.
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Zedux posted 14/09/2009, 10:58
great game!
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Skeeuk posted 03/09/2009, 10:56
only a couple of days left. cant wait
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Skeeuk posted 31/08/2009, 12:20
ive played the beta, it doesnt look like a ps2 game at all.

its typical of a low budget game but looks pretty good it runs solid and smooth, its for hardcore racers only so its a niche title

, handling is very very good simulation mode is ultra tough and thats what got me sold on the game its out in a few days time i cant wait.

best engine sounds in a game ive ever heard, its as if you can hear every thing moving in the engine. super stuff.

@waron your a liar, a game that im thinking of getting right now racepro. you dont seem to say that has ps2 grafix do you.

as it stands SCC has better grafix that RPr does. but these types of games are for the realism fans. its obviously not got the budget to match the likes of gt pgr grid dirt and fm etc in visuals.

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waron posted 14/06/2009, 03:59
looks a lot like ps2 game. i love how in trailer they showed their "amazing features" like changing color of your car and all the other things that were standard on last gen consoles(well most of them aside of multiplayer).
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