SuperCar Challenge

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.03m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: System 3 Arcade Software Genre: Racing

Total Units

Europe: 0.03m 83.7%
+ Rest of the World: 0.01m 16.3%
= Global 0.03m

Release History

SuperCar Challenge System 3 Arcade SoftwareEurope28th August 2009Retail

Game Overview

SuperCar Challenge is a racing game developed by System 3 Arcade Software and released on PlayStation 3.

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metalgearmatt (on 19 November 2009)
Looks good.
Zedux (on 14 September 2009)
great game!
Skeeuk (on 03 September 2009)
only a couple of days left. cant wait
Skeeuk (on 30 August 2009)
ive played the beta, it doesnt look like
a ps2 game at all.

its typical of a
low budget game but looks pretty good it
runs solid and smooth, its for hardcore
racers only so its a niche title

handling is very very good simulation
mode is ultra tough and thats what got
me sold on the game its out in a few
days time i cant wait.

best engine
sounds in a game ive ever heard, its as
if you can hear every thing moving in
the engine. super stuff.

@waron your
a liar, a game that im thinking of
getting right now racepro. you dont seem
to say that has ps2 grafix do you.

it stands SCC has better grafix that RPr
does. but these types of games are for
the realism fans. its obviously not got
the budget to match the likes of gt pgr
grid dirt and fm etc in visuals.

waron (on 14 June 2009)
looks a lot like ps2 game. i love how in
trailer they showed their "amazing
features" like changing color of your
car and all the other things that were
standard on last gen consoles(well most
of them aside of multiplayer).
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