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バトルフィールド2 モダン・コンバット


Digtal Illusions



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04/11/06 Electronic Arts
03/30/06 Electronic Arts
04/13/06 Electronic Arts

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This is no minor skirmish - this is all-out war.

The award-winning Battlefield franchise finally explodes onto the Xbox, dropping players into the heat of battle with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat™. The game brings the over-the-top action and excitement of the Battlefield series into the modern era with a bleeding-edge arsenal of vehicles and weaponry allowing for the most extreme "Battlefield Moments" yet.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat features a propaganda- fueled single player campaign where gamers see both sides of a conflict in one of the most treacherous regions in the world – Kazakhstan. Gamers will plunge headlong into the fog of war and must ultimately choose sides in a furious showdown where nothing is as it seems.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat also delivers the Battlefield franchise's trademark multiplayer action, delivering fierce 24 player online battles. Fighting for one of 4 sides – the US, the European Union, the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition -players armed with the latest modern weaponry can choose to control any of the 30+ vehicles in the game.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat also boasts advanced online community features, including full clan support, friends lists, voice over IP, and rankings and stat tracking.


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MrBirdTurd posted 03/02/2009, 11:40
Great game It was great fun on maps like Backstab, Frostbite and Bridge too far.
Big Battles FTW
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rogerioscaff posted 24/03/2008, 07:20
a very like this game.
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