Panzer Dragoon Saga

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.11m
Platform: Sega Saturn
Developer: Team Andromeda Genre: Role-Playing

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
31st January 1998159,170N/A59,170
07th February 1998220,713-65.0%79,883
14th February 199838,314-59.9%88,197
21st February 199845,543-33.3%93,740
28th February 199853,802-31.4%97,542
07th March 199862,961-22.1%100,503
14th March 199872,195-25.9%102,698
21st March 199881,427-35.0%104,125
28th March 199891,324-7.2%105,449
04th April 199810910-31.3%106,359

Japan Annual Summary (Units)



LiveEcho (on 16 May 2010)
Probably PDS's strongest asset was in
its sound. Spoken dialogue for every NPC
and every cutscene, awesome sound
effects (for its time) and a
spellbinding original score. Of course
the game looked wonderful too.

main gripe with PD Saga is that it is
too short and the game suffers from
pacing issues due to the sheer volume of
vykk8930 (on 20 May 2009)
I by some miracle was able to get my
hands on both a Saturn and a copy of
this game for a relatively good price on
this very day. I feel like I'm
dreaming!! Now I just need a copy of
terislb (on 24 April 2009)
sadly this will never get ported
according to sega the sourcecode went
missing a few years ago
vykk8930 (on 22 April 2009)
this is a game I've been wanting to get
my hands on for a long time, sadly it a
little out of my price range these days
let alone hard to find, I guess I can
only Sega ports at some point
sep85dd (on 22 February 2009)
Great game, damn hard an the best
graphics on saturn. I build it for 70

Today not many Games are so
good like this one 10/10
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