Army Men: Sarge's War

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): N/A
Platform: PlayStation 2Also on: Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Tactical Development Genre: Shooter

Release History

Army Men: Sarge's War Global StarEurope23rd July 2004Retail
Army Men: Sarge's War Global StarNorth America02nd August 2004Retail

Game Overview

Sarge's War is a great beginners game that will help you to learn eye hand coordination and some strategy. During the battles there are a few instances where Sarge will receive some help but for the most part Sarge fights the battles alone. He will be up against tanks, artillery, aircraft bombing raids and a number of enemies on foot. They will have machine guns, bazookas, flame throwers and rifles. To move from one battle to another Sarge must step into a glowing light that will transport him to the next area. Later in the game there will be some enemies who have the ability to cloak or become invisible.

Sarge will find a number of weapons at his disposal, such as a sniper rifle, a bazooka, an automatic rifle, a heavy machine gun and grenades. At times he will have to locate explosives to clear a path or find a key card to open a door. You may find that the controls are little quirky at times but they can be overcome. The graphics are simple and the story line simple as well but the entertainment is more than ample. There are many hours of game play so be ready to spend a few evenings at the controls. Have fun.