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I Did It Mum! 2 (Girl)

Dekitayo! Mama, Wannyon Club: Onna no Ko


Starfish Inc.



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10/23/08 UFO Interactive
04/24/08 Starfish
11/07/08 505 Games

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The first and only developmentally appropriate game for the Nintendo DS just got better! Filled with a nice mix of fun, creativity, and skill building games, this wholesome title is a must have for the youngest gamer! It’s like carrying around a party inside your pocket, which the whole family can enjoy!

Smart Girl's Party Game Key Features:

  • Fun for Girls – An assortment of mini-games specifically designed with young girls in mind.

  • Wholesome, Skill Building Mini-Games – With 18 mini-games that bring out your child’s creativity and talents, this title will keep your little one occupied for hours.

  • Entry Point/Age Appropriate – Perfectly designed with the youngest gamers in mind, our title delivers on providing a fun, safe and creative environment that parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents will approve of. This title is a safe bet for introducing them into the pastime of playing games.

  • Ease of Use with the DS – Using the unique features of the DS, your child can interact with the games using the stylus or their fingers, actively engaging and incorporating them into the world of learning and fun.
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katamaris4ever posted 04/12/2010, 06:09
Dang, 2 hundred thousand? That's a lot of copies!
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