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Samurai Spirits: Amakusa Kourin

サムライ スピリッツ 天草降臨


SNK Corporation



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11/29/96 SNK
11/29/96 SNK
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Oh no! Amakusa may have been defeated once, but he's not giving up yet! In fact, he's going to get his revenge & try to take over the world! Fires, famines, crop failures, storms, & many other disasters are happening around the world much more frequently! 16 other warriors have the potential to stop him, but only 1 will be able to fight him, & perhaps win and take his head after the battle! 


All 12 characters from Samurai Shodown III return as well as 3 more returning characters which have been absent since Samurai Shodown I & II. Two new characters, Kazuki & Sogetsu Kazama, join the fight!

The Bust/Slash system has been refined. What style you pick will change your character's look, as well as your character's special moves!

Unique Grade system! Pick between the beginner grade, medium grade, or upper grade. They alter greatly how you play the game! Pick the one that's right for your skill level!

New finishing moves! Fulfill certain conditions to watch your opponent be finished off in a bloody fashion!

New "Honourable Death" move for each character! Just when you think you're about to go down, you can forfeit the match to your opponent by doing a certain button combination! The good thing is that you'll have a full POW bar at the next round, that is if you don't perform the move at the 2nd round if the 1st round was won by your opponent.

Lush stages & large, colorful character sprites are plentiful in this game! Also features the classic zoom in/out graphical touch that's in other Samurai Shodown games!


Written by Marktheshark

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