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01/01/90 American Video Entertainment
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In 306 B.C. Lou Ban, the most acclaimed artist of the Chin clan, sculpted from the finest ivory, 7 sets of enchanted Tiles. Legends say the original set of Tiles was created by gods and played as a game. Wizards said when played by mortals, it was an art that could be used to predict the future. Priests said it was a dangerous gamble that actually altered the flow of fate. Soon the art of the Tiles had spread across the whole of China, but with it something strange was also spreading. Droughts and then flooding, terrible famines and then gigantic harvests. Everyday something more strange and unlikely would occur, the forces of fate had indeed been blown out of control. The influence of the Tiles on the land of China had to come to an end, but it would not be easy. Like the force of Yin & Yang, each Tile has a match that when united, will allow both Tiles to achieve symmetry, and simply cease to exist. You must conquer 7 castles to defeat 7 sets of Tiles. It will take more than quick reflexes - you must use strategy, skill and luck to defeat the TILES OF FATE!

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