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09/07/05 Bandai
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Follow the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat pirate crew and explore the East Blue Sea in search of the famed treasure, One Piece! Use your stretchy Gum Gum abilities to defeat the villains of the sea that you encounter on your journey!

  • Play as Monkey D. Luffy and meet characters from the TV series on your adventure! (total 15 characters)
  • Fight all 12 bosses from the TV series!
  • Revisit cleared stages to discover new areas and paths!
  • Use your special skills and attacks to beat your enemies in multiple ways!
  • Collect treasure items!
  • Interactive environments! Pick up found objects and use your environment to your advantage.
  • Defeat your enemies and raise your pirate ranking to become King of the Pirates!
  • Featuring customizable mini games.
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