Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.61m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment GmbH Genre: Role-Playing

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
16th May 2009122,133N/A22,133
23rd May 2009212,418-43.9%34,551
30th May 2009312,6111.6%47,162
06th June 2009426,732112.0%73,894
13th June 2009519,830-25.8%93,724
20th June 2009616,542-16.6%110,266
27th June 2009712,634-23.6%122,900
04th July 2009810,489-17.0%133,389
11th July 200998,648-17.6%142,037
18th July 2009107,991-7.6%150,028

Global Annual Summary (Units)


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finalrpgfantasy (on 24 June 2011)
this is a great game and deserve more
the only thing i dont like is the
character creation and that the world is
jbrist (on 16 April 2010)
This is a great game that deserved more
than it recieved, it even got the
company bankrupt and shut down, which is
a terrible ordeal, especially since now
we can't have the expansion pack with
the new class either... well, not on
console, I can still get it on PC, since
they managed to release it on PC in EU
only, lol.

But still, a great game,
although it had framerate issues and a
few glitches and bugs here and there,
and horrible loading in towns, but other
than that, I loved it to bits.
Landstreicher (on 21 February 2010)
Japan release
Munkeh111 (on 21 February 2010)
Why did this sell 20k this week?
MLight80 (on 29 November 2009)
I really enjoyed this game. It
satisfied my hack n slash coop fix.
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