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09/23/03 Microsoft
07/22/04 Microsoft
10/17/03 Microsoft

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Voodoo Vince™ is an outrageous venture—from the streets of New Orleans to the depths of a Louisiana bayou—where you explore and fight as a tattered-but-tough voodoo doll on a quest to find the whereabouts of your keeper, Madam Charmaine.

In true voodoo style, Vince encounters and defeats quirky monsters and villains ... by kicking his own butt! By racing under a falling safe, jumping into a high-speed blender, or leaping under falling rubble, Vince is sure to defeat his enemies—all while managing to escape completely unscathed.


“An early nominee for best new character of 2003"
—Official Xbox Magazine

Voodoo Vince is surely on his way to becoming a big, bright, shining star …over the years we’ve played a lot of characters that do a lot of things, but none quite as cool as Voodoo Vince.”
—Play Magazine

“The most striking aspect of Voodoo Vince is its unique world. Playful, with a touch of macabre, the game’s New Orleans (or ‘Nawlins’ as it’s properly pronounced) is oozing with personality.”

"Stick a pin in me and call me Vince, this type of voodoo certainly has all the right elements that make for a good time at the old bayou."
—Eduardo Zacarias, GameZone.com

  • Voodoo combat action: Employ more than 30 voodoo attacks that do outrageous things to Vince, but it's the monsters who end up hurting! Unlike in other games, you actually USE dangers and hazards, instead of running from them. Falling safes, prickly pushpins, and bolts of lightning bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "no pain, no gain."
  • Magical voodoo world: Thrust into the depths of a twisted and dangerous world, Vince must trek through 30 detailed levels, including crawfish-laden swamps, a graveyard filled with imps and lost zombies, a fantastic French Quarter, and a network of boggy sewers.
  • Vehicles and minigames: As the game unfolds, Vince must master and pilot a number of vehicles, including a fanboat, a submarine, an airplane—and even a rat gives him a lift at one point. Master one mind-bending minigame after another to complete the quest.
  • Dynamic cast of characters: No adventure would be complete without its host of surly characters. Offbeat creatures with all the charm of New Orleans are around every corner. Vince encounters everything from Ginger Dead Men (who are not exactly sugar-coated) to a pair of intoxicated gas pumps that offer up a fiery challenge.
  • Developer information: Beep Industries was founded in 2000 by creative director Clayton Kauzlaric, along with an impressive team of dedicated game industry veterans, including Director of Technology Matt Setzer, Art Director Gary Hanna, Executive Producer Barbara Hanna, Lead Programmer Kurt Pfeifer, Systems Architect Brian W. Brown and Business Manager Harald Kohl. The bulk of Beep's staff have worked together for nearly a decade. Based in Kirkland, Wash., the company was started with the goal of creating games and characters that fit the distinctive personality of its staff while maintaining uncompromising standards for art, technology and gameplay. Beep Industries' first title has been in production since October 2001.



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nathantay posted 02/03/2009, 08:54
It's a shame this game didn't do better as I thought it was a fun little game. 8/10
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