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10/13/08 THQ
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10/31/08 THQ

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As the keeper of the power of Juju, it's Tak's responsibility to care for the sacred Juju shrines. Unfortunately, Tak accidentally frees the four "Grosstrosities" — Stink Giant, Slime Giant, Landfill Giant, and Molten Cheese Giant who were trapped in the shrine. These giants were trapped because they were so disgusting that they were just too gross to walk the earth. Tak must seek the help of the "Big G's" four master Jujus in order to defeat the giants before they cover the world in their stinky foulness.


  • Acrobatic game play with parkour—style platforming: run on walls, slide on poles, swing on vines
  • Jump, climb, and run on gigantic bosses: Stink Giant, Slime Giant, Landfill Giant, Molten Cheese Giant
  • Play as Jeera in special areas of the game — drive the 'J—Runner' Jeep through the jungle in order to escape from danger
  • Special Juju magic spells that can be obtained after every boss battle
  • Skunk Slider Mini Game — Slide smelly skunks into a 'Odor Collecting' Target Zone
  • Fondue Fort Mini Game — Defend a magic shrine by dropping buckets of hot cheese on attacking enemies
  • Slime Gunked Mini Game — Slime as many targets as possible
  • Tiki Shoot Mini Game — Catapult sheep to aim at Tiki Heads

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spurgeonryan posted 23/09/2009, 03:52
Could the ten dollar price tag be why this has gone up like crazy? still ten dollars does give the company a nice profit off a disc and case, which probaly cost them what? 30 cents to make and another dollar to transport?
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