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02/11/09 TikGames
02/11/09 TikGames
02/11/09 TikGames

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Minesweeper has come a long way since the days of the 9-by-9 grid! Minesweeper Flags includes the classic grid game, but if you're looking for real action, check out Flags where you must secure the mines instead of avoiding them! Minesweeper Flags also delivers exciting multiplayer action for up to four players, deep stats to track your rankings, ratings and true skill score, fun new achievements, and an all-new action packed single-player campaign mode. This is Minesweeper Xbox 360® style!

  • Supercharged Flags Mode: Play against the computer or compete with up to three other players locally or online in a race to find and flag the bombs first.
  • Engaging Campaign Mode: Travel the seven continents and strategically use extra lives to sweep up mines on a variety of field sizes and shapes, unlocking lush new environments to enhance Classic or Flags mode.
  • Xbox LIVE® leaderboards: Share your scores and climb the worldwide ranks through custom field challenges ranging from beginner to expert.

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I have seen this also... But is it coming out?
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