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12/02/08 Brash Entertainment
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12/05/08 Brash Entertainment

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Sometimes it's the smallest of heroes who find themselves caught up in the biggest adventures. In The Tale of Despereaux, the Newbery Medal-winning children's book-turned-CG animated film comes to your screen with all the fun and excitement of this beloved story. As the small but brave Despereaux Tilling, you must embark on a quest to save Princess Pea from a sinister fate. Plunge into the darkness of Rat World and draw on your courage and cleverness to overcome the obstacles that lie in your path.

The Tale of Despereaux invites you to explore the magical world of the film and venture beyond into never-before-seen locations for all-new adventures. Summon your courage as you set off on your quest in pursuit of Princess Pea and make your way through 15 exciting levels filled with action and enemies. Execute thrilling moves and combine them to add even more complexity to your combat experience, and wield a variety of upgradeable weapons as you battle your way to the finish and rescue the princess. Multiple difficulty settings make the game suitable for players of varied ages and ability levels, so everyone can enjoy the adventures of this minuscule hero with tremendous courage and heart.


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Opinion (3)

uppertone posted 02/04/2009, 05:16
"Genre: Shooter"

First person shooter? wow i'm in :D
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pichu_pichu posted 11/03/2009, 03:02
And what's wrong with big ears???
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Thekirby45 posted 06/08/2008, 03:50
why is his ears so big!?!?
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