Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.37m
Platform: Microsoft WindowsAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS
Developer: id Software Genre: Shooter

Total Units

North America: 0.14m 36.7%
+ Europe: 0.18m 48.9%
+ Rest of the World: 0.05m 14.4%
= Global 0.37m

Release History

Rage Bethesda SoftworksNorth America04th October 2011Retail
Rage Bethesda SoftworksEurope07th October 2011Retail
Rage Square EnixJapan27th October 2011Retail

Game Overview

Rage is a shooter game developed by id Software and released on iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

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thewastedyouth (on 02 November 2012)
DAMN, holy crap Skyrim and DEUS EX have
sold wayyyyyyy more on PC

Software, how the mighty have fallen.
Today they are just another studio owned
by Zenimax!!!
clos2 (on 09 December 2011)
haha nilli is so stupid, carmack already
said doom 4 will be pc lead and you know
why? cause he was stupid to belive hat
consoles were ore powerful than pcs and
never looked into the future. He wont
be making tha tmistake agian, i can
guarantee you. Nilli has gotten owned
in every single aspect of his retarded
arguments on every wall. He cant handle
it. Just give up son, go play with your
pad. Ive proven to you countless times
that indie gaming does better on PC,
that pc gaming is more than alive thanks
to stea, DD, and developers that care.
You sir, have nothing but a strawman
arguemnt on piracy, which you continue
to use as your main argument. What you
dont realize is that we are still
getting pc games and 2012 is gonna be
even better for pc and you relaly think
pc gaming is daying when 2011 and 2012
have only just been proof thats its only
getting better, howeve you are too blind
ad stupid to even admit that, instantly
making all your arguments invalid cause
you dont even have the facts straight,
instead you opinionate and try ot make
us believe your opijnions are facts,
when in reality, theyre nothing else but
trolling and made up facts about what
YOU think and not about the reality of
the market, which btw you CLEARLY know
nothing of, otherwise you wouldnt be
saying the stupid shit you say. You are
stuck in 2001, sucks for you. Merry
xmas from the PC community.
led9010 (on 20 November 2011)
Haha Nilli, you talk as if either of the
console versions sold well. It had sad
numbers on the consoles as well.
nilli (on 10 November 2011)
Doom 4 will never ever have pc as the
lead. They are just talking so that
little cry babies like yourself could
sleep at night.
Noodlefighter (on 03 November 2011)
Uh Yes I believe it and the crap you
pulled out was from years ago and only
till now they've brought it up again as
an excuse for their mistakes on the PC
version at launch. At E3 he specifically
said that Doom 4 PC will be the lead.
They've already sacrificed the 60fps
they achieved with Rage for better
visuals and more AI on screen with 30fps
in singleplayer. That's already one of
the signs. Neither do you have any idea
what steam makes from games so I guess
you should STFU up too :)
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