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09/21/07 Ubisoft
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09/28/07 Ubisoft

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  • Discover the Ultimate Weapon – Experiment with WWII weapons featuring Earthquake bombs, Henschel Hs 293 guided missiles, MK103 large bore cannons, and many more!
  • Fly Never Before Seen Aircraft – Including the Kyushu J7W Shinden (“Magnificent Lightning”), Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, Gotha Go 229, Heinkel He 162 “Salamander” and many more.
  • 18 Missions in Authentic World War II Environments – Fly around the world to places such as Rome, Moscow, Siberia, Cairo, China, FR, Pacific, Panama
  • Over 50+ Fully Customizable Aircraft – Customize for performance or just to change the visual appearance of your aircraft.
  • Fast Paced Multiplayer Action – including: solo, co-op and squad missions, as well as new modes including Epic Battle and Assault.

New to Blazing Angels

  • Upgrade system:  the player earns prestige through his actions and can spend it on upgrades for the planes
  • Visual tuning of planes:  the player can change the paint scheme of the plane and can add special markings on the plane
  • Airfield use: the player can rearm, repair and occasionally change the plane on friendly airfields. He can also steal aircraft from enemy airfields.
  • Replay option: the missions are recorded and the player has the option to see and record replays.
  • Level design elements: balloon barrages, searchlights etc.
  • Camera system: added free look camera.
  • Weapons: missile, instant kill cannon, flash, etc.
  • Multiplayer: new modes (Epic Mode, Squad Assault). Added option to change plane during matc

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