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10/07/08 EA Sports
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10/10/08 EA Sports

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NBA LIVE 09 is back. It rewrites the book on authenticity and connectivity - but is still accessible enough for new users. Dynamic DNA emulates - with absolute precision - an NBA player in every sense of the word. NBA LIVE 365 takes the statistical data of Dynamic DNA and brings it to life. Just like the real NBA game, players get injured, free agents sign late, great players go cold and no-names break through.

  • Unique Wii Experience - Enjoying basketball action on Wii is now easier with refined gestures that get you into the action with a variety of ways to play that offers something for everyone.
  • All-Play Controls - A simplified control system enables novice players to focus on fun. Players control key actions like shooting and passing, while the game controls player movement.
  • Point and Pass - Challenge yourself using a precision passing system with Point and Pass.
  • FIBA Expanded - With 24 national teams to choose from, you can compete against any NBA or WNBA team using authentic FIBA rosters and teams.
  • 21 - All-new to All-Play, but a fan favorite on the court. A great way to practice shooting and free-throws to challenge yourself and show your opponent what you can do.
  • That Girl’s Got Game - These women can do it all – dunk, shoot 3’s and block shots. Suit up from your choice of 22 WNBA players featured in game, including stars such as Candace Parker, Sue Bird or Lisa Leslie and take on your favorite NBA or FIBA team.

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1 n/a 9,370 n/a 1,654 11,024
2 n/a 3,685 n/a 650 4,335
3 n/a 2,057 n/a 363 2,420
4 n/a 1,374 n/a 242 1,616
5 n/a 1,666 n/a 294 1,960
6 n/a 2,046 n/a 361 2,407
7 n/a 2,794 n/a 493 3,287
8 n/a 7,120 n/a 1,256 8,376
9 n/a 4,896 n/a 864 5,760
10 n/a 7,164 n/a 1,264 8,428

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Wii_Master posted 10/07/2009, 06:01
this game is online but there is no online box for friend codes
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Wii_Master posted 10/07/2009, 06:00
this game i got $20 so i got it and it turns out it has better graphics than last yrs and is a little better than ok
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MontanaHatchet posted 28/02/2009, 03:56
So, it's been a while, and I don't think this game sold a lot.
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WiiBox3 posted 16/10/2008, 06:35
Wow weak first week?? Too bad they didnt try as hard on this as they did on the Tiger Woods and Madden All Play games.... I'm still sure with the user base it will eventually sell a lot
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arsenal009 posted 16/10/2008, 05:28
not surprised, have u played last yrs game?
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Kenology posted 16/10/2008, 03:51
Opened less than last year's game.
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