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03/29/06 2K Sports
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04/07/06 2K Sports

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Everything you loved about Top Spin is back and made even better. The peerless player-creator is reborn with the powerful Digital Identity that truly puts you in the game. Experience Grand Slam events in venues that are alive and dynamic with environmental elements that react to your play.

The game contains exciting tennis gameplay, a number of different modes, and a lot of fun. Career mode, the main mode of the game, has players creating a male or female character from scratch using the game's fairly deep customization mode. Once their player is created and named, gamers move to the court. First comes several training rounds with the coach, who will teach players everything then need to know about controlling their character, serving, and returning the ball in TOP SPIN 2. However, each lesson costs money, so players will need to quickly enter a low-level tournament to earn some cash. Many of the tournaments won't be available at the beginning, but as players win matches and earn rankings, more difficult tournaments will open up. Eventually, players will find themselves facing off against big name tennis stars like Andy Roddick, Venus Williams and Roger Federer. Gamers can also play quick games as either singles or doubles, play an exhibition match, play three different mini-games in party mode, and take on friends using the multiplayer mode.


  • Experience the pro tour in real-world venues, as one of 24 world-ranked tennis pros
  • Design your own digital identity - create realistic player models and customize them with the highest level of detail
  • Create your own style of tennis play with a range of shots - Slices, drops, chops, lobs and drives
  • Train with a coach to master shots and playing surfaces - then work your way up the rankings
  • Play singles or doubles matches with 16 top pros, from Anna Kournikova to Lleyton Hewitt
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