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Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: 8bit Games Genre: Puzzle

Release History

Elefunk Sony Computer EntertainmentJapan10th July 2008Retail
Elefunk Sony Computer EntertainmentNorth America17th July 2008Retail
Elefunk Sony Computer EntertainmentEurope17th July 2008Retail

Game Overview

Elefunk is a puzzle game developed by 8bit Games and released on PlayStation 3.

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Hapimeses (on 26 July 2008)
I enjoyed this, but it was all over
waaaaaaaaay too fast. I completed it the
day I downloaded it. Still, it has reply
value, and cost me no more than a cinema
ticket, so was well worth the entry
akuma587 (on 23 July 2008)
This game is amazing, but it is pretty
challenging I must say. Very creative.
I am so much better at this than my
engineer brother is the funniest part.
Griffin (on 19 July 2008)
I found the game got hard real fast,
i'm on some big level on the second
world and finding it hard to get a nice
picture of the puzzle, the camera goes
really far or way to close, maybe
another option for in between would work
great. And some sort of training on how
to build the bridges would be really
helpful. I feel like i'm just guessing
where to put the pieces.
wenlan (on 18 July 2008)
i second that!
Dogs Rule (on 18 July 2008)
If you like helping elephants, but
don't get enough chances to do so in
real life, then this game is for you.
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