Wii Music

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 3.25m
Platform: Wii
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Misc

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AstroMaSSi (on 22 January 2012)
Fantastic product, but not a game.
goldeneye0065r (on 02 January 2012)
3 m for wii music , wheres a seqel this time with - real music like the spice girls etc haha naow
fedfed (on 06 November 2011)
it may have been re-printed???
TheDarkBender (on 02 November 2011)
+20k in others alone this week :O Wondring why it gone up
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 26 October 2011)
12k this week!? imagine christmas revival! : P
spurgeonryan (on 07 September 2011)
I can live withose sales.
spurgeonryan (on 01 July 2011)
They are no longer shipping it , but it still sells over 3 million?
fedfed (on 13 June 2011)
Goo to see this passed the 3m Mark!
fedfed (on 07 June 2011)
Not much to do with it. 6.8
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 03 June 2011)
3 millions is no failure, not to say that we want a sequel!! : )
NiKKoM (on 22 May 2011)
3 million! party!!!
spurgeonryan (on 28 January 2011)
well it is doibng 4 thousand + now so this should make it to 3 million in 2.5 months
Galvanizer (on 04 January 2011)
Will definitely reach 3 million LTD.
spurgeonryan (on 17 December 2010)
Just sold about 896 copies in Japan! Could this finally get passed 3 million and get recognized as alright?
Intendo21 (on 22 November 2010)
I got this game long after it came out and it innovating.
primogen18 (on 22 November 2010)
The only "Wii" game to make it to the bargain bin and then clearance at TRU.
spurgeonryan (on 29 October 2010)
Nintendo needs best sellers club again for like 100 different games already.
aoixgp (on 23 April 2010)
No doubt online functionality would have driven sales.
johnlucas (on 27 February 2010)
One day people are going to regret sleeping on Wii Music. Innovation is all over this game. Luckily I understand music so I knew EXACTLY where this game was coming from.
marcianito (on 05 February 2010)
this game wasn't as succesful as supposed to be, it fail to move hardware, and we can blame the price cut to this game and animal crossing, otherwise wii would have 50% marketshare already
mmpop (on 04 February 2010)
This is proboly one game that Nintendo isnt very happy about. And the sales is really dying.
atma998 (on 23 January 2010)
Only 2.5k unit sold this week, this game is dying.
Luthor (on 17 December 2009)
Well I would like to apologize for predicting 5M for this game in its first year, It will barely cross 3,5M...
NeoStar9 (on 15 December 2009)
As said this isn't really a music "game" but a music "creator". One has to look at it with that in mind. Once you do I think one's opinion of the game changes for the better. You are suppose to experiment and it takes a bit of time to get used to what you can do. Each person is going to have a different experience in the end. It should never be compared to games like Rockband or Guitar Hero where you are simply replaying music and trying to replicate the song as best you can. You could do that with Wii Music with the music they have but you are encourage not to do that.
specialops787 (on 06 December 2009)
It just gives you a basis to start with.
A music creator is NOT a game. Its a music creator.
The point of Wii Music is to take a song and add your own flavor to it. It wouldn't make any sense to create your own song...and then add more of your own flavor to it.
Vas-y (on 16 November 2009)
I played this game about 15 minutes and it was a horrible experience.
SaviorX (on 16 November 2009)
Will be a Wii Music Plus coming....
spurgeonryan (on 06 November 2009)
Well you guys bought it when the wii was in super shovel ware mode, now its a little better and you shouldn't have to guess anymore. That made little sense.
amp316 (on 17 October 2009)
I don't know much about this game except that it's the bane of Tuoyo's existence.
Shadow)OS (on 14 October 2009)
I'm super pissed there was no music creator. I wasted 60 bucks. The content that's there is alright, but no music creation in a game called Wii Music? Are you kidding?

I guess it's my fault for having assumed.
primogen18 (on 13 October 2009)
I still play this sometimes, but the lack of any decent songs is horrible. I really wish you could just create your own stuff and share it instead of playing the same crappy quality midis of cheesy songs. The fact Nintendo made a game called Wii MUSIC and used horrible quality Midis instead of real instruments shows they slapped this together last minute after all the hype a wii tech demo created. I mean it's a game about exploring music and you have generic 8 bit sounds for instruments...
krimoz911 (on 12 October 2009)
I still play this from time to time.

Too bad there will never be a sequel.
RCTjunkie (on 15 September 2009)
I have a weird tradition on here to make miis of all my teachers and make them play a song with instruments that suit their personality. 8th grade did September, 9th Grade did Loco-Motion, and now 10th grade with F-Zero Mute City.
thetonestarr (on 29 July 2009)
I just picked this up and it's amazing. I love it.

And the negative reviewers seem to have conveniently ignored the side games that I never was aware existed. Pitch Perfect is great fun.

Also, as a musician, I've always wanted to learn the drums, and one thing this game makes easier is learning the various drum styles one may want to use. And if you pay attention to which drums the Miis hit when doing these various styles, you'll quickly learn the best way to play for whatever songs. Crappy game? Bull.
Wildvine53 (on 15 July 2009)
hpw do you find your friend code in this game, or is it just your wii counsel number
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 03 July 2009)
you are not the only one, i'm still playing and many others

let's share videos! : )
RCTjunkie (on 03 July 2009)
Why am I the only one still playing this? -_-
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 26 June 2009)
actually it allows you to remix music
intro94 (on 23 May 2009)
if this game allows me to remix music like mario paint did, im getting it.Can i?
SmokedHostage (on 22 May 2009)

I want Wii Music to sell well because it's amazing.
mmpop (on 21 May 2009)
Why do you people want this to sell? answer the question. Why do you want Wii music to sell good?
SmokedHostage (on 20 May 2009)
adjusted down.. :'(
famousringo (on 07 May 2009)
Nintendo reports 2.65 million shipped as of March. Spot on!
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 06 May 2009)
Wii Music rules, deserves at least 5m lifetime!!
Bong Lover (on 05 May 2009)
Wii Music, you are awesome!
SJGohan3972 (on 26 April 2009)
Found on Amazon for $35 new so I picked this up, pretty fun.
Sky Render (on 21 April 2009)
One thing I love about this game (and all of the Wii series, really) is that I can pick it up and play it any time and know I'll have a good time. It reminds me of the early days of the NES, when you could just pop in one of the SMB games, Zelda, Kirby, or any number of other titles, play for 5 or 10 minutes, and still be satisfied.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 15 April 2009)
this game is really awesome, it took time to realize, but it's one of my favorite games!
Killergran (on 13 April 2009)
2.5 million :D Not that bad.
sparkit34 (on 13 February 2009)
This is the type of game that will really benefit from a price decrease.
Wiintendo (on 10 February 2009)
Teachers invite ‘Wii Music’ into the classroom


“They are giddy with excitement when they walk into the room and see the Wii set up. Their aural skills are improving with every lesson, and they have developed rhythmic and improvisational skills as well.” - Eileen Jahn, St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, N.J.
famousringo (on 08 February 2009)
Adjusted down. Shows what I know. :P
palancas7 (on 05 February 2009)
Actually... it might be a bit undertracked. According to Nintendo Wii Music SOLD at least 2.50 million.
famousringo (on 29 January 2009)
@ noname

NPD puts Wii Music sales at 865k for 2008. If Wii Music is overtracked, I doubt that it's by much.
noname2200 (on 29 January 2009)
I love this game. I want this game to sell. But I can't shake the feeling that it's being waaaay overtracked by this site.
johnlucas (on 20 January 2009)
The only thing this game really needed was an independent music creation system which was only seen in the balance board on the drums. If people wanna criticize something then criticize that. Other than that, it's just one more excellent Nintendo-made title. I see why 3rd parties are scared of them.
widescreen (on 19 January 2009)
this game has legs
axumblade (on 18 January 2009)
Wow. 1 million in the U.S. alone. I was expecting EU to hit a million first.

I played a little bit of this game in best buy and I wasn't really feeling it but if anybody else likes it, have fun. :)
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 11 January 2009)
just unlocked Animal Crossing track, so great to play it with trumpet! :)
Killergran (on 08 January 2009)
The next couple of weeks will be key to the continued life of this game. It will drop quite a bit after the holidays, the interesting thing will be if it stops dropping and what level that would be at.
If if can keep a healthy 60k+ per week, then it'll definitely reach 5 million and go beyond.
If it keeps dropping, it will fall short of that and end up around 4 million.
Khuutra (on 07 January 2009)
I don't want to say anything too crazy, but this game's opening ten weeks look a lot like Brain Training, except that this has an earlier holiday boost.
paulkelly1980 (on 06 January 2009)
thank you killergran im not the only one that found that yes this game appeals to the "casual" gamer but a lot of skill is needed if you wanted to take it further.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 05 January 2009)
@ MontanaHatchet

Yes. I saw that boxart and thought to myself "I must have it!", but quickly came to my senses.

This is the secret behind Wii Music's success. There's no other explanation!
bigjon (on 05 January 2009)
has sold over 200k in UK alone (espla awards plat) so it could be more there, but it at least made plat.

Think maybe about 200k low for others on this baby.
bigjon (on 05 January 2009)
seems to have caught on a bit in Japan... I will be suprised if it hits 1 mil there, but it is a Wii Titles, so who knows... I think I would be more than Happy with 600k in Japan, and let others and NA carry it above the roost.
WiiBox3 (on 05 January 2009)
Good lord the first 5 weeks had no representation of the second 5 weeks.
Killergran (on 04 January 2009)
@Paulkelly1980 - I figured it out! It gets hate because it's the first 'hardcore casual' game! It appeals to the people that usually enjoy causal gaming, but it's really a skilldriven really difficult game.
It has a completely new reward system, and it lacks almost all the regular rules found in games.
In short, it's impossible for most gamers to understand, and too difficult to enjoy if you don't.
paulkelly1980 (on 04 January 2009)
this is a realy fun family game. I dont get all the hate it gets?
Ostro (on 04 January 2009)
the PAL cover seems to be wrong. I've seen the Japanese one here (in Europe) in the shops (case + slipcase with the note being a hole in the slipcase).
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 04 January 2009)
52k in Japan this week, seems like it will hit 5 million for sure, and then it will go even higher...
(i'm sorry haters) :P
bigjon (on 03 January 2009)
I do think the American boxart is very well done. Especially compared to the PAL and Japanese Boxart.
MontanaHatchet (on 03 January 2009)
52k in Japan week 11. Legs in all territories. Heck, even I was tempted to buy it, just for the sparkly boxart.
TheConduit (on 02 January 2009)
I was hoping that this would perform poorly forcing Nintendo to address the quality of some of there games.
Nintendo Wii's success (for now) hinges on the support of First party titles more than PS3 or Xbox360
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 01 January 2009)
you can't say if it's good if you just play it once, it needs a lot of time to get use to it and understand the concept, but who cares since the game sales are awesome!!
bigjon (on 26 December 2008)
should hit 2 mil next week. Then it should settle into slow steady legs mode, and be 4 million heading into holidays 09...

Should do 30-50k a week thoughout the year WW.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 26 December 2008)
9th week in America! unbelievable!

the game gets what it deserves!
bigjon (on 26 December 2008)
japan still has 2-3 more really bog weeks before it dies off... I hope it can make 400k before then, then it can leg it to 500k which would be huge for a music game in Japan.
Joeykanga (on 25 December 2008)
I really do like this game.
Cheebee (on 23 December 2008)
Looks like this game'll have massive legs. :)
cacafina (on 22 December 2008)
this game is so cool
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 21 December 2008)
legs in Japan= huge success!!
marcianito (on 21 December 2008)
here we go 2 millions!
Sky Render (on 18 December 2008)
RCTJunkie: You could do what I do and use a USB capture device. They're pretty cheap (got mine for about $25), though if you have a Mac then you may be SOL for getting one that works with your system.
RCTjunkie (on 15 December 2008)
ATTN: All people that can post Wii Music videos onto YouTube: I want to post soome of my videos onto this site, but I lack video camera. Can someone help me? :)
Wetcoaster (on 15 December 2008)

They are, the game was released almost a month later in others.
pimpcoop (on 14 December 2008)
Why aren't they putting Others sales up?
SmokedHostage (on 14 December 2008)
Actually Sky Render

Wii Sports = Super Mario Bros.

Wii Play = Legend of Zelda

Wii Fit = Metroid

Wii Music = Kid Icarus
Batman...WTF? (on 14 December 2008)
Hey, a million!
famousringo (on 13 December 2008)
Ruh-roh. 1 million combined in Americas and Others. Slimeattack will be so disappointed.
Sky Render (on 13 December 2008)
So, if Wii Sports is this generation's Super Mario Bros (ie. bundled super-lure), and Wii Fit is this generation's Legend of Zelda (ie. major system hook), would that make Wii Music this generation's Metroid (ie. overachieving comparatively cult hit)?
Khuutra (on 13 December 2008)

Simulacrum (on 13 December 2008)
thetonestarr (on 12 December 2008)
I'm excited to see this game do well. Not because I have something for Nintendo, but just because it just is THAT good.
Alasted (on 12 December 2008)
Wii Music is a good game.
Oyvoyvoyv (on 12 December 2008)
First of 4 millions.
uppertone (on 12 December 2008)
I want this game not to suceed, not because i havesomething against nintendo just because it just isn't that good.
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 12 December 2008)
Yay, 1 million :D
Aj_habfan (on 11 December 2008)
I kind of want this game to succeed, because it is the underdog, like so many PS3 games I love.
Killergran (on 11 December 2008)
I'm going to chime in with the choir and say: Congratulations on your first million. May it not be your last!
scottie (on 11 December 2008)
Well done Wii Music, we knew you could do it
SmokedHostage (on 11 December 2008)
1 Million! Nice job Wii Music!
Phoenix_Wiight (on 11 December 2008)
congrats wii music.
*Yoshi* (on 11 December 2008)
New million seller for Wii ^^!
Incandescence (on 08 December 2008)
This game is actually quite fun.
pimpcoop (on 08 December 2008)
Seems like this game is getting ready to have big legs!
Madanial (on 08 December 2008)
This game's great ,it's easy to make nice songs but it's hard to make a perfect one.
Anyone call it casual game its because they never spend enough time to play it.
bigjon (on 08 December 2008)
increasing in Japan too.

It will be interesting to see if it can sell 1 mil there. Music games are not too big there.
spdk1 (on 08 December 2008)
good lord, look at week 6 in the americas
noname2200 (on 07 December 2008)
Doing better than the first week made me think it would...
Batman...WTF? (on 07 December 2008)
Gonna break a million before year end...
RCTjunkie (on 06 December 2008)
Conducting is so fun, especially when your miis get tired! LOL.
Voltaire (on 06 December 2008)
Holy crap. Nearly a million.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 05 December 2008)
increase in Japan means legs!
here_wii_go (on 04 December 2008)
million seller next week
RPG (on 04 December 2008)
lol who said this game would not have legs?
Faxanadu (on 04 December 2008)
Oh what has gaming come to?

Now it's for having fun?

Back in my days, it used to be serious business. just like the internet.
Naum (on 04 December 2008)
Nice almost 1 million already, not bad for a game that started slow.

We Europeans sure doesn't listen to Reviewers when it comes to games :D

Might be a good thing or else the only games that would be made is boring FPS :P
Tuulikk (on 04 December 2008)
@ --OkeyDokey--

When did Wii Music look like a massive flop?

The sales has been good from the start. Even at less pace it would still sell over 1.5m, now if it doesn't slow, it could sell 5-25+m.
ClaudeLv250 (on 04 December 2008)
Houston, we have legs.
brk00 (on 03 December 2008)
Next platinum!
tk1797 (on 03 December 2008)
So played it and as a hd gamer it isnt bad, you actually need some sense of rythm to play
--OkeyDokey-- (on 03 December 2008)
Damn. I liked it better when this game looked to be a massive flop :P
Killergran (on 03 December 2008)
One million was a given with the brand name, but I'm still wondering where this game will end up. My complete guess a while ago of 5 million might be a bit much, but it's really too early to tell.
SmokedHostage (on 03 December 2008)
Nice.. Wii Music sold 100k, which is more than its first five weeks (individually).. that's something to behold..
trestres (on 03 December 2008)
Almost 1 million, should be there by next week.
pimpcoop (on 03 December 2008)
I guess everyone was right. It will have legs
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 03 December 2008)
this game rules
bigjon (on 02 December 2008)
siz- based on your anecdote about 7k sold at EB games alone on friday.... seeing wiimusic buyers will get it at walmart and target i think these numbers are pretty close.
SmokedHostage (on 02 December 2008)
Another great week for Wii Music in Others. Not as good as last week but it's up there.
Bong Lover (on 02 December 2008)
don't believe the hype! You owe it to yourself to get this game! It will be a classic, don't lose out just because you want to hang with the 'cool' crowd.
Gearbox (on 01 December 2008)
ok so who actually likes this game tho?
SaviorX (on 30 November 2008)
With Black Friday sales, this game could possibly pass 1 million the week ending November 29th.
Ostro (on 29 November 2008)
lol, Nintendo always produced toys and sold it to families. Mario and Co. are not core at all. And still using "casual" and "core" while talking about gaming makes people look stupid ... you PLAY games man
sizynski (on 29 November 2008)
I don't trust these sales really based on anecdotal evidence. We received 35 when the game came out at the EB I work at. We still have 32. We sold one on Black Friday.

Maybe the Wii Music audience shops at Wal-Mart?
Vas-y (on 29 November 2008)
Oh, I think this will be a perfect christmas present. I'm supporting the end of the world.
Gorgory (on 28 November 2008)
this is very bad for gaming, nintendo is making the industry casual. they barely release any core games anymore, and the bad thing is people buy this games!!!!!!!!!
Vanadium2k8 (on 28 November 2008)
Even Japan is starting to grow a leg. (lol)

I think it's all upwards from here.
Batman...WTF? (on 28 November 2008)
Pretty sexy legs in America at that.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 28 November 2008)
LoL, how many times do i need to repeat that the game is great!?
ClaudeLv250 (on 28 November 2008)
Oh sheee.

And this was right after all the fanboys claimed it had no legs!
Khuutra (on 27 November 2008)

Legs in the Americas, everybody. We have legs in the Americas!
Naum (on 27 November 2008)
Hehe PS360 fanboys sure hate this game and now it will soon outsell LBP, sure it's 180k behind but should be ahead at the end of the year.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 27 November 2008)
this game rules!!

why is it bad? because i has no guns and blood? i think it's great!

and it's selling pretty well!!
RCTjunkie (on 26 November 2008)
@ all bashers:
I remember being skeptical like you guys. Then I PLAYED it.
Squall_Leonhart (on 26 November 2008)
This game is just awful, it is a real shame that games with no effort put in at all sell so many copies, where as games that are truly great barely scrape 1-2million...
ClaudeLv250 (on 26 November 2008)
And it looks like others will be the one to embrace Wii Music the most.

I'll be on standby to make the million seller thread. Should be interesting.
bigjon (on 26 November 2008)
Deku.... you might just eat your words some day. Also, word of mouth is not bad... People just have low expectations.... So people who have not played it are trashing it.

Also, M&S was trashed and scoff last holidays at first... By people just like you... read the early post on the game... People were LOLing that Sega thought the Wii and DS version could sell 4 million combined... Now 10 million combined has already happened or is a sure thing.
SaviorX (on 25 November 2008)
In one fell swoop, there goes 500k.
Zucas (on 25 November 2008)
Wow my predictions on this game have been just amazing. Not only did I predict lackluster first few week sales I also predicted out of that, that it would take off quicker and start better in E/O. Someone should pay me to make such accuracies.
SmokedHostage (on 25 November 2008)
Wow, it did better in its second week than its first (Others). 1 million seems just around the corner.
RCTjunkie (on 24 November 2008)
Got this game Sat.

About 10 times more fun then I expected! :D
Deku (on 22 November 2008)
People who think this game will sell 5M are seriously deluding themselves.

There is no comparison to sales of Mario & sonic wii fit.

Sales of Wii music so far have been frontloaded and steeply declining. Word of mouth is killing this game.

Sales for wii fit and mario & sonic increased with time because of positive word of mouth.

It's last chance to do something big is in second week sales in Others. If it goes up or holds steady it might do something big in the territory. If it shows a big decrease this game is going no where fast. Might not even make 2M lifetime worldwide.
Kyros (on 22 November 2008)

LOL You have got to hand it to the game its fun to see people suffer.
Luthor (on 21 November 2008)
Did someone notice that Wii music did almost the same first week as Mario and sonic in the olympic games worldwide? It will sell 5 millions at least, whatever you think of this game.
bigjon (on 21 November 2008)
this game will sell 2 million with NO luck...

If it even partially catches on 4-5 million... It will hang around forever.... and ever....
Leni (on 21 November 2008)
it won't be as Wii Fit, but will be great!

if you get the concept, change songs instruments and play songs along with friends etc, this game is awesome!
Picko (on 20 November 2008)
@ doubletap:

Yeah, I'm sure they are going to learn a big lesson considering they'll make substantial profits off this.
sizynski (on 20 November 2008)
I really don't think this will catch on.

Compare the first five weeks of sales for Wii Music with Wii Sports and Wii Play. I understand that casual titles sell for a longer period of time, but that's because they're simple fun and catch on at parties and stuff. Problem is that this game isn't all that fun and really it's kind of embarrassing to play. And yes, I have played it.

I'm guessing 1.5 million. It won't bomb by any means, but it's not going to drive huge profits like some of Ninty's other properties.
Leni (on 19 November 2008)
this game will reach huge sales, wait and see!!

it will spread slowly....
doubletap (on 18 November 2008)
i hope nintendo learn from this. kids under 10 is not where their money is after all
ganondorf7799 (on 18 November 2008)
With the numbers of this week half a million...
Zucas (on 18 November 2008)
Game never had a chance at big openers. Killed that after E3 08. Kinda sad to see it never get the chance to be something but that's how it rolls every now and then. Happened to Haze and Too Human so it was bound to happen to a Wii title as well. Unlike those 2 it has brand so it'll still be able to sell enough to be deemed at least somewhat of a success.

But can't say I told ya so when I called this but man it feels good to be right haha.
Stats87 (on 17 November 2008)
slow start,

but this will probably still sell 4-5M lifetime, especially with Others sales.

A lot will depend on how well it does this Holiday though
Chrizum (on 17 November 2008)
My prediction: 5 million.

altair87 (on 16 November 2008)
My prediction: 4.5m lifetime.
Come back in a couple month and see how good my predicion is^^
megaman79 (on 15 November 2008)
Yea its surprisngly low considering it was meant to be the LBP killer.

Kids want GH, they ask for GH and WS on Wii
Kantor (on 14 November 2008)
First week sales were very good, but it's dried up.

I suppose people do listen to reviews after all. That, or they have common sense and buy Rock Band/Guitar Hero.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 14 November 2008)
@ Sky Render
So you're saying that if I didn't go in with low expectations, then the games many glaring fundamental flaws would be non existent?

Nintendo thought they could fart this out the door and sell a billion units based on name alone. I'm glad that isn't the case.
Maybe they'll actually try next time.
theshizzolator (on 13 November 2008)
WOW I know this game had terrible reviews but serious I thourght it was gunna fly...shame guess everything with Wii in front of its name dosnt always sell

UK 3-10 year olds its up to you!
Kyros (on 13 November 2008)
Its doing better than it deserves but it still gives me a warm glow to see it fail. At least this confirms that customers are not braindead.
Ostro (on 12 November 2008)
this game would do way better if it was promoted properly. people need to understand the sense and mechanics of this game. without knowing most people are 'scared' I guess.
sparkit34 (on 12 November 2008)
I don't know why, but i think Europe is going to be the biggest market for this game, in the long run that is.
tk1797 (on 11 November 2008)
Its gonna hit 2.5 million at least
igorN (on 10 November 2008)
bad start but it will crack 2 mil.
ctk495 (on 09 November 2008)
ah too bad it isnt selling quiet well
eddie182 (on 09 November 2008)
The game's a joke.
Leni (on 08 November 2008)
i love this game!!
Sky Render (on 08 November 2008)
You know, I do get rather tired of the near-endless "testimonials" against this game from people who explicitly go into the experience intending to hate it. I mean really, that's like going up to a mirror expecting to hate what you see. Of course you're going to hate what you see, that's what you expected.

If anything, I'd say this game is just showing how much of a gap there is between the "old" style of gamer and the "new" style of gamer. The "new" ones catch on, the "old" ones just harp endlessly and speak solely in tired cliches about the game.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 07 November 2008)
Again: WOW.

I only played about 45 minutes (you couldn't pay me to play more), but this is truly horrible.

Any instrument that requires any kind of motion sensing is so unresponsive that it eliminates all hope of playing notes with the least bit of accuracy.

Imagine playing drums in real life.
Now imagine playing drums in a game, only a hundred times less fun and a thousand times more complicated. Oh, and imagine it sounds like shit.
What you're imagining is Wii Music.
Bong Lover (on 04 November 2008)
This game is pure brilliance, just like one would expect seeing how much effort and who designed it. Hopefully, people will pick it up, give it a try, and look past all the hate and give it a fair chance. If you like music, you will like this game.
doubletap (on 04 November 2008)
sillest thing you ever heard? go try and play this shit, then you will find its insulting for hardcore gamers to call this wii music "software" a "game"
|_emmiwinks (on 04 November 2008)
@Vana, The creator of the game itself, Miyamoto said himself that its not a video game, but a Musical Toy. I think thats how one can say its not a game.
bob smith (on 02 November 2008)
thats an excellent point and this game will probably fail
Vanadium2k8 (on 02 November 2008)
How the crap is it NOT a game? That's the silliest thing I've ever heard.
doubletap (on 01 November 2008)
those parents will regart what they bought for their kids. this is not even a game....
Shissy (on 01 November 2008)
I think after people buy Wii Music they will likely check online for video game reviews. And hopefully by the end of the month the sales drop down towards 10k a week to give Nintendo a hint.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 01 November 2008)
@ bob smith
I don't think this is the kind of game that gets positive word of mouth...
NightstrikerX (on 01 November 2008)
The thing I can't understand about this game at all is that up here in canada, its existance is practically unheard of. EBGames has it, but its shelfed and very hard to find. Its not even under the new releases shelf. Checking out Roger's Video for it has well has proved unfruitful, as they don't even stock the game. This is not unusual, many retailers up here don't even stock this game yet.

Poor sales may be due to that, I've been attempting to buy the game for some time. But unless I grab it from EBGames. I can't get it elsewhere.
*bleu-ocelot* (on 31 October 2008)
GoTY!! I called it.
11ht11 (on 31 October 2008)
i wonder how much it will do in "others"
Simulacrum (on 31 October 2008)
Thre is 1 song I would like to play...
From The New World.
bob smith (on 30 October 2008)
I agree. Word of mouth can eventually outbeat crap reviews
1stgentonexgen (on 30 October 2008)
This seems to remind me of the PS3 vs WII battle. Back then nobody waas giving the WII a chance and said the PS3 is the future. Fast forward to 2008, the wii is still the system to get and the PS3 is only god for an inexpensive Blu-Player. AT LEAST THaT IS WhAT i USE IT FOR.This showsn how passionate people can be when it comes to vdeo game choices. This game dispite it's low release week totals can still have some legs. because word of mouth might actually help thre game. Just look at this WALL any owner including myself find it to be a fun game. (I am actually learning to play drums) The holiday season hasn't started yet and outting up $50 for a questionable title is considered a risk especially in this financial crisis. This games biggest test is during the coming 2 months. 1 mil has to broken This year for people to gey on the band wagon.
Dispite wht the totals end up being, The music that I am making has me enjoying the WII jus likre I did that November morning on Launch week.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 30 October 2008)
This is doing unexpectedly bad. I guess even casuals get word of piss poor reviews.
11ht11 (on 30 October 2008)
this game shows that people will hate a game that they NEVER played
outlawauron (on 30 October 2008)
Wow, wasn't expecting such a big drop in Japan.
bob smith (on 29 October 2008)
Dont be hatin on it till u try it
ACEtheVAMPIRE (on 29 October 2008)
Zucas, sorry
famousringo (on 29 October 2008)
I just bought my copy. On my way out of the store one hardcore gamer burst into flames and another seemed to start melting. I figured I should get out of there before I did any more accidental damage to hardcore gamers.
Zucas (on 29 October 2008)
Ace- don't troll. You've probably never even played the game anyways so now your just talking out of your ass which is gross in all senses.

Anyways as I said early on games with such negative hype can't open to huge numbers. I predicted in the 50k-100k region for opener in America and I was about right while the rest were up in the 400k region. Just not going to happen with such negative hype in any region... including Japan.

Luckily as I've stated brand should be able to hold this title up and get to over a million at least by the end of the year.
ACEtheVAMPIRE (on 29 October 2008)
Shit of the Year
Sky Render (on 28 October 2008)
For those not sure what to make of this game, I took a weekend out of my life to put up a comprehensive review. I'm sure that most have already seen it, but I shall post a link to it here for posterity's sake.

Bong Lover (on 28 October 2008)
don't think of this game as Guitar Hero lite, it's a lot more complex and deeper than Guitar Hero or rock band, and if you want to master it fully, a lot harder too probably.

If you love music, you'll love this game
1stgentonexgen (on 28 October 2008)
For all you guys questioning the place of WII musiuc, just think of it as Guitar Her/Rock band light. The difference being you are making your own Air music, ot following a beat of preset songs and adding your special touch to these Tunes. While the above is about perfection and playing the instruments like they are meant to be played for each selected song. While the first weeks total won't blow anyone away only real gamers knew it was coming out, the promotional blitz started on release day and hasn't slowed. As for final totals, Wii Fit owners will want to explore more opportunities to use the balance board and the drums potion gives you many options to have a cool jam sesion, but take the lessons to play first,it willbe a lot more fun when you are doing it right. This game should easily be a 3-5 mil world wide sellat, the only questions are; Does Nintendo Flood the market or do they make it a must have because of SHORTAGES? We have all seen how the FIT exploded between word of mouths abd shortages, hese shoortage issue has to the WII Fit closing in on 10mil
I hear thre arguements aboit the top three WII gamed coming with a add-on, ; I don't think that would be the issue at all, It will sell because it is entertaining. Tis game wirks great with the motio sesor that it truly feels like you have a drum set/piano/guitar/trumpet right there with you. While no RB or GH player would want to step down and play air instruments Tgey probably would if they knew the release date sales some stores were having.
As for me I have to give this game a B+ or A-, The A would be on family night when everyone is trying to play to Daydream Believer. The only fly is the limited nuber of songs, hopefully an update or evern extrs song disc will be in it;s future.
Chris Hu (on 23 October 2008)
I expected a lot higher sales from this game despite the poor reviews. This game still could sell over 5mil copies if it has the same legs like M&S at the Olympic Games has.
Simulacrum (on 22 October 2008)
Here is full song list: http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=46066&start=0
WiiBox3 (on 22 October 2008)
From what I read this game is for the very young and families that want something a little simpler than Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Though I don't think that I am the type that would enjoy this game for long periods, I think I will at least rent it to try and play some of my favorite Nintendo Music. (I remember spending long hours in Mario Paint trying to recreate Zelda and Mario tunes.)
W4n9Le (on 22 October 2008)
it could be a secand wii fit?
Zucas (on 20 October 2008)
For anyone that gets the game can you PM me some impressions or whatnot. Just curious ok.
RCTjunkie (on 18 October 2008)
To all predicting simular sales to Wii series:
Wii Sports came with the Wii
Wii Play came with a remote
Wii Fit came with a Balance Board
Wii Music comes with....?
Killergran (on 15 October 2008)
I'd be REALLY surprised if this game sells less than 1 million lifetime. But other than that, it's really hard to say. I cannot see it having the impact of either Mario Kart or Wii Fit, but then again, no other games do.

I'm going to take a guess and say around 5 million lifetime.
Zucas (on 14 October 2008)
Alright I have to say reading some of the most recent previews and watching some videos that this game is shaping up to be nice. I mean damn those other previewers blocking some portions of the game that really look awesome. I think I might actually get this game now. And I don't evne own Wii Fit haha.
Loud_Hot_White_Box (on 25 September 2008)
So you can record music... do you play along with pre-recorded songs, too, and it grades you, a la Rock band and Guitar Hero? I don't get whether there is a main, play-along mode in addition to the creative parts.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 22 September 2008)
It's gonna be E.T. all over again I tell ya!
oxford-gamer (on 20 September 2008)
one month away.
If the LHC doesn't end the world, this certainly will!
RCTjunkie (on 20 September 2008)
It has sold 0.00 copies.
darthdevidem01 (on 20 September 2008)
this coud be a flop
Mr.Y (on 20 September 2008)
this game roxxx
Pretendo (on 20 September 2008)
Cool boxart.
amp316 (on 20 September 2008)
Rolstoppable is offended by this game's very existence. Tuoyo doesn't like it either.
Blacksaber (on 12 September 2008)
Wow got to say I like the boxart
SmokedHostage (on 12 September 2008)
I'm getting this if only to piss people off.
nordlead (on 12 September 2008)
I love the boxart too, but I just relized that it is watermarked and I can't find another copy of it :-/
Mr.Y (on 12 September 2008)
Love the boxart!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 12 September 2008)
I can't wait to play Yankee Doodle and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with my Wii remote!
ClaudeLv250 (on 15 August 2008)
And it begins.

Someone used the Guitar Hero argument against Wii Music today ("playing fake instruments is stoopid!1!")

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Fantastic product, but not a game.
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it may have been re-printed???
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