Avalon Code

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.24m
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Matrix Software Genre: Role-Playing

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
14th March 200918,209N/A8,209
21st March 200924,058-50.6%12,267
28th March 200933,078-24.1%15,345
04th April 200943,001-2.5%18,346
11th April 200953,34311.4%21,689
18th April 200962,581-22.8%24,270
25th April 200972,200-14.8%26,470
02nd May 200981,835-16.6%28,305
09th May 200991,619-11.8%29,924
16th May 2009101,418-12.4%31,342

USA Annual Summary (Units)


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Fededx (on 23 January 2011)
Kenology! I want your copy of Avalon
Kenology (on 31 October 2009)
I wanted to like this game, I really
did. I'm not a fan of the game design
at all. If anyone wants my copy just PM
me. I'll give it away for free.
st_muscat0 (on 02 May 2009)
Did really well in Japan, and it's at
31K already in America (only 9K more to
go to reach Marvelous' sales
expectations) but I see it selling more,
like 60K by the time its done.
teknohick (on 11 April 2009)
i dont know what to think of u.s.
numbers, the title wasn't going to be
"huge", we do know though that the
game sold over double what was expected
of it in japan

marvelous sales
expectations for the title (during their
current financial year):

Avalon Code
(DS) : 56k (NA :40k, EU
Kenology (on 27 March 2009)
Just picked it up about a half hour ago
at Gamestop! I'll start it up once I
finish Valkyrie Profile DS (and I'll
get to that once I'm finished Phantom
Hourglass). So I should start Avalon
Code sometime in like May... O_o
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