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11/13/00 Sony Computer Entertainment
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When the original PlayStation launched without a Madden title, SCEA seized the opportunity to successfully launch the GameDay series. Madden returned fire the next year, and the healthy competition between the two football series has made both better. Now 989 Sports brings its popular football franchise to PlayStation 2 with NFL GameDay 2001. Obviously, the biggest change from past games in the series lies in the graphics, which have been greatly improved. The game features 1,100 position-specific tackles, jukes, spins, and stiff arms motion-captured from 13 pro NFL players. Grass and mud stains grace the players’ jerseys, and photorealistic stadiums help to make for a more lifelike atmosphere.

New Features:

• Brand-new graphics

Brand-new player models recreate every NFL player in unprecedented detail, from actual size and weight to body type. New stadiums feature historical landmarks and progressive grass wear-and-tear.

• Improved, award-winning gameplay

For the first time, see players breaking shoestring tackles and dragging and shaking would-be tacklers on second and third efforts. New Total Control Passing allows you to lead or underthrow receivers in any direction by simply pressing the directional pad. Revolutionary tackling physics allow you to jar the ball loose from ball carriers and receivers on perfect hits.

• Authentic NFL playbooks designed by 47 NFL players

NFL players have designed tons of new plays. Playbook consultants include Marshall Faulk, Frank Wycheck, Terrell Davis, Antonio Freeman, Jimmy Smith, Hardy Nickerson, and more.

• Over 200 new moves

New motion-capture technology from 13 Pro Bowl players brings the power and athleticism of the NFL onto your screen. See gang tackles, low and high wrap tackles, drag downs, shoves, upended tackles, across-your-body and “shoestring” catches, sideline “tip- toe” catches, chop blocks, and running backs putting their hands on the turf to regain their balance.

• New Enberg/Simms commentary

Play-by-play legend Dick Enberg and color man Phil Simms both return with new, significantly broadened commentary.

• Smartest computer opponent ever created by 17 NFL players

Advanced artificial intelligence has your opponents learning your tendencies on offense and defense to shut down your attack. Gameplay consultants include Derrick Brooks, Aeneas Williams, Tony Gonzalez, Kevin Hardy, Corey Dillon, and Steve Beurelein.

• Enhanced General Manager mode

A new Draft War Room provides the user with reports of team weaknesses that need to be addressed. Play in multiple seasons as a coach, player, or general manager, while drafting, trading, and signing free agents over several seasons, with a salary cap. You can even import graduating seniors from NCAA GameBreaker 2001 into the draft.

• NFL authenticity

You get all the teams, players, and updated stadiums.

• Comprehensive statistics

Track team and player statistics in 163 categories.


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