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12/01/96 Konami
12/15/95 Konami
04/01/97 Konami

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Suikoden - Summary

Enter an ancient world of bravery, mysticism and romance

In this epic role-playing adventure, you will roam the land trying to build an army of rebels. On your quest for freedom from the Scarlet Moon Empire, you will meet many people who will provide you with guidance and friendship- and many who will try to crush you under their boots. Let your head and heart guide you, but a word of advice; a sharpened sword and a touch of magic will lead to a longer life.

  • Change your party using any of over 100 recruits that you meet on your mission
  • Build a castle fortress to headquarter your army
  • Watch the castle grow as your recruits use their unique talents; mages teach you the secret of magical runes; soldiers open an armory; builders construct enhancements; and much, much more
  • Unravel the secret of the Empire, unlock the meaning of the 27 True Runes, and discover the 108 Stars of Destiny
  • Multiple battle modes- one-on-one duels, banded fights even full-scale army vs. army

With a deep, complex story based on ancient Eastern lore, this game will provide you with hours and hours of exciting RPG action and adventure


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Kai Master posted 18/12/2011, 02:59
american box arts are -always- horrible ! That's a known fact this at least the NES !
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Kai Master posted 18/12/2011, 02:58
loved it, i still remember that night playing it late up to 3 o'clock and my mother telling me to go to sleep ! Damn, some games never disappear from memory !
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Mordred11 posted 10/09/2011, 09:52
lots of great time with this one
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MrT-Tar posted 17/02/2011, 05:31
WTF happened with the US cover, at least Konami had sense with the European release
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Beoulve posted 05/03/2009, 09:38
The American box art is horrible! *shudder*
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Dogs Rule posted 06/01/2009, 04:46
What a fantastically well spent 6$ on the PSN! Loved every moment of it. I spent about 10 hours a day over the past weekend (and Monday) devouring everything the game had to offer. My last saves are too late for me to be allowed to recruit all characters, so I'll have to figure out how to get the best ending. I hope 2 makes it to the PSN and soon. BUY IT! :)
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