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01/01/91 Atari
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      It's a Tough Way to Make a Living!

      You are Jonathan Harker, a young English solicitor, sent to Transylvania
to see Count Dracula. You have with you the legal documents for Dracula
to buy a mansion in London, where he plans to take up residence.
The house is Carfax, which meets his strange requests to be centuries
old, with its own graveyard and a disused chapel!

      And so it is that on a dark, rainy night filled with the sounds of
howling wolves, you are welcomed to Dracula's dark castle. You immediately
realize it is a sinister place, full of lurking danger--and the
worst danger is the Count himself. You try to leave, but all the
exits are locked.

      You must explore the castle and learn its secrets, then find a way out
so you can destroy Count Dracula. But you must hurry. Dracula's three
brides wish to invite you for dinner. The main course: Blood of Harker!

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