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Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside


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08/26/08 Majesco
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12/05/08 Atari

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The best-selling Humongous children's property made popular on the PC is now available for the Wii in a family friendly point-and-click adventure!

  • PC versions have a very long history of outstanding sales and media success: nearly 3 million units sold and 50 awards for excellence!
  • Players direct this amazing interactive adventure through a giant treehouse, underground river caverns and a sunken mine. Teamwork, clever thinking and some creative problem-solving lead the hero, and younger gamers, to a surprising conclusion. The Doors of Knowledge put your child's memory skills to the test with fun learning that encourages critical thinking while fostering listening and memory skills.
  • Integrates the Wii Remote in point-and-click style adventure play with well-known characters that the entire family can enjoy together.
  • Cartoon-quality learning adventure lets young players choose where the characters go.
  • Explore exciting locations and collect information to complete each adventure.
  • Great replay value since the adventure changes each time you play!

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1 n/a 5,157 n/a 910 6,067
2 n/a 2,548 n/a 450 2,998
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16-bit gamer posted 21/10/2008, 10:05
My names mud...
no not really...
lol I love this game!!! i have it for pc
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Smeags posted 03/09/2008, 03:39
I no longer fear the dark. Thank you Pajama Sam!


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