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01/01/97 Telegames
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      Fat Bobby, the lead guitar player, has had his musical group kidnapped by the evil Dr. Mephisto. Now it's up to Bobby to follow the critic and rescue his pals -- preferably before the concert next weekend...

      Bobby will need to rely on his trusty six string if he's going to reunite the band. Luckily, that guitar can "strum" more than just notes!You guide Bobby thru a multitude of levels in this classic platform hopper, in search of musical notes for level completion. Of Course, the relentless army of Dr. Mephisto's henchmen, that you'll encounter, isn't going to just give them up that easily.

      On your quest for musical notes, you'll also come across hints and power-ups to collect.

*Eggtimers will give you valuable extra time.
*Shields are items that allow you to become invincible - but for a short time only, so watch your step.

      Level completion is rewarded by Fat Bobby's jammin' tunes!

~From the Publisher, www.telegames.com

Posted By NintendoMonopoly

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