Tales of Vesperia

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.74m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: PlayStation 3
Developer: Namco Tales Studio Genre: Role-Playing

Comments (418)

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piggychan (on 06 September 2013)
I think we need to update the sales here for japan as wiki has them at over 200k
lurkerwithnosoul (on 04 December 2012)

Rustled jimmies much?
Clowyd (on 06 June 2012)
The only reason this great game was forced onto the Xbox360 crap heap is because microsoft padded their pockets, and it's a real shame.
DitchPlaya (on 14 April 2012)
Unfortunately, the US sales are quite a bit off, but good sales nonetheless. Just a shame though that Namco decided no more Tales games for the 360, hopefully a Xilia port?
Zim (on 13 February 2012)
Most definitely the best Jrpg this generation. If the Tales team had a FF sized budget it would be epic.
Metroid33slayer (on 11 January 2012)
The best JRPG this generation.
Mad55 (on 11 December 2011)
woot the ps3 version did like over 400,000 so this is a millie total lol
yo_john117 (on 24 September 2011)
Vesperia has a very unique art style. Not my type of game though.
lurkerwithnosoul (on 12 September 2011)
Any way to know how much this sold with the GoD sales?
Mordred11 (on 08 September 2011)
SanAndreasX (on 21 June 2011)
dart1250 (on 15 April 2011)
@Rawnchie14, agree with you.
Rawnchie14 (on 07 February 2011)
This game was damn good. Only fools turn down the opportunity to play this title.
Mad55 (on 28 January 2011)
oh okay so its selling around 2 thousand copies a week good.
Commando (on 11 January 2011)
I just got this game, I'll be playing it tonight. Glad to support it.
Mr Puggsly (on 09 January 2011)
Shame they haven't made this a Platinum HIt. Its one of the greatest JRPGs ever made. Well I hope they add it to Games on Demand eventually.
Bagaren85 (on 07 January 2011)
Its impossible to find in sweden (PAL).. I want it new, not preowned.
Chris Hu (on 05 January 2011)
Bought it new from amazon for $18.41, a great deal very good so far baout 6 hours into the game. Excellent voice acting, great music, good story and good combat system.
Mad55 (on 24 December 2010)
its still selling?
Mad55 (on 24 December 2010)
its still selling?
oni-link (on 17 December 2010)
there's a Wii version?
Barozi (on 17 December 2010)
@z101 stop trolling. You haven't played either game.
z101 (on 13 December 2010)
Tales of Graces is much better. Hope the Wii Version gets a West-Release soon, as some rumors indicate
Shadowblind (on 02 December 2010)
Combined with PS3 Vesperia makes this one of the highest selling Tales games ever.
Bagaren85 (on 20 November 2010)
Good sales, but deserves more.
Sensei (on 12 November 2010)
I mean it
Sensei (on 12 November 2010)
Wonder why I didn't multiplat on the PS3.
Mr Puggsly (on 26 May 2010)
I finished this game recently. Easily one of the great JRPGs ever created. Shame it didn't sell better.
Altitude (on 06 May 2010)
One of the best RPG's I have ever played in my life. And I've been playing RPG's for 26 years at least.
IxisNaugus (on 28 April 2010)
500K. Good job.
piggychan (on 16 April 2010)
haha it got adjusted back up again.. perhaps just a minor glitch that got rectified
scottsdone (on 11 April 2010)
I just found this game. Finally. And the one time I actually go into gamestop and totally forgot about it. I usually just walk to the front and ask if they have it (I'm blind as a bat, I can never find anything xD), but I went there looking for something else, and just saw it there. In perfect condition. The first thing that came to mind was, "F&#! Me."

I paid 40$ though. Like 3 months ago they said it was at 30$ =|.
piggychan (on 09 April 2010)
adjusted down by 40k wow theres a lot a adjustments on the 360
IxisNaugus (on 25 March 2010)

Yep, around 500 hours sounds about right. This included 5 and 1/4 individual playthroughs (including the 15 hour speedrun and Low Level Challenger). I could have done it quicker but i messed up multiple times and had to do more playthroughs to make up for it.

This was definitely one of the longest games I've taken on for completion and i banked a lot on hoping i'd actually like the game since this was pretty much my first Tales game, but it was well worth it. As i said before, this game made me an avid fan of the series.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 24 March 2010)
You spent 500 hours on this game?!!
IxisNaugus (on 01 March 2010)
50/50 Achievements. Took roughly 500 hours to achieve. Now i can finally play some other games while i wait for Tales of Graces :)
tphi (on 15 February 2010)
i LOVE this game. I'm one of the 70k european buyers (yeah, we sucks, but let's say that 90% of the tales of fans imported a US version because they couldn't wait 1 YEAR !) and I just discovered it...
Mad55 (on 03 February 2010)
@IxisNaugus play symphonia its awesome.
Nightwish224 (on 16 January 2010)
Great game.
IxisNaugus (on 14 January 2010)
I'm nearly done getting all the achievements. 43 of 50 Achievements. Some of the achievements are kind of stupid, but it just makes me even happier when i unlock them.

I'd have been done a while ago if i wasn't concentrating on a lot of other games at the same time, but i'm going to concentrate even harder on this title for the next month or so which should be more than enough time to get the rest :)

This is the first Tales game i've actually played through, i have Symphonia but have barely played it. This game has made me an avid fan of the series, i love it. Bring on Graces! :3
Nightwish224 (on 07 January 2010)
"Don't get sloppy!"
piggychan (on 18 December 2009)
didn't Namco hope to sell 500k LTD for X360 version of ToV ??
I can't find the link for the interview anymore....

But looks like they be on target now..
TiagoCosta (on 26 November 2009)
today's week (27 nov) will be huge for this game because of the amazom deal
TiagoCosta (on 24 November 2009)
buy this last week (pal) difficult to find... ordered online
Bagaren85 (on 19 November 2009)
Nice trend. Selling so good now.

Can it top 500k?
I LOVE GIGGS (on 19 November 2009)
This week > Its third week !!!
Bagaren85 (on 13 November 2009)
Wow, over 5k this week (W.62)

Thats what i want to se every week.
Metallicube (on 27 October 2009)
Such a fun game, easilly one of the best RPGs of this gen.
Lord_Yggdrassil (on 18 October 2009)
I hate when people go on about the EUROPEAN sales. NAmco shipped about 10 copies..so it's gonna sell around that much. It didn't sell bad because Europe don't care it's because advertising and marketing was POOR.

GOOD marketing and distributing = better sales. Just look at Symphonia.

So before judge EU sales factor in that

- They delaeyd it for almosta year when other JRPG publishers released games quickly in Europe

- Shipped about 10 copies

- Didn't tell anyone about it.

Namco can go **** off. I hope SE buy the license for Tales games and the Tales studio go somewhere else.
badgenome (on 17 October 2009)
@Rawnchie14: Atari seems to have pulled out of Europe while Namco has moved in, so they'll probably self-publish TOV PS3 if it's released there.
IxisNaugus (on 08 October 2009)
150 hours in and just over half of the achievements unlocked :P. And now for the rest: Low level Challenger, here i come!
Rawnchie14 (on 06 October 2009)
@ Bargaren85

Well the PS3 version has a TBA for the US, so it's on the way.

EU is at the mercy of Atari, I'm guessing since they handled the 360 version. Judging from the poor sales of this 360 version in EU - it's a long shot...
Bagaren85 (on 28 September 2009)

Did Namco said that? It probably will be released in west.
TheConduit (on 28 September 2009)
gyughnn is my PS3 online name

PS: yes I know its retarded but after being told a dozen times the name I want is taken I just put in random letters
XlPackratlX (on 27 September 2009)

Yeah, pretty interesting facts aren't they (sarcasm).

So, what's your PS3 online name?
TheConduit (on 27 September 2009)
Sales for main series tales games in order of highest to lowest with multi platform sales combined into one figure.

Tales of Phantasia (SNES, PS, GBA, PSP) 1.22m
Tales of Destiny (PS, PS2) 1.2m
Tales of Symphonia (GC, PS2) 1.1m
Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2, PSP) 0.92m
Tales of Eternia (PS, PSP) 0.91m
Tales of Rebirth (PS2, PSP) 0.66m
Tales of Vesperia (Xbox360, PS3) 0.64m
Tales of Abyss (PS2) 0.57m
Tales of Innocence (DS) 0.26m
Tales of Hearts (DS) 0.25m
iWarMachine (on 25 September 2009)
But TOV also comes to NA & EU.
Bagaren85 (on 25 September 2009)
Vesperia will not sale over 400k in JP. 360 version will get over 400 really soon.
Lord_Yggdrassil (on 21 September 2009)
Of course the PS3 version would sell more than the 360 version, i mean the JPN userbase is much larger for PS3 toppled with the fact that 90% of most tlaes games sales come from Japan bar Symphonia and Vesperia(which is abotu 50%).

IF they localised the PS3 version in the west though it won't go near 360's sales.
TheConduit (on 20 September 2009)
PS3 version sold 237,000 first week.

Xbox 360 version probable gonna get outsold by Japan sales for PS3 alone

PS: not a fanboy just bringing up some interesting facts
Rawnchie14 (on 20 September 2009)
Phew, they even have an achievement worth 0g - that says you dominated the game.

Good luck to you good sir! It is an enormous feat.
IxisNaugus (on 11 September 2009)
Lol It's all good piggychan. I am quite willing to spend as long as it takes to complete everything :3

100% completing games ftw
piggychan (on 10 September 2009)
lulz u want all the achievements ? prepare to spend about 140+ hours on it then
IxisNaugus (on 10 September 2009)
Got a chance to borrow this from a friend. I'll just complete everything and grab all the achievements and buy the PS3 version if it's released here
Rawnchie14 (on 26 August 2009)
@ TheConduit

Amen brother, people who own only one of the two HD consoles are missing out on great games, one side or the other.

I do own both, but thats just unreasonable for some people to do, I understand
Bagaren85 (on 15 August 2009)
Week 50 sold more than w5.
Keep it up! It will reach at least 200k in NA alone.
waron (on 14 August 2009)
would be nice if namco would actually release this game in europe cause somehow i think it is only sold by ninja shops so only the chosen ones can actually find copies of this game here.
piggychan (on 12 August 2009)
it's out of stock again in places like amazon... yea I think Namco wants to make the 360 version collectable...
Bitmap Frogs (on 12 August 2009)
Price is going up because of the Atlus effect: insanely small shipments, insanely good word of mouth.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 07 August 2009)
According to Famitsu, this game sold 0.20 million in Japan. So, it should be at 0.40m right now.
piggychan (on 06 August 2009)
I wonder if this will eventually have LTD of 450K+ on 360 alone?
piggychan (on 06 August 2009)
wow why has the price gone up.. It's selling for 44.99 in europe via amazon!!? thats almost 75USD!!
Dark_Rulez89 (on 04 August 2009)
I've notice this game is getting harder and harder to find now in stores..And smh at those 12 ppl who have TOV on there wishlist..HurryUp guys get this game already:p
Bitmap Frogs (on 02 August 2009)
@naum by default yuri is set to semi auto, if you set it to manual you will be able to move freely.

Also, I'm terribly sad about the poor sales. The game is really sweet, by far the 360's best jrpg.
Bagaren85 (on 29 July 2009)
It selling more last weeks than it did week 7 ir 8 in US. Means that they should store more games and increase sales. 2 bad.
piggychan (on 24 July 2009)
I just noticed this is temporarilly out of stock here in UK in places like amazon, game.co.uk and play.co.uk... Will namco ship any more copies out ???
piggychan (on 16 July 2009)
yea holding down the LB button to allow you to run around takes some time getting used too since this is 2nd tales game I've played since the one on GC.. They don't release many tales games here in EU/UK

I just noticed the DLC on XBL ... hahaha easy level up content... >__>
Naum (on 16 July 2009)
Why oh why can't you move freely on the battlescreen? I hate pushing down the left shoulder button so I can run around.
MonstaMack (on 15 July 2009)
Theres still no confirmation that the PS3 version is heading to the US or EU. I guess it will all depend on sales (though I imagine it will do well over 144k in It's opening two weeks in Japan). Bandai-Namco might be weighting in If It's worth porting over to the PS3 in US and/if it will make them a good profit/did MS's "Only on Xbox 360" give them exclusive US and EU rights for the 360 console release? I don't think MS cares about exclusive rights in Japan unless It's first party or heavily funded by them (case in points: Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and supposedly Magna Carta 2.)
Rawnchie14 (on 14 July 2009)
Europe, or even the US getting their version any time soon, if at all? lol! Keep wishing, I'd love to get the extra stuff on PS3 but the US and ESPECIALLY Europe can look forward to taking up Rosetta stone if they want to play this game...
kiefer23 (on 13 July 2009)
It sold shit in Europe because they have well and truly fucked us over making us wait 10 months after the US launch. And with the Enhanced Playstation 3 port coming out in 2 months it makes all the more sense not to buy the damn thing. I sure as hell won't be.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 13 July 2009)
Finished it!
One of the greatest games I ever played!
volrath50 (on 13 July 2009)
Makes me sad that the sales are low. I bought a 360 to play this game and don't regret it for a second. Hopefully the PS3 version sells better, this game deserves it.
reaver_x (on 13 July 2009)
graphics dont make a good game. Its gaming 101 Europe just fails miserably.
Soriku (on 13 July 2009)
Sold much less in EU than it should've :(
Aghahowa (on 12 July 2009)
The graphic style is the problem. I dont know any game using "cell shading look" which has sold very good.

If ToV would have got a more realistic graphic style it would have sold much more. At least in Europe / US.
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 11 July 2009)
If games got to sell what they deserved this game would've sold atleast 5 million...
Shadowblind (on 10 July 2009)
Yes! Another 10k sold in the US! :D
LordMatrix (on 10 July 2009)
I really hope this ends up having some legs in Europe. This game needs to break 400,000 at least or close to.
piggychan (on 10 July 2009)
I hit around the 65 hour mark and the main story still hasn't been completed yet... I think the story while really good is too long X_x
outlawauron (on 09 July 2009)
Doesn't change the fact that Europe bought more of Star Ocean 4 (which sucks) than Tales of Vesperia. (Which is better in every way)
reaver_x (on 09 July 2009)

one problem with ur statement. The PS3 version may no get localized
st_muscat0 (on 09 July 2009)
@reaver_x and Shadowblind. So you think its cool to have to wait 10 months for it to release here only to then have to pay full price for it which is way more more once you convert it, as in some places around Europe and Australia we are being forced to pay upwards of $80 US for a nearly year old game. Which is just going to be re-released on PS3 with enhancements for the same price a little bit down the track. Me I can wait as I've waited so long anyway, what's a little more waiting. And I have both systems, so there is no way I'm going to give to Namco and buy the 360 version. If they released it on time 10 months ago then yeah I would have, but not now.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 09 July 2009)
Maybe more Europeans would have bought it if they didn't have to wait so long >_>
kanjitech18 (on 08 July 2009)
Um...Stay. Stay. Stay at those levels. C'mon. You can do it!
Shadowblind (on 08 July 2009)
Wow, Europe...what they said vvv. No more Tales for you.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 08 July 2009)
This game deserve a lot more than this! It's one of the X360 best games! Great Game
Xen (on 08 July 2009)
What a sad case. Europe can no longer compain about not getting Tales - because they don't buy the game.
RPG_Fanatic (on 08 July 2009)
Those other sales are depressing. I hope this game can pass the 100K mark in others.
Sol (on 08 July 2009)
I`ve only seen copies of this game in one shop down in my part of Australia, so naturally I picked it up before it dissappeared forever.
Munkeh111 (on 08 July 2009)
It has just come so late it is not getting good sales at all in others
FaRmLaNd (on 07 July 2009)
Maybe next time they shouldn't delay this forever. I was hyped for it when it was released in the US and now I'm not because it took so long. I very much doubt I'll buy it now.
IxisNaugus (on 06 July 2009)
I don't think Others numbers are going to be very high. I myself cannot find this anywhere, and when i do there are very few copies around. Hell they're not even on the shelves in most stores.

I seriously need to russle up enough spare cash to buy this ASAP, i just know it's going to be one of those games where it'll disappear off the face of the earth. You guys don't want to know the struggle i went through the get my copy of Symphonia...
TheConduit (on 06 July 2009)
Although a great game its sales were definetly hurt by remaining Xbox 360 exclusive.

Given the Xbox 360 poor sales in RPGcentric Japan and the large number of RPG fans who bought a PS3 for FF13 (before Xbox360 version annonced) instead of an Xbox360 they should have made ths a multiplatform game.
Ari_Gold (on 05 July 2009)
feels good to have the best JRPG on the 360
I LOVE GIGGS (on 02 July 2009)
Great game!
Steroid (on 30 June 2009)
It's pretty damn impressive thus far.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 29 June 2009)
I bought a new arcade to play this game!!
Can't wait one month for MS to repair my Xbox!
Shadowblind (on 27 June 2009)
Damn you Namco. See? You didn't have to stop selling the game, it still would have gotten some sales. Instead, you stop shipments practically weeks after it goes on sale.

Your idiots for taking it off line in the first place.
piggychan (on 25 June 2009)
after about 12+ hours I think this is a really well crafted RPG..

I enjoy nearly all the characters however some of the cut scenes with random imperial knights and guild NPCs i still find a little childish..

plus this is hardly a game that pushes the system to its limits...and the music is just standard rpg fluff...

Still I give this game a 8/10 its a lot more cohesive than other current gen RPGs and could turn out to be one of my favourites this gen.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 25 June 2009)
Amazon sent it to me!!
piggychan (on 24 June 2009)
finally my european copy arrived today. hmmm I prefer the american box art tho...
Mad55 (on 23 June 2009)
its selling pretty good since the price drop.
hiska-kun (on 23 June 2009)
Namco has lost one sale (and more in spain). No spanish translation, no deal.
Bagaren85 (on 22 June 2009)
I LOVE GIGGS (on 20 June 2009)
I think it will sell ~10k in the first week in others!
piggychan (on 19 June 2009)
need to get SOTLH finished before this comes out... really stupid how they release 2 lengthy RPGs in europe within the same month >.>
Shadowblind (on 12 June 2009)
It sold 10k in the Americas o_O

So it IS back in stores. Frankly, they were stupid for taking them out in the first place.
g-value (on 11 June 2009)
I hope it sells well in Europe though i have my doubts. Tales of Vesperia is a fantastic game and no one should miss out on it.
Egghead (on 04 June 2009)
Oh okay, thanks for the info, im just eagerly waiting for the European launch, its selling at a high price here too.
invetedlotus123 (on 01 June 2009)
Please EU, sell at least 80k for this.
outlawauron (on 01 June 2009)
Well, I don't think its that its back in stores (it was hard to find, but you can find it), but rather the benefit of being $30 everywhere now.
Shadowblind (on 31 May 2009)
Yay! Its back in stores? :D
I LOVE GIGGS (on 31 May 2009)
I will buy it next month!!
Dark_Rulez89 (on 28 May 2009)
@egghead the game got a price drop to 30.00 at gamestop and amazon
brythoma (on 28 May 2009)
egghead- i know it was on sale on amazon for $30 last week, could be the reason for the bump
Egghead (on 28 May 2009)
This is back in stores? It sold 3k + copies last week
KingEidilleg (on 27 May 2009)
I'm glad they decided to finally release it in Europe. Tried the demo yesterday and I'll be buying it day one!
pearljammer (on 11 May 2009)
Easily my favourite game on the 360.

Hope it does well in Europe.
Shadowblind (on 08 May 2009)
It is bad...which is the problem... but like pretty much EVERY Tales game in the west, Namdai can blame itself for its low sales. Thank you Namdai, go suck on a pebble.
Dark_Rulez89 (on 07 May 2009)
300k ain't so bad for a new tales game for the 360. It's just slightly below TOS2 for the Wii.
Cheat1011 (on 05 May 2009)
Holy shit, it finally hit 300k.
wfz (on 04 May 2009)
I bought this game on a complete whim the other week, also thanks to a few outspoken fans on this site, and ....

Holy shit. It's one of my favorite games ever, ever, ever, ever. I never play JRPG's, but this game is absolutely amazing. I never realized how much I love this genre!

Everyone needs this game!
Bagaren85 (on 29 April 2009)
Cant wait for PAL-release. two more months..
Euphoria14 (on 15 April 2009)

Alright, just had to say that. :-)

I will be sure to pick it up again when it releases on PS3. That way Namdai gets my support twice.
volrath50 (on 15 April 2009)
Great game. I bought my Xbox 360 to play this game (although there are plenty of other 360 games I was interested in.)

Anyway, I don't see why someone would care if it gets released on the PS3. It just lets more people play it. 360 owners still got it a year earlier.
gunslinger (on 12 April 2009)
If you think Tales games suck, why did you buy it in the first place?
Lightel0s (on 12 April 2009)
i buyed this game and feel cheated by namco when they annouced this game for ps3. anyways it sucks...its a tales game.
Kyuu (on 11 April 2009)

And Infinite Undiscovery is getting its ass owned by White Knight Chronicles ;P
andrewclear (on 10 April 2009)
I'm willing to bet that namco isn't going to release the ps3 version in america.
MetalSabe (on 08 April 2009)
Is the PS3 version of Vesperia coming out in America? Or is it like the Ps2 Symphonia? I'm extremely tempted to double dip.
Omen (on 03 April 2009)
Woo Its going to PS3
It seems like this is a trend with "Exclusive" 360 RPG's.
You can just wait a bit and you can get a better version on PS3. I'm loving the new character :D
Just gotta hope for localisation in NA & Europe.
I don't see why they wouldn't do it though...
Another RPG to look forward to on my PS3 =]
piggychan (on 02 April 2009)
I can't believe i got a few american friends who love RPGs but haven't even heard of this game.. but then they new to the xbox 360 scene after jumping in with SO4
MANUELF (on 01 April 2009)
If anybody want the game, go to Gamecrazy local one is selling it new for $30.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 25 March 2009)
when will they release it in Europe ?
Shadowblind (on 23 March 2009)
lol, and valkyria chronicles ass is getting whipped by infinite undiscovery.

g-value (on 23 March 2009)

Good for you
NanakiXI (on 23 March 2009)

Looks like Valkyria Chronicles is whipping this game's ass to me.

But then again I'm a blind arrogant fanboy... NOT!
piggychan (on 21 March 2009)
ToV still not released in Europe. When it does that should add about 50k~100k sales to make it "normal"
dharh (on 20 March 2009)
Anyone else having problems finding this game anywhere in north america? I havn't seen the game on display in a month
Bohound (on 09 March 2009)
just say a thing i dont know why many people refer to the critics in "x" magazine they are just point of view and cant be 100% trusted, its prefereble to say "i think" when talking about something in this kind of forums, anyway this game its great i recomend almost all of the tales of series, and yeah the lower numbers of 360 consoles in japan its what made this game sold much less cuz almost all 360 owners are fps gamers and a lot of japan gamers are rpg,plataform,adventure players, but i dont think also thats the only reason, its like the VC for ps3, a bad adv campain its what make this kind of great games go unadverted by most players, they go for the same ALWAYS, fps's,futball games, and some others comercial games like trash games like those of disney(with very few excpetions and those were disney wasnt in full charge of making them), the thing is that they dont trust on these game like they should be they going to make some really good programers and maker teams to go to fps creations or something, anyway i have this game only played it like for 2 hours but it feels great but other games deserve atention also now from me, if you havent played this vesperia yet do it you wont regreat it
g-value (on 08 March 2009)
This game was amazng.The best jrpg I've played in years. Everyone sould get their hands on this masterpiece.
Kyuu (on 08 March 2009)
Normal Tales sales figure??? Well, here's a list showing how the Tales series sells on Playstation consoles! you be the judge! (Note that, these figures are of Japan opening week only)

Tales of Destiny (PS): 450k
Tales of Destiny2: 517k
Tales of Legendia: 243k
Tales of the Abyss: 377k
TotW RM2 (PSP): 209k
ToD (PS2 remake 11/08): 264k
Kyuu (on 08 March 2009)
hehe, you don't seem to realize the huge difference between Strategy RPGs (which's the least acceptable genre) and RPGs (the most popular genre) ... so far, The PS3 has only one exclusive JRPG named White Knight Chronicles! despite being an all new IP and receiving a disappointing 29/40 in Famitsu review, It sold as much as double the ToV Japan opening week sales! It has surpassed ToV's JP and US units combined in half the period!

Also, back in the time Tales of Vesperia was released, the PS3 had 2.3 mil units compared to 650,000 for X360!!! try to use your mind properly fanboy.
issueboy (on 08 March 2009)
I just find a brand new speical edition copy at EB! This game so hard to find new.
Space Warrior (on 07 March 2009)
Seems like it will be released only after september in EU which means we'll wait more than one year after JP et US...
c0rd (on 07 March 2009)
From what I've played so far (~8 hours), this game is frekkin amazing. Lacking some polish here and there, but everything that really matters is done well. My 360 was worth it just for this...

Yuri rocks! (erm, the character that is, dunno bout the lesbo stuff...) I definitely have to check out Abyss after this, and can't wait for this team's next game.

I'm also hooked on the OP song, it's pretty catchy...
andrewclear (on 06 March 2009)
Would not sell any better on the ps3. The ps3 rpgs aren't selling terribly well if that fanboy didn't notice. Also, once it's released in Europe, it will sell at least 100k more, putting it close to a normal "Tales" sales figure.

And yeah, Dawn of the New World isn't selling all that great, and it has a huge user base to work with.

Also, Valkyria Chronicles isn't doing a fantastic job on the PS3.
Kyuu (on 28 February 2009)
This is why I luv my 360 XD

But why the terrible sales? I guess it would've sold much more if it were on PS3. Microsoft must really payed Namco Bandai a lot in order to improve Xbox 360s performance in Japan.
Egghead (on 23 February 2009)
Im just surprised how this sold so much worse than ES in NA

Lets hope it goes down well in EU. Still 400k isnt half bad
piggychan (on 18 February 2009)
dont forget the downloadable content Namco sells on the XBL marketplace for this game.. including gamerpics and themes
Soriku (on 18 February 2009)
This game is set in the same universe as Abyss? Since when?

Also, coming to EU!

outlawauron (on 17 February 2009)
@ no.090684

It's set in the same universe of Tales of Abyss, and designed by the same team.

The stories aren't directly connected. Spiritual successor if you will.
Shadowblind (on 14 February 2009)
We don't know how much money they lost on this game. More then likely, not as much as you'd think.
no.090684 (on 14 February 2009)
"Because it lost a ton of money and sold less than half of its prequel Tales of the Abyss."


Abyss isn't Vesperia's prequel, or even the previous of Tales game that was made before Vesperia. That was Tales of Destiny R(PS2 Japany Only).

Vesperia didn't sell to well in Japan because most of the Japanese don't like the 360 and it's selection of games in general. Though it did make 360s fly off the shelves and sell out.
outlawauron (on 13 February 2009)
@ Auron

Because it lost a ton of money and sold less than half of its prequel Tales of the Abyss.
Vas-y (on 13 February 2009)
This IS the reason why I would finally purchase a 360 :).
Simulacrum (on 12 February 2009)
This might be reason for me to get Xbox 360.
AuronVII (on 10 February 2009)
Why do people think these sales numbers are disappointing? Its the Tales series, not Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. I know Symphonia sold a lot, but the series is certainly still basically a "niche" series outside of japan, and nearly 150k in sales for such a game looks to me as perfectly fine. 150k+ in Japan looks great as well for the 360, and I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft paid for the exclusivity. Also look at the other sales figures for tales games listed here. Assuming they're accurate, only one game has topped a million in sales. I don't think these sales figures are anything to be worried about at all.
Barozi (on 10 February 2009)
I think they were talking about a Summer release.
Picko (on 09 February 2009)
Is this game still coming to Europe? I noticed there is no release at the top of the page.
Skeeuk (on 08 February 2009)
why is it discontinued?
MetalSabe (on 03 February 2009)
Hopefully the slow crawl in america will continue and europe sales will elevate it to decent sales. It's a real shame people are ignoring this and Valkyria.
piggychan (on 30 January 2009)
not to mention that this game also has downloadable content for a small fee
Shadowblind (on 25 January 2009)
Wow, for being cancelled, it sold 10,000 more copies in about a week. Not bad for its current position. Whoo!
link_triforce (on 25 January 2009)
i just got this game for 360. Truly is amazing. Love it!
MetalSabe (on 21 January 2009)
Yeah those scans are fake. Great game, though. Me and my friends were playing co-op this weekend it was a blast.
Shadowblind (on 20 January 2009)
Yeaaaahhh.....that was a lie. Nice try though.
NicholasCage (on 20 January 2009)
Confirmed now that it's coming to PS3 from Famitsu, a famous Japanese gaming magazine.
monlosez (on 18 January 2009)
What do you mean by discontinued? You can still buy the game.
Seece (on 14 January 2009)
Discontinued in America apprantly, I thought that was strange but seeing as it only sold 1k in its 10th week I can't imagin what it is selling now, which is a crying shame because I have only heard praise for it.

Hopefully Europe does it justice (if it ever sees a release)
Egghead (on 14 January 2009)
On the bright side it sold well in Japan, and its currently still selling in NA. If it can carry on and reach AT LEAST 150k, another 100k in EU and 170k in JP it will have sold aroung 400-450k which isnt that bad.

At least TLR and IU have sold well so we might still see JRPG support
Shadowblind (on 14 January 2009)
Well on the bright side, it just passed Tales of the Abyss LTD sales in America.
Shadowblind (on 14 January 2009)
Yay, 280k!....I think I'll go cry in a corner now.
Hephaestos (on 11 January 2009)
I would say "oh no june for europe" but my play list is a bit long anyways.... looks good though
Cheat1011 (on 11 January 2009)
LOL, do you guys know Yuri's sex is listed as female in the second section of the book manual?
Marco (on 11 January 2009)
i wate of a ps3-version = )
scottsdone (on 09 January 2009)
"Hopefully" because it's getting annoying hearing of games losing console exclusivity. If you want to play the game so bad, buy the console it's on.

Plus I think the PS3 is getting its own Tales game.
tedsteriscool (on 09 January 2009)
Why "hopefully"? You don't want other people to have the opportunity to enjoy the game?
scottsdone (on 08 January 2009)
Might want to get a head start and get that 360, 'cause a port ain't happening.

... Hopefully.
metalgearmatt (on 07 January 2009)
I might buy an Xbox 360 for this game...

Or I might wait for the PS3 Port! :P

Desisions, desisions...
andrewclear (on 06 January 2009)
What is the fascination of people saying this will be ported to the ps3....it is a 360 exclusive (unlike eternal sonata)...once it's released in europe, it should get over 400k...I still think the cell shaded look is what is killing this, eternal sonata, and valkyria chronicles.
MetalSabe (on 04 January 2009)
Wow, that's a pretty huge bummer for Europe.
Space Warrior (on 02 January 2009)
It's planned for June 09 in Europe. Ten months after Japan and US...
c0rd (on 31 December 2008)
Eheh, finally got this game. Sort of a late Christmas present, will probably have the game beat in a week...

Glad to have a 360!
Stocko (on 29 December 2008)
Definatley been a PS3 port like Eternal Sonata!
Zlejedi (on 29 December 2008)
Why the hell it's still not released in EU is beyond my understanding.
MetalSabe (on 29 December 2008)
Bought this today, shame it isn't doing better. hopefully overtime it'll crawl to decent sales.
Skeeuk (on 28 December 2008)
this game is way better than last remnant.....but last remnant sells more.......some gamers are idiots
Cheat1011 (on 23 December 2008)
Hey, guys, I just bought Vesperia last week, so if it doesn't have at least one copy sold .. something's up. >_
Egghead (on 22 December 2008)
Well lets hope that it sells 1-2k for at least another year, again, Eternal Sonata sold VERY nicely selling 200k and being released in the same week as Halo 3.

So with that said, lets hope it sells AT LEAST 150k, plus the 160k in Japan and hopefully another 100k in EU and Namco will have sold 410k, more than enough to get back their money and make a small profit. Not forgetting, MS will have nicely profitted with the boost they got in Japan
piggychan (on 21 December 2008)
well this game appears to be selling about 2~3k a week so the sales are rising at a snails pace.. hopefully WHEN this arrives in Europe will bring in around another 70k sales and maybe more
Soriku (on 20 December 2008)
This game came out 4 months ago...not selling anymore wouldn't be too surprising. Tales games don't have months and months of legs you know. And definitely not on the 360 it would.
Bagaren85 (on 20 December 2008)
Its crazt that NB: Culdcept (Wtf) Saga (week 45 or something) sold more than TOV now.

Cant find word. Its the after LO the best you can get. Damn sad!

Hope it will make it to 500K. Hope..
Shadowblind (on 20 December 2008)
Another reason to make me guess the inaccuracy of the numbers which we now see. That, and it apparently hasn't sold jack for weeks now.
andrewclear (on 20 December 2008)
Marco...you do realize, that they did slap the only for 360 label on this game. I think you'll be waiting for...an eternity for that ps3 port.

Are these numbers really accurate? In ign's xbox 360 year in review, tales was voted in the top 10 games by the readers. If it only sold 110k hear, how the hell would it have made it..
piggychan (on 20 December 2008)
I think this arrive in europe in June 29th 2009
Marco (on 19 December 2008)
I wait of the playstation 3-version
Wetcoaster (on 15 December 2008)
I'm with you Shadowblind. This awesome game should have at least sold twice as much.

I'll buy the argument that it was hard to find at first but I've seen this game everywhere now.

I'm hoping for a Euro release date to help boost sales.
Shadowblind (on 14 December 2008)
Im being frankly honest here--I couldn't care less if MS can sell Blue Dragon or lost odyssey or whatever. I want TALES games to sell.
Egghead (on 13 December 2008)
I know but theres little bit of hope, again Eternal Sonata sold 200k, if this manages that, plus the 170k from Japan and another 50k minimum from EU, it wont have sold too bad

But yeah, MS have proven you can sell JRPGs on the 360 with both IU and TLR doing well and LO nearing a million
Shadowblind (on 06 December 2008)
Not really. The last update came from October, So we don't know how well it did lately.
Egghead (on 06 December 2008)
Man this is doing really badly in NA, like really badly, IU shot up from 5k to 11k this week, this sold 50 more copies than it normally did

The game was just released to the wrong crowd, its a shame the 360 hasnt reached a wider demographic yet, really sad. With that said, the 360 is making a big kiddy market with the Arcade and the bundled games, including EU.

Eternal Sonata sold pretty well in NA with 200k, so why on Earth is this not doing as good, and that launched on the same week as Halo 3, it just doesnt make sense.

So yeah, EU release will at least contribute 50k in sales, but i hope Namco market it properly there, ToS sold well in EU just because of the kiddy appeal of the game and the GC (this is what THEY said not me)
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 05 December 2008)
graphics seem bad for Xbox360 game
ClaudeLv250 (on 04 December 2008)

Really? And who would you think would make it? Theoretically the only free teams are Team Symphonia (who just finished this) and Team MelFes. Anything new from Team Symphonia most likely won't be seen for a long time, and Team MelFes isn't a normal Tales team, so if they're even working on a game it's probably Sword of Legendia.
piggychan (on 04 December 2008)
Bring the daym game over to Europe already!!
Shadowblind (on 04 December 2008)
Barozi (on 03 December 2008)
I heard the advertisement for this game was pretty crappy in NA.
Can't wait for the EU release
scottsdone (on 01 December 2008)
We don't need a PS3 port of this. I'm damn tired of "exclusive" (doesn't matter which console) games being ported to other consoles. Plus I think the PS3 is getting its own exclusive Tales game.
indodude (on 27 November 2008)
I don't understand why this game was 360 exclusive. The previous games were PS exclusive.
FinalEvangelion (on 26 November 2008)
Best jRPG so far this generation
MrChi14 (on 23 November 2008)

I think the game was successful, it sold way more copies that Tales of Abyss for PS2, to a demographic not expecting it.

ToS2 didn't outperform Vesperia THAT much, and take into account that the game is 60$ on the 360, and that there are far more Wii's in Japan/US... The tie ratio is truely speaking with 360 owners!
Marco (on 23 November 2008)
I will/need a Ps3-Port!!!!!
Xen (on 22 November 2008)
Sales are not up to par with quality...
Shadowblind (on 16 November 2008)

Tales of the Abyss sole only 120K copies in its lifetime to the PS2 install base in America, which is a number of times better then the 360 install base. By all means, it has done fantastic compared to its predecessors.
Blacksaber (on 13 November 2008)
Just beat it!
BrayanA (on 13 November 2008)
too kiddish and cartoony
ClaudeLv250 (on 13 November 2008)
I was really expecting this to do better in America. I mean, the install base is there and the 360 is no slouch when it comes to pushing software.

Not to mention Lost Odyssey sold decently.
Chris Hu (on 12 November 2008)
Dear Wetcoaster, the game is not easily available everywhere Circuit City doesn't carry it for example. To get back on topic I buy it when the price drops to $39.99 that's when I bought Eternal Sonata.
Barozi (on 12 November 2008)
Dear Wetcoaster,

I wait for a EU release ;)

Wetcoaster (on 11 November 2008)
Dear anyone who hasn't bought this game,

What the hell are you waiting for?

arsenal009 (on 10 November 2008)
0 sales, awesome...
ruibing (on 09 November 2008)
I'm a big fan since Legendia and Abyss, but I'll have to wait for them to port it to the PS3.
Egghead (on 08 November 2008)
Or how about you stop acting like an ass yourself, if you disagree, then do it rather than being a fanboy about it

This was on NeoGaf, they were all commenting that this is indeed the best selling Tales game in NA after Symphonia, Tales selling poorly there is common knowledge

Also, tell me about these so called figures im pulling out of nowhere. VGC was reporting numbers of around the 500s for the last few weeks, then this week they shoot up and the last weeks as well.
outlawauron (on 07 November 2008)
@ Egghead

Stop pulling data from the a$$! You don't have any data to support that.
Egghead (on 07 November 2008)
Whats going no, both IU and ToV were reported as selling around 500 units, but now have shot up to more than 1000?

Please somebody confirm this is true, if it is, the game has a good shot at hitting 180k, if not 200k which will be a huge milestone
chris100185 (on 05 November 2008)

I believe he meant US sales.
Egghead (on 05 November 2008)
It outsold every tales game in NA. Thats impressive considering Abyss was on the PS2
Stats87 (on 03 November 2008)
@egghead, that's not true

ToV has been outsold by Phantasia, Legendia, Abyss, Destiny, Destiny 2, Eternia, Rebirth and it will probably be outsold by DotNW.

Crystalchild (on 31 October 2008)
wanna buy this for PS3..
and if not.. ill wait for the europe 360 release :P
Shadowblind (on 29 October 2008)
I've given up hope.
Egghead (on 23 October 2008)
ToV vs ES weekly


ES had a much worse start selling half the units, but by this time was selling more than ToV. However, over time it had a few spikes and continued to sell. Again, long as ToV holds steady and picks up a little steam, 200k isnt a far cry

ToV vs ES cumulative


Both seem to be on track, only i think that ToV will sell for longer

Its not over yet guys...
Egghead (on 23 October 2008)
Dont get scared yet, it could pick up a little, again, Eternal Sonata sold 200k in NA, if this can do that, and then manage another 50k in EU, then well have 400k.

If you ask me, a nice small profit not forgetting next-gen assets for Namco. Also, its sold better than every Tales so far except Symphonia.
Ligthtelos (on 23 October 2008)
i dont understand why usa gamers dint buy this game a lot, honestly i dont find tos wii better than this one. anyways tales series are not that big sellers, but im buying this when i got time.
trestres (on 22 October 2008)
@nexzen: Too bad, the next ones are for the DS, Wii and PSP. Wii one being the biggest.
Muu (on 21 October 2008)
The game's still in the official top50 list for Media create (at m-create.com), meaning JP numbers are higher than what's indicated here.
chris100185 (on 19 October 2008)
When will people realize

sales=/= quality

Enter the Matrix was one of the top selling games last gen? Are you actually going to try to say it was one of the best?
nexzen (on 19 October 2008)
da only way tales is going to get any huge amount of sales is making one for the ps3
SHMUPGurus (on 18 October 2008)
Haha, right. Thanks for spoiling my plans of total Vesperia domination here at VGChartz. >_>
Barozi (on 18 October 2008)
Don't forget this game isn't even released in Europe and I doubt that 52 owners are 80% of all 360 users in this forum. You know our Gamerscore League alone has over 100 members ;)
and btw. Halo 3 is the game with the most owners (500+), that would be about 800% of all 360 owners right ? ^^
SHMUPGurus (on 18 October 2008)
Easy: people here are dedicated gamers. This genre appeals to these gamers. I doubt you'd see a casual gamer post in gaming forums, thus, when you hear ''it is the best JRPG this generation'' here, it doesn't necessarily reflect the sales, because I'm sure 80% of the Xbox 360 owners here already bought the game (and we're 31,000+ users total, not all of them own a 360).
silverlunar777 (on 18 October 2008)
People say this is the best RPG this gen, why isn't selling well?
Wetcoaster (on 16 October 2008)
Rita Mordio is my favourite Tales character to date. =D
spaceworlder (on 15 October 2008)
Vesperia's sales will either meet or pass ToW's within the year. And just because it isn't listed on VGchartz doesn't mean there isn't data for the other American titles. Vesperia has surpassed every Tales game in the US except Symphonia and World.
Yakuzaice (on 14 October 2008)
Err, it is only second (third if we are counting the PSP game) because there are only two Tales games with American data.

Doesn't seem like something to brag about.
chris100185 (on 14 October 2008)
Worst Japanese maybe. Thoguh it's only been out 2 months and still has some life left in it. It's currently the second best US wise. And it still has Europe to release in. Namco's goal of 500K worldwide is not out of reach.
MontanaHatchet (on 13 October 2008)
Wow, there's a lot of trolling on this page. Where to start?
jpain333 (on 13 October 2008)
giv it more time it aint even out in europe yet...
darthdevidem01 (on 13 October 2008)
well he does speak the truth shadowblind....its the worst sales wise game int he Tales Franchise.

he is just assessing as to why that is.
Shadowblind (on 13 October 2008)
Go away troll.
Dazkarieh (on 13 October 2008)
It would deserve more sales if launched in a proper platform and not in a "moneyhated" one. It's just the worst sales of the "Tales of" franchise.
Wetcoaster (on 13 October 2008)
Words cannot describe the total amount of awesomeness that is ToV.
Soriku (on 12 October 2008)
Xen (on 12 October 2008)
It deserves far more sales.
Barozi (on 12 October 2008)
Damn we Europeans want this game so badly !!!
MANUELF (on 11 October 2008)
This is one of the two X360 games that interest me
chris100185 (on 11 October 2008)
Almost at 100K in the US. Very nice. Considering that Abyss didn't even make half of that life time, Namco has to at least be happy with the US sales.
SHMUPGurus (on 11 October 2008)
@ lolita:

Indeed, everyone has to play this. Best Tales game so far (after Tales of the Abyss). it's not repetitive compared to Symphonia (in my opinion, please Soriku...!).
lolita (on 11 October 2008)
Me wants to play this!!!
Egghead (on 11 October 2008)
Oh wow this is bad, this isnt even in the top 50 = S, i really hope NPD tells us VGC is under tracking

Hopefully like Eternal Sonata will pick up in XMAS
Onimusha12 (on 11 October 2008)
Force Unleashed sells nearly a million on the 360 and this only sells 240k? Here's your sign.
Sylvarantinc (on 11 October 2008)
why wont they release this in the Eu :( ,
I hate waiting
spaceworlder (on 10 October 2008)
It's selling nicely in both regions. On a week-to-week basis, the US hasn't lagged behind Japan that much. If it had debutted with 100k, the American total would almost be the same.
Egghead (on 09 October 2008)
Still selling nicely in JP, if they can reach 200k it would be a job well done
Soriku (on 07 October 2008)

With the Wii, Namco want to appeal to casuals with Tales, BUT they will NOT dumb it down. For Wii Tales they're keeping them normal, but they're trying to appeal to the largest userbase possible. They even aid that in an interview that came today about ToS: DotNW coming to PS2 and they said no and it was specialized for PS2. I'd say that's smart. We should expect the majority of Tales on the Wii this gen which is good :)

I wonder if the PS3 will get one though (new one).
Shadowblind (on 05 October 2008)
@gunslinger- no they haven't. Thats why, considering how few copies are out there, it did very well.
gunslinger (on 05 October 2008)
Did this even get a wide release? I have NEVER seen it in Walmart, Target, Shopko, etc. Gametops did have a couple of copies at launch. Did Namco even try to get this game out there?
Riachu (on 05 October 2008)
Now that I think about it. I think putting the next Tales game on the Wii was a smart choice since many Wii owners were also Gamecube owners and ToS was very popular on the Gamecube.
jpelles (on 04 October 2008)
The next main tales game is on Wii. That's been known for a while. First screen came out of the nintendo confrence the other day.

I think word of mouth could carry this game high. It's a very solid game and as people get the 360 I think this is a game RPG fans will gravitate too.
thelalaby (on 04 October 2008)
This game flopped really hard in the US, even for a Tales game.
Crystalchild (on 03 October 2008)
need europe release, pls :(
spaceworlder (on 29 September 2008)
Uh, the next flagship title hasn't been announced, troll.
arsenal009 (on 29 September 2008)
I'm sure M$ money hatted them so they prob didn't lose money making this game :p

But I can see why they announced next yrs flagship game for the Wii :)
Egghead (on 28 September 2008)
@ Riachu

Yes but userbases were MUCH higher. Given how big the 360 is in Japan, its doing just fine, expect it to hit around 200k there
Zucas (on 28 September 2008)
Not fairing well in America and it's not surprising. And because it won't last long in Japan this title is not showing a good fate sales wise. And bad to hear it was a good game to and it won't sell well. Maybe it'll surprise us with legs but doubtful.
Riachu (on 28 September 2008)
Not true. Some of the past Tales games have sold more than 500K in just Japan alone
Bitmap Frogs (on 28 September 2008)
Release in Europe already goddamnit!
chris100185 (on 27 September 2008)
Seriously. A Tales game hitting 500K lifetime is considered a success.
Shadowblind (on 27 September 2008)
Seraphic your really overestimating the tales series in terms of sales.
RPG_Fanatic (on 25 September 2008)
The worldwide sales of Tales of Vesperia should pass the Japan sales of Tales of Symphonia 2 either this week or next week. The America sales need to be about 6k this week for it to happen.
Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 24 September 2008)
typo i ment 500K. my point still stands.
WiiBox3 (on 24 September 2008)
@Seraphic_Sixaxis - It is well past 50k it has sold more than 227k well on it's way to half a mill. Should make it to 500k by mid Jan.
Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 23 September 2008)
0.23m sales WW? go figure, i would have that this one to have atleast 50k by now.

Hmm...I sense a "Loss" of exclusivity...
andrewclear (on 23 September 2008)
This game did not flop. It will sell 500k, which will easily turn a profit. Not every game can sell 1 million units in it's first two weeks.

Also, considering that this game didn't have the hype of Star Wars, Too Human, or some other big name releases lately, it has sold pretty well.

Also, consider the fact that it has an anime, cell shaded, look..which isn't that popular in the US, and you can see why sales in the US are low.

Reality is, it's not about how good the game is in the US, it's about how much hype they can build for the game before it launches. Americans (I know my kind) aren't the brightest shoopers in the world anymore, and will only buy what TV and Magazines tell them to buy now.

The best selling JRPG of this current gen, is also the one that got the most marketing before release (Lost Odyssey). While Lost Odyssey is a great game, it would've only got 500k lifetime also if it wasn't for the marketing budget. That's life, and if japanese developers want to keep their old school, tight lipped, developement cycles, they are still going to suffer in terms of sales in the west.
Bagaren85 (on 22 September 2008)
Vesperia will reach min 500K.
And if thats a bomb, then Uncharted with 6x budget is a major flop.

No logic. J-RPG got few games that sell over 1M, from 6th gen til now. lulz

So kids, go and buy this game for its a awesome tale.
Infinity (on 22 September 2008)
This game bombed.
Shadowblind (on 21 September 2008)
Hmm, lets see; if NPD(or whatever it was) numbers are true, then it did 33K first week, 37K second week, then 7K the third week?

Would someone kindly tell me WTF is going on?
Egghead (on 18 September 2008)
@ Jenny

But yeah, i really hope the 500k is met. Japan will sell around say 200k, and from the looks of Eternal Sonata, at this rate itll sell 250-300k in NA. Then the eventual EU release should give it a bit of a boost.

I think we do need to calm down, but yeah, considering how so few JRPGs have sold well this gen, everyone has reason to be worried
jenny (on 16 September 2008)
Only 210 k WW, but its only been out for 2 weeks now. Calm down. It should sell well over 500k life time as Blue Dragon did also. It takes some time.
gengka (on 16 September 2008)
only 210k worldwide sales, not even halfway to the 500k target, n starcraft claimed rpgs are selling well on the 360 platform, hmmm
manzou3 (on 16 September 2008)
It is regrettable that this game is not American too good.
A lot of people are doing highest Tailes and the high reputation value between fans of Japan though this game is very Japanese JRPG. I also want the person in the United States to actually feel wonderful of this game by all means.

Shadowblind (on 16 September 2008)
Jo21 is a fanboy, its best not to respond to them. Don't look them in the eyes either, or they'll think your challenging them.
spaceworlder (on 15 September 2008)
Um, how can we tell it bombed if we don't even know the budget? The game hasn't even been out for a month either.
Jo21 (on 15 September 2008)
it bombed, it will have trouble reaching 500k
spaceworlder (on 15 September 2008)
Detailed NPD numbers are hard to come by. The 27k number I referenced comes from Cless of the Phantasian Productions forum. He posted it in this thread: http://forum.tales-cless.org/tales-series/vesperia-an-hour-later/msg12052/#msg12052
Shadowblind (on 15 September 2008)
Can i getz a link to where it says that? I believe you, but I want to see what other Tales games have done in they're first weeks as well, if it has that kind of info.
spaceworlder (on 15 September 2008)
Abyss did about 27k in its first month.
Shadowblind (on 15 September 2008)
spaceworlder: What was Abyss's first month?
arsenal009 (on 15 September 2008)
Namco's target was 500k? ouch

I'm sure Microsoft moneyhatted them though, so they should prob atleast break even :p
Egghead (on 15 September 2008)
Wow this isnt good is it, i think itll hit 200k in Japan. So with the NA sales currently thats 270k. Hopefully it at a steady rate and the eventual if ever EU release itll hit Namcos 500k target
spaceworlder (on 15 September 2008)
The original #2, btw, was Destiny.
spaceworlder (on 15 September 2008)
If these estimates hold, then Vesperia is already the second highest selling Tales game of all time. In two weeks, it has nearly tripled Abyss' first month.
jpelles (on 15 September 2008)
low sales. Hopefully strong legs will carry this high. Reviews are pretty much universally positive.
Shadowblind (on 15 September 2008)
16K? Lord.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 15 September 2008)
BD in 5 weeks = ~147K
Tov in 5 weeks = ~141K
Shadowblind (on 14 September 2008)
Wow, according to the preview, Tales sold at 6000 units. It actually ROSE. Most likely due to the 360 restock.
Egghead (on 12 September 2008)
Even then, MS have Last Remnant lined up. Yeah itll makes its way to the PS3, but doesnt change the fact that its going to sell on a level of an exclusive
errorrrr (on 12 September 2008)
@Riachu: I know white knight chronicles is one of the major PS3 Rpgs... but during this empty period toward the end of this year and early next year, vesperia would of do well as a jRPG to fill the slot until WKC. Even the closest JRPG Valkyria Chronicles is not releasing till Nov. This would of been perfect.
Egghead (on 11 September 2008)
3.2k, but yes, most games by now would be at around 1-2k range.

But it sucks so hard that MS really missed out on an opportunity to bolster their userbase there.
Shadowblind (on 10 September 2008)
4K huh. Not bad for a shortage.
Riachu (on 10 September 2008)
That's what White Knight Chronicles is for
Iori Yagami (on 10 September 2008)
It won't do good on any system if don't ship the damn game.
errorrrr (on 10 September 2008)
@Egghead: If this was on the PS3, it'd be a lot better in NA AND EU... EU has more PS3 than Xbox360, and US PS3 owners are starving for jRPG.
Shadowblind (on 09 September 2008)

I was talking about Disgaea 3 sales.
Egghead (on 09 September 2008)
@ Shadow

Youre right, it couldve got around 200-350k on PS3 in Japan but wouldve been NONEXISTENT in NA and EU.
MontanaHatchet (on 08 September 2008)
This game page is funny.
Soriku (on 08 September 2008)
lol at this will struggle to hit 100k in NA.
Bagaren85 (on 08 September 2008)
''This game will be fortunate to get 100k total sales in the US at this rate''

-Lol of the day''

Shadowblind (on 08 September 2008)
Um, cowboy maybe its because its really hard to find a copy here, most people say its hard to find a copy there, and that its basically never been seen in a Wal-Mart or Target yet, and yet still got 60K sales.

Take the fanboy elsewhere, cowboy.

@Egghead: I'm guessing on PS3, vesperia might have gotten Disgaea sales? Can't tell though, they are too dissimilar.
Egghead (on 08 September 2008)
Well one good thing is that Namco only want 500k sold for the game. At this rate in Japan it will get 200k, and from the US numbers itll get to around 200-300k lifetime. Then offcourse there is EU

And PS3 fanboys, it would NOT have done any much better on the PS3
spaceworlder (on 08 September 2008)

Uh, at this rate ToV will pass 100k by the end of the month. Now, how about you take your trolling schtick to the forums?
chris100185 (on 08 September 2008)
I already said it in my post, maybe you're illiterate. There are stories all over of major retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. Not getting any copies of the game. And many Gamestops and Gamecrazy's only receiving 2-3 copies. Also considering Abyss never even made it to 100K lifetime in the states on a console with that large of a userbase, do really think that they shipped out that many copies? What would have been good for you? 100K? I doubt they sent out anywhere near that many.
Cowboys4u86 (on 08 September 2008)
Your logic is based on what exactly? Do you have proof that the game was under shipped? Or is that just the conclusion you came to because you can't except that 360 owners simply don't care for ToV as much as you thought?
chris100185 (on 08 September 2008)
Because I like to use actual logic.
Cowboys4u86 (on 08 September 2008)
Under shipped, lol. Why can't you just accept that it didn't do nearly as well as people hoped/said it would.

This game will be fortunate to get 100k total sales in the US at this rate. I'm actually shocked that it sold this poorly. RPG's are becoming less and less popular I guess.
chris100185 (on 07 September 2008)
Namco severely undershiped the game. I've heard from so many people who couldn't get their hands ona copy because the only stores carrying it in their area was a gamecrazy, or gamestop and they only got 2-3 copies. Also I know Amazon screwed over a lot of people who made preorders with the game. I think the game will show some legs, but Namco has no right to whine about numbers with this disgraceful showing of advertising and shipping.
Shadowblind (on 07 September 2008)
yes. This is one time I do not care to hear any PS3 hypocrites come in here to bag this game. So before you even get in, STFU, and GTFO.
spaceworlder (on 07 September 2008)
Leave the PS3 fanboyism at the boards, k?
Cowboys4u86 (on 07 September 2008)
Ouch, this one hurts. The US sales are horrible. Well, this should show Japan the error of their ways and targeting the 360. I don't doubt this will make it's way to the PS3 now.
Egghead (on 07 September 2008)
Gaming is dead, this is why...
spaceworlder (on 07 September 2008)
Shucks. I hope the NPD numbers are bigger, because this game really deserves Symphonia-level sales.
andrewclear (on 07 September 2008)
I think it was undershipped to. I bought it during it's second week of release, and only gamestop here had it. Target, Walmart, Hastings, etc, none of them have recieved any shipments of ToV yet.
Skeeuk (on 07 September 2008)
very drab sales, would have expected this to light up the charts
Soriku (on 07 September 2008)
I can't tell if 60k is good or bad...
Zucas (on 07 September 2008)
NOt surprising. People the only Tales game I know of that has had any success in America has been Tales of Symphonia on the GC. Really that this title didn't start off to well isn't surprising giving trends of the series in America. You'll just have to hope that ToS gave this some brand here and that down the line it'll keep selling.
jpelles (on 07 September 2008)
Under shipped the first week, or stores got it late because I know everywhere around me this game was impossible to find and I had to go to 7 stores just to find one that had it.
Shadowblind (on 07 September 2008)
Only 60K? WTF?!
errorrrr (on 05 September 2008)
where the heck is the American numbers??? has it already been over a week?
Shadowblind (on 04 September 2008)
I was a tales fan long before I came to this site.

Why don't you think it will pass Symphonia's sales?
Soriku (on 04 September 2008)

There are many Tales fanboys on this site because I have so much influence :)


lol at comparing KH to Tales.


This won't surpass ToS :P


As for why it sold well...it's a Team Symphonia game on the 360 (which people seem to not like much in Japan). That's...pretty big. No wonder it sold this well so far.
chris100185 (on 04 September 2008)
Yea, a better example is Abyss releasing weeks before FF XII
errorrrr (on 03 September 2008)
@Riachu: although Halo 3 is a big game... it's not a RPG or JRPG by any means... apple coming out the day after orange coming out shouldn't affect the people who wants to buy and eat orange... :/
chris100185 (on 03 September 2008)
I have mine set to use all TP, keep distance, only use magic, and focus on healing, as well as turning off all other spells. She'll still rush in and start attacking while everyone is dying, throwing out a first aid to someone when they entire party is under 25% instead of casting nurse.

She'll use nurse when 3 people are at max health and the other is only down 300. She'll start casting right next to the enemy, and when she inevitably gets interrupted instead of moving back she'll try again right on the spot

and she just sits there staring out into space not casting recover(or doing much of anything) while the entire rest of the party is paralyzed.
spaceworlder (on 03 September 2008)

How so? I've never had a problem with her.
chris100185 (on 03 September 2008)
Meh, The AI in this one is good overall. But Estelle is damned moron, It's sad that Raven is a more effective healer than her.
Undying (on 02 September 2008)
This game is awesome. All JRPG fans own it to themselves to play this game.
spaceworlder (on 02 September 2008)

Couldn't disagree more. Kingdom Hearts is a boring button masher. Vesperia's fighting system is much better, and the AI is more reliable.
chris100185 (on 02 September 2008)

Tales of Symphonia was actually the 4th main series game and 3rd to be released in the US.
Gearbox (on 01 September 2008)
good game but games liek kingdom hearts just blow this kind of rpg away. what i mean is real time fighting oposed to running into an enemy then a whole new battle phase begins..
Riachu (on 01 September 2008)
Eternal Sonata was released a week before Halo 3
errorrrr (on 01 September 2008)
I am predicitng a 120,000 tops for America's first week sales. 60,000 for European sales... I don't think it'll sell that much better than Eternal Sonata since ES had a advantage during the JRPG shortage.
Riachu (on 01 September 2008)
I'm not sure about ToV outselling ToS(the original) but from what I am seeing about the game apparently flying off the shelfs, it will probably surpass Namco's sales expectations
Million (on 01 September 2008)
Impressive opening week.
Egghead (on 01 September 2008)
I dont know, maybe itll outsell Symphonia, to this day its a mystery to how it did so well.

Namco are predicting 500k, but i dont know if thats 2/3 or 3/3 regions so yeah they arent expecting that much but at least its a realistic number that can be reached meaning theyll most likely at least make a small profit.

The game's situation in Japan is a weird one. The hype train is still around hence the low drop-off from 18-8k, as we all know, games dissapear within their third or forth week, but that hasnt been the case meaning there was indeed a shortage. But by the time MS restock will the hype still be around? I was really hoping the game would push more 360s as what BD did, that was enough to make MSs effort this gen an overwhelming success compared to last

Lets hope it does well in NA, im predicting around 200-300k, and EU, if it ever sees release around 100k.
outlawauron (on 01 September 2008)
Shadowblind, eh its a bit different here. Most stores are not or will not be getting any in. Those who do have it didn't even have it on shelves. It's selling like a usual Tales game from what I've heard.
Shadowblind (on 31 August 2008)
Jpelles, if your right, then my spirits are raised. I very well think this game has a chance to sell Symphonia's way, if not better.

You have to believe.
jpelles (on 31 August 2008)
Sold out in a lot of stores i've gone to. Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. All told me they had from 5-20 and sold out.

Got a Special Edition at Fry's. Great pick up. Great game.

I think this has a chance of doing as well as Lost Oddesy and doing if not a million real close to it.
outlawauron (on 31 August 2008)
Goodness I caved in. Why are there so many Tales fanboys on this forum!
sc94597 (on 31 August 2008)
Excellent game. Best 360 game, and one of the best games this generation.
SHMUPGurus (on 30 August 2008)
Haha, I'm enjoying this game so much. Tales at its best! ^^
Shadowblind (on 28 August 2008)
The most fantastic Tales game ever made. Without a doubt. Best that they have ever made, and probably the best JRPG I've played this generation!
Riachu (on 28 August 2008)
The game just came out. I still don't have it yet because I want to beat LO first
I LOVE GIGGS (on 28 August 2008)
Game Owners (8 total)

Soriku (on 27 August 2008)

He's probably going to do a quick mod to his 360 like everybody else who wants to import games :P
pbroy (on 27 August 2008)
It's not region locked?
Riachu (on 27 August 2008)
This is exactly why GameFly should allow people to rent systems as well as games
Soriku (on 26 August 2008)
Tales Defense Force...lol.

Someone should buy me a 360. I'll do this game justice! :P
Naum (on 25 August 2008)
OK just checked the release for euro....2009... ok guess it's stime to import my first 360 game
Riachu (on 25 August 2008)
ToV seems to be getting more fanfare than the typical Tales game does in the US
Naum (on 25 August 2008)
Umm no Euro release? not even gonna be released here?
Shadowblind (on 24 August 2008)
@ stickball

heres to hoping. We've been building a fiar amount of hype over the game across the web, but not really close to enough.
mrstickball (on 24 August 2008)
I wonder how bad the lack of X360 supply in Japan is hurting ToV.

Hopefully the Tales defense force does Vesperia justice, and buys a ton of copies in NA.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 24 August 2008)
I'm talking about Japan only
Riachu (on 24 August 2008)
Are you talking about about US sales?
If you are, I think ToV can sell atleast as much as BD
Soriku (on 23 August 2008)
There's a dude with pink hair too.

I LOVE GIGGS (on 23 August 2008)
I don't think ToV will beat BD
I don't think it will sell more than 90K

anyway .. I hope to see a game that beat BD in Japan
Riachu (on 23 August 2008)
BD has been out in Japan for over 1.5 years while ToV has only been out in Japan for over 2 weeks. ToV's total sales will match if not beat BD's if the sales can hold out long enough
I LOVE GIGGS (on 23 August 2008)
BD sold more then ToV
WiiBox3 (on 22 August 2008)
Wow beat LO's total JPN sales in the first week.
arsenal009 (on 22 August 2008)
I think it's the most sold 360 game in japan, not bad if u ask me.
regin2005 (on 22 August 2008)
Man, I wish more people in Japan bought this game!!!
arsenal009 (on 22 August 2008)
Umm... I'm pretty sure the one w the pink hair is a girl.
Soriku (on 18 August 2008)
Btw, the pink haired dude's name is Zagi.
pbroy (on 17 August 2008)
Feminine looking guys is the new thing. Kicking ass while still looking pretty.
Soriku (on 16 August 2008)
That dude with the pink hair looks awesome, not gay! D:
Egghead (on 16 August 2008)
I agree with Final, ToS2 was on the Wii, thats roughly 9 times the userbase, but unfortunately it had NO legs, fortunately it did however follow the trend of doubling its first week sales lifetime and is still selling at a steady pace. Who knows, it may go on to sell around 170k, but the hardware is important too. I think itll push 100k 360s max.
arsenal009 (on 15 August 2008)
That dude w the purple hair looks pretty gay

Other than that, this game looks awesome, wish i had a 360 for this.
Edouble24 (on 15 August 2008)
Damn it, someone added the lame boxart
Edouble24 (on 14 August 2008)
Someone edit in the CE boxart, it's much better
FinalEvangelion (on 14 August 2008)
108k for MC. ToS2 did 137k first week MC. Pretty good for Vesperia.
I LOVE GIGGS (on 12 August 2008)
it sold in first week more than what LO sold on its entire life
I LOVE GIGGS (on 12 August 2008)
If it sell in NA as well as it sold in Japan .. I think it will hit a million
Egghead (on 08 August 2008)
Was wrong, 70k not including bundles!

Hardcore gaming might live on!
Egghead (on 07 August 2008)
ToV has 50k first day already not including bundles, incredible! We may see BD success!
Roy03 (on 01 August 2008)
I hope this game will do well in Japan, maybe pass 100k, would be sad to see it bomb.
Bagaren85 (on 31 July 2008)
Looks so good. Its now my most anticipated rpg for this year, hype passes fable 2, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, FXIII, and Star Ocean 4.

It will own ES hard time.
outlawauron (on 31 July 2008)
@ slimebeast or anyone else

Want a friendly bet that this game won't pass 500k by August 2009.
oliist (on 31 July 2008)
The us release date is the 26th of August and not the 19th.
Shadowblind (on 30 July 2008)
August 7.
De85 (on 30 July 2008)
I tried the demo and it wasn't really my style so I'll probably pass, but I can see it selling well to anime fans.

Does anyone know the Japanese release date?
sc94597 (on 29 July 2008)
@Shadowblind The demo wasn't hard at all. I only played Symphonia and Destiny but there were parts in those games that were much harder than the Demo. The boss was easy if you target all of the smaller enemies then you focus on him. I agree with everything else though.
sc94597 (on 29 July 2008)
The demo was excellent. This is my most anticipated Rpg on the 360 this year. Next year will probably be star ocean.
Shadowblind (on 20 July 2008)
Many possible sales issues:

1) tHE RELEASE DATE IS VERY BAD. Ahem, caps lock; the release date is sandwiched between Too Human(hugely anticipated RPG) and Infinite Undiscovery(another moderately anticipated RPG). The date could be either 19th or 26th, both bad times, since hardcore RPG fans probably will have to choose between these three RPGs because of monetary issues.

2) The difficulty has been "upped" significantly because Namco thinks the 360 crowd is insanely hardcore. The thing is, most people, including the people on IGN can't even BEAT the demo. That is a very bad sign.

3) It will more then likely have crummy box art that has the insecure people saying "oh that ame looks to gay". This was the case with eternal sonata, another similarly styled RPG.

I'm a huge Tales fan, and want this game to do very well. Unfortuneatly, things are looking very bad for it right now...

P.S. The demo is tough, but it just shows people need to use strategy. When they do its rather easy. The game looks fantastic though.
squall747 (on 08 July 2008)
I've been a Tales fan since Tales of Destiny on PSOne and have bought all Tales games since then and will be doing so with Tales of Vesperia on launch day. It's looking pretty good so far.

P.S. Why would someone want a classic jrpg like this that's been around for years to fail??
sc94597 (on 22 June 2008)
@swordplay That is very fanboyish of you. Symphonia will do better, but I could see this doing good too. I predict 500k.
Slimebeast (on 14 June 2008)
I predict 84% on Gamerankings, and 700,000 copies lifetime sales
swordplay (on 10 June 2008)
I hope it fails to sell 300,000 worldwide.

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piggychan (on 06 September 2013)
I think we need to update the sales here
for japan as wiki has them at over 200k
lurkerwithnosoul (on 04 December 2012)

Rustled jimmies much?
Clowyd (on 06 June 2012)
The only reason this great game was
forced onto the Xbox360 crap heap is
because microsoft padded their pockets,
and it's a real shame.
DitchPlaya (on 14 April 2012)
Unfortunately, the US sales are quite a
bit off, but good sales nonetheless.
Just a shame though that Namco decided
no more Tales games for the 360,
hopefully a Xilia port?
View all