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03/02/03 Ubisoft
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02/21/03 Ubisoft

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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc - Summary

Globox swallows the dark lums chief while trying to save the fairies. This has some really disturbing effect on his behaviour. Hence when all of a sudden G. disappears RM gets very worried and immediately decides to go after him.
On his way to find Globox, RM will cross the swamps of Begoniax the witch, then a world dominated by the Hoodlums. When arriving in the world of bad dreams RM will have to fight with Jano the pirate. He'll succeed in defeating him. Jano tells him that it's the Dark Lum chief who kidnapped Globox and he was heading for the world of rocks & lava.
Rayman has no other choice than to cross the world of rock & lava himself....
Throughout his journey Rayman frees a number of teensies. If he saves enough of them they will tell him in exchange where has the dark lum chief taken Globox. It appears so that it's nowhere else but on the pirate ship, one the most unfriendly places in the world. In order to be able to fight with the powerful dark lum chief Rayman gets a new power (mega fist) from Ly the fairy.
The final fight will take place on the pirate ship where Rayman will not only vanquish over Razord Beard and his Henchmen, but also he'll gain victory over the dark lum chief itself.


  • Amazing Graphics - Rayman GBA 1 stood out with its exceptional graphics but Rayman 3 GBA pushes it to the limits of the console
  • Artistic research done for the graphics with the DA of the Rayman 2 project Eric Pelatan
  • Featuring a Next Gen Rayman with humoristic animations
  • More unity and coherence in the atmosphere
  • More work on the colour, on the depth, on the texture
  • Exceptional Gameplay - with lots of variety and great pace
  • New different gameplay styles e.g flying barrel, water-skiing in pseudo 3D view
  • Multiplayer maps: enhanced fun and replay value
  • New Superpower:
  • Double fists: In the original version, Rayman can throw only on fist, now his attack power doubles
  • Body Shot: Rayman can now throw his body while in the air. It will enable to hot enemies below him
  • Loading Fist: This power will make his fists an intense weapon
  • A great number of different enemies who have a strong personality
  • An incredible music composition based on the N64 music theme with SFX taken from Rayman 3PS2 plus some Onomatopoeias that will add even more depth to the musical atmosphere
  • GameCube link: Double the number of maps by simply downloading them from R3NGC
  • Unlock new maps on GBA by playing on GameCube
  • Unlock new items/maps on GameCube by playing on GBA

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shizzlee posted 30/01/2009, 06:07
Not as awesome as the second one but it was still a very good game. It's a little on the short side :(
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arsenal009 posted 15/01/2009, 06:53
Was this any good? I loved the 2nd one.
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shizzlee posted 16/11/2008, 11:15
When will Ubisoft make another Rayman platformer?
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