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01/02/90 Sunsoft
05/11/90 Data East
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Moolah. Dinero. Scratch. There's money to be had, and it's everywhere! Sacks O' Cash are scattered around the maze that makes up the streets of this fair city, just waiting to be nabbed. Even diamonds. Payday has arrived! There's only one... small... problem. It's not your money. (Details, details.) And the police aren't too jazzed about your taking it. So they're going to try to do what the Boys in Blue do best - stop you! Race through the streets in 6 non-stop levels of action. Duck in and out of alleys. Scoop up the bucks. Avoid the cops. Even throw up a barrier or two if they come too close. If you're good enough, you might make a clean getaway!

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spurgeonryan posted 16/05/2012, 04:29
It is a hidden gem!
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