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Meikyuu Kumikyoku: Miron no Daibouken

迷宮組曲 ミロンの大冒険


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06/04/07 Hudson Soft
04/10/07 Hudson Soft
03/19/10 Hudson Soft

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Ever wonder what things would be like in Hudson Land?  Believe it or not the answer has been under your nose for more than a decade!  Milon's Secret Castle transports players to the land of Hudson, where battles are waged with bubbles, item collection is a crucial skill in life, secrets are hidden in every nook and cranny, and a single castle is all that lies between you and untold glory and riches.  If you missed out on this Hudson platformer for NES™ back in '88, or weren't born yet, now is your chance to play a piece of gaming history!  Milon's Secret Castle is now available on Wii™ Virtual Console™!!

Guide Milon through the four levels of Garland Castle in his quest to reach the top floor and vanquish the big boss!  The journey is a difficult one though, because the castle is locked up tight and Milon doesn't have the keys.  You will have to use your bubble attacks to fend off the castle baddies while busting up every block in sight trying to find all of the hidden treasure and other secrets throughout the game.

Unlike most platformers, Milon's Secret Castle is less about defeating all of the enemies in an area, and more about scouring every bit of each room to find the secrets that lie within Garland Castle!  Milo can uncover practically anything in the game.  This includes:   items, power-ups, money, shields, keys, level exits, even shops!  The only way to get to each level boss is to find the right secret items! 

Milon's Secret Castle has offered a formidable challenge to gamers for 21 years since its release in Japan.  One contributing factor to this is the fact that Milon only gets one life, one chance at glory.  In Hudson Land castle-conquering, would-be heroes are a dime a dozen.  Do you have what it takes to reach the top?    Download Milon's Secret Castle for Virtual Console™ today, and find out!!


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twesterm posted 13/02/2009, 03:40
I have this for the NES, but man, I really need to be able to turn this off and continue so I had to get it for the VC.
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