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05/16/17 Focus Home Interactive
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05/16/17 Koch Media

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The Surge is an action RPG set in a world ravaged by war and global warming. The game offers a hardcore experience, with a focus on challenging, visceral melee combat. It features fresh fighting, looting and crafting mechanics, alongside a unique character progression system. Fitted with your exo-suit and cybernetic implants, harness super-human strength to survive the CREO complex, a mega-corporation that set out to save the world. Enhance your exo-suit with near-endless combinations of armor and weapons, each with their own move sets as you slice your way through steel and flesh to loot, craft, and improve your rig. Salvage weapons and modular armour, by using the dynamic targeting system to attack and dismember limbs individually. From lighting rigs to heavy lifters, security armor to advanced, secretive technology - mix and match equipment to suit your playstyle and overcome the adversarial and environmental challenges that plague the malfunctioning complex. Take on huge, industrial bosses in a complex gone mad and discover the truth about CREO.


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1 n/a n/a 2,284 137 2,421
2 n/a n/a 724 43 767
3 n/a n/a 464 28 492
4 n/a n/a 338 20 358
5 n/a n/a 219 13 232
6 n/a n/a 164 10 174
7 n/a n/a 125 8 133
8 n/a n/a 96 6 102
9 n/a n/a 71 4 75
10 n/a n/a 54 3 57

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