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11/17/02 Ubisoft
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09/12/03 Ubisoft

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Since its introduction in 1983 as the world’s first full-animation laser disc video game, Dragon's Lair has become one of the most successful coin-op games of all time. Over 320 million people have played the legendary adventure, and there's a dedicated fan base estimated at a quarter billion people worldwide. Dragon's Lair is one of only three games on display at the Smithsonian Institution -- the other two are Pac Man and Pong.

The Legacy Returns!
Dragon’s Lair fans can prepare to experience Don Bluth’s classic Dragon’s Lair tale in real-time 3D. Dragon’s Lair 3D tells the tale made popular in the arcade version, where Dirk fans will once again brave the menacing Singe the Dragon and the evil Wizard, Mordroc, to save the beautiful Princess Daphne.

Guide Dirk the Daring, the valiant but clumsy knight whose bravery is famed throughout the land. You’ll fight your way through the castle’s treacherous, labyrinthine-like halls, and overcome new monsters and obstacles lurking in the shadows. Dragon's Lair 3D resurrects the popular characters and creatures featured in the original Dragon's Lair, and as a special bonus, new characters in Dragon's Lair 3D are being designed directly by legendary animator Don Bluth.


Standout Game Features

  • Incredible new gameplay and features.
    Using a magic amulet as his guide, Dirk must accomplish challenges such as jumping over flaming pits and climbing ropes to fly across chasms, as well as battling swarms of the wizard’s minions with his sword and a number of brand new special power-ups.
  • Dirk the Daring comes to life with 150 amazing new 3D cel animations including: run, jump, roll, sneak, climb, crouch, crawl, swing, push, lift and somersault!
  • New environments to explore, new enemies to battle and new challenges to overcome!
    15 large, detailed, action-packed levels featuring more than 40 environments to explore and 250+ new rooms with numerous puzzles, traps, power-ups and hidden secrets to uncover.
  • Battle an entirely new cast of enemies.
    Almost 40 characters to combat, including over a dozen new characters such as Fire Goons and Lightning Drakes.

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