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01/10/07 Namco Bandai
01/10/07 Namco Bandai
01/10/07 Namco Bandai

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Xbox LIVE® brings one of the all time classics from Namco Bandai Games to Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The sequel to the incredibly popular Pac-Man, his girlfriend Ms. Pac-Man takes a turn through the maze. Ms. Pac-Man attempts to clear various challenging mazes filled with Pac-Dots and moving fruits while avoiding the ghosts.

One collision from any of the ghosts means a loss of life. Survive a few rounds of gameplay, and be treated to humorous intermissions showing the growing romantic relationship between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, leading all the way up to the arrival of "Junior."


  • Classic gaming: Guide Ms. Pac-Man through the maze and munch all the Pac-Dots and Power Pellets to clear each stage.
  • Arcade authenticity: The game remains true to the arcade version, including ghosts, dot chomping action, and Ms. Pac-Man's "waka-waka" original sounds. Play all 255 mazes from the original coin-op version.
  • Ghosts and pellets: The game is full of hilarious antics as you eat moving fruits and avoid smart ghosts through the fun-filled mazes. Munch a Power Pellet to momentarily turn the ghost blue! When they are blue, you can eat them for bonus points.
  • Free demo: The free trial demo lets you play through the first two levels of the game.
  • Arcade features: Track your high scores on the Ms. Pac-Man leaderboards and strive to garner all 12 achievements.


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