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11/22/05 Bizarre Creations
12/10/05 Bizarre Creations
12/02/05 Bizarre Creations

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Return to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, where hordes of evil, neon shapes await! The circles, squares, and diamonds are out to get you in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

Green squares evade your fire; purple ones divide into smaller clones. Snake-like lines leave behind a venomous trail, and red circles morph into black holes. Conserve your bombs—they destroy all enemies, but quantities are limited.

Geometry Wars became an instant classic when it first appeared in Project Gotham Racing® 2. This exclusive Xbox Live Arcade sequel gives you both the original Retro version and a new Evolved mode, which combines modern graphics with old-school fun.

  • Two versions: Choose between the original game entitled Geometry Wars: Retro and an updated version, Geometry Wars: Evolved.
  • Geometry Wars: Evolved: This is an upgrade of the original Geometry Wars featuring ten times more particles, high-definition graphics, high-quality digital sound, new bad guys, new special effects, and a new scrolling play area.



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Hephaestos posted 05/06/2008, 11:17
got it for free on my memory card (in a bundle)...

I just love this game, it's great and never the same play.
Only wish the start would be faster =)
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__XBrawlX__ posted 18/03/2008, 05:44
This game is wicked!!!
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