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Platform: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Genre: Misc

Release History

AudioSurf Invisible HandlebarNorth America15th February 2008Steam
AudioSurf Invisible HandlebarEurope15th February 2008Steam
AudioSurf Invisible HandlebarNorth America15th February 2008Retail
AudioSurf Ascaron Entertainment GmbHEurope17th October 2008Retail

Game Overview

AudioSurf is a rhythm and puzzle game developed by Dylan Fitterer, under the personal company name of Invisible Handlebar, for Microsoft Windows via Steam and later retail in Europe. The unique gameplay consists of track-like stages that visually mimic the music chosen, while the player races across several lanes collecting colored blocks that appear in sync with the music.


FreeTalkLive (on 30 December 2009)
This is the best value when it comes to
music games.
dobby985 (on 10 December 2009)
best rhythm game ever!
okr (on 27 August 2009)
I've put more than 2000 ripped songs
from my CD collection on my laptop just
for Audiosurf. I love playing tracks
you'll never find in other music games
like the main theme from the original
Star Trek series on Audosurf.
Soundtracks and classical music are
perfect for this game. I already know
that I'll still play this game in a few
years. Best music game ever!
thetonestarr (on 13 August 2009)
This game does what Guitar Hero and
Rockband should. Amazing. My friend and
I bought this weekend with the Valve
deal, and we've been digging out songs
we haven't heard in years.
brawl4life (on 28 March 2008)
Great game turns every song file into a
game level with blocks .
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