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Platform: Dreamcast
Developer: Hitmaker Genre: Simulation

Release History

Segagaga SegaJapan29th March 2001Retail

Game Overview

Segagaga is a simulation game developed by Hitmaker and released on Dreamcast.

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uppertone (on 30 October 2011)
Copies of this are selling on ebay for
about 90$ the game must be good
16-bit gamer (on 16 September 2009)
I think a fan translation is on its soon as that happens i'll think
about getting it
oliist (on 23 February 2008)
Gaga SEGA?
Neos (on 22 February 2008)
nordlead (on 22 February 2008)
I have to say, this has got to be one of
the coolest games ever made (even though
I've never played it. At least they
admitted they were dying :-P
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