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03/29/01 Sega
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in 2001, over in Japan, Sega released a niche Dreamcast game called Segagaga. It is dubbed a "Sega Simulation", which already sounds distinctly different from your typical video game. The concept behind the game isn't too far from reality - Sega is in DEEP trouble, having lost all but 3% of the world marketplace share to the insidious Dogma Corporation. In order to save the company, the president initiates the super secret plan Segagaga, wherein they pull some random kids off the street, put them in charge of the company, and hope they put the company back on the track to success. Naturally, you're one of those kids.

Segagaga is obviously targeted at a very limited audience, even in Japan. It was initially released only through Sega's online store, D-Direct. In addition to the standard jewel case, it was also released in a DVD case, as well as issued in a special edition boxset that included a t-shirt and some pins. Since the game met with some success, it was eventually released into retail, although it's still not an easy game to find. Anyone willing to brave the Japanese language will find one of the most original, self-referential titles ever made, a stroke of genius that's a virtual dream come true for Sega fans.

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uppertone posted 30/10/2011, 12:09
Copies of this are selling on ebay for about 90$ the game must be good
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16-bit gamer posted 16/09/2009, 08:27
I think a fan translation is on its way..as soon as that happens i'll think about getting it
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oliist posted 23/02/2008, 06:58
Gaga SEGA?
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Neos posted 22/02/2008, 09:57
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nordlead posted 22/02/2008, 09:52
I have to say, this has got to be one of the coolest games ever made (even though I've never played it. At least they admitted they were dying
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