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09/30/98 Eidos Interactive
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09/01/98 Eidos Interactive

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Ancient Japan had been split into two distinct regions; each controlled by a powerful warlord. Both of these men were desperate to gain control of the other's lands - and therefore become Emperor of all Japan.

Years of war finally resulted in an uneasy truce where both sides remained distrustful of one another. One of the warlords, Katasaki, finally decided to take matters into his own hands. He called upon the powerful demon lord, Batanaka, and in an evil ceremony, he sold his soul in exchange for the demon's help.

Batanaka kept his side of the bargain and sent Katasaki an army of goblins, trolls, dragons and other evil beasts. Katasaki immediately sent the demon hordes on a rampage across his enemy's land; and when they had finished, Katasaki would be able to simply take over and become emperor.

The plan came to pass but Katasaki was unable to control the wicked demons and witnessed the total decimation of Japan. The people became possessed and the dead walked freely with the living. 

Years later, after a soul-searching journey, a young Ninja named Kurosawa returns to his homeland. Discovering the horrors caused by the demon, the Ninja vows to save his people from the evil grip which has befallen them...and so begins his quest to rid the land of the demon legions.


Enter the mystical world of Kurosawa, the young ninja, as he fights his way through 11 levels of puzzles, baddies and bosses with dozens of fighting moves, weapons and magic spells in this third person action arcade game from Eidos Interactive.

  • Dozens of fighting moves plus special magic attacks each more powerful than the next!
  • More baddies and bosses than ever, including numerous Dragons, Demons, Goblins and a host of other monsters
  • Ten unique environments including forests, beaches, mountains and demon lairs.
  • Developed by Core Design, the creators of Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II and Fighting Force.


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