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03/11/08 Paradox Interactive
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03/28/08 Paradox Interactive

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Long ago the immortal Aeons presented the fledging races with the technology to travel the stars. Without pause for reasoning, vast fleets colonised the cosmos expanding the interstellar community until a great cataclysm occurred. Now the Aeon’s, a technologically superior race that once guided the lesser races, is all but lost to myth. Their colonies and technology lie beyond reach - scattered throughout the galaxy, like so many stars. Only fading memories recall the cause of the Aeons downfall and the loss of the star-gates that ended the first Galactic War.

Lost Empire: Immortals is a fast pace, action filled and easy to manage turn based strategy game. The setting is space, where 6 playable races battle to dominate a vast empire, either against a challenging AI or in multiplayer mode via the internet


  • Colossal Galactic Map – Explore the vastness of a fully populated macrocosm, teeming with up to 5,000 stars of varying configurations. Encounter the interstellar communities of six playable empires and twenty-eight uniquely evolved minor civilizations.
  • Vast Scientific Multi-nodal Research Tree – Conduct research across eleven scientific categories, branching out into 150 individual advances.
  • Customize Ship Construction – Spaceship models consist of eight classes that conform to a mission type: exploration, reconnaissance, defensive patrolling, fleet interdiction and planetary invasion.
  • 3D Rendered Dual Warfare System – View massive 3D rendered space battles between turns, through an action camera and adjust your strategy based on the outcomes of the space battles.
  • Multiplayer Action – Invite up to ten players to play in any one game. Create attributes to ensure that no two sides play with identical races.
  • Open-ended Gameplay and Alternative Victory Conditions - Role Assignable Leaders - Comprehensive Diplomatic Strategies

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