Resistance 2

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 2.47m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Insomniac Games Genre: Shooter

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TrevDaRev (on 20 January 2013)
Was flicking through various game pages on Wikipedia, and it states on there that this game has sold over 3 million WW. Could be undertracked by quite a bit.
Mario_pana (on 12 December 2012)
A game that was great before killzone 2 kicked it's ass.
paulrage2 (on 29 March 2012)
I'm gonna play this game in my new account to get the platinum trophy again!
Dahum (on 16 March 2012)
nice sales
dsage01 (on 19 December 2011)
Looking at the poor Resistance 3 sales despite it being a great game makes me sad :(
osamanobama (on 16 December 2011)
ebola > yahoocom
Thebrain (on 27 October 2011)
@Iveyboi Agreed 1000%!!
Iveyboi (on 10 October 2011)
Dear R@: Thank you for ruining R3 sales (and R3 was 1000x better)
Propaganda (on 11 August 2011)
Can't wait for the third.
yahoocom1984 (on 30 July 2011)
Bioshock Franchise > Resistance franchise
Dahum (on 10 July 2011)
bioshock doesn't hold a candle to this AMAZING game & i played both.
wilco (on 21 June 2011)
Turkish (on 19 June 2011)
Probably the best shooter of 2008, people were really unfair to this great game
homer (on 05 June 2011)
@Solid-Stark I was under the impression that the original was bundled extremely heavily, so that may be to blame.
fauzman (on 18 May 2011)
wonder if the fact that R1 was set in Britain have something to do with its great sales in emeaa.
sbvgc2049 (on 14 May 2011)
A Solid FPS.
Solid-Stark (on 10 May 2011)
@ Dahum same thought. However we may see some adjustments when R3 comes out. VG tends to update prequel numbers. Not to mention the first did over 2m in EMEAA and R2 only .93 Definitely undertracked.
Dahum (on 09 May 2011)
these numbers are so unfair.......this game should have sold above 3 million for what its worth.
Vekta (on 03 May 2011)
btw these are pretty good numbers, it may have not reached the originals lifetime sales yet, but 2 million is still good. I think R3 has the potential to reach the first ones lifetime sales as their bringing back the traits from the first one, such as co-op, wheel weapon, regenerative health, etc.
Vekta (on 03 May 2011)
i like killzone better but resistance is defenitly tight. Looking forward to resistance 3
palitococo (on 22 February 2011)
@superanthony64 U r not alone in that thought
SuperAnthony64 (on 18 February 2011)
Liked this game more than Killzone 2.
palitococo (on 03 February 2011)
@hottotfest VG does a great job, dont be so harsh, their job its so good so many webs and companys are using this numbers as reference. I know that sometimes we that a certain game should sell so much more but reality its other, for example i think that this game should sell even more that the first one, but the market its complicated, and aitherway this r great numbers!!!! So don't stop to coming, its the best site for numbers in the Videogames comunity.
Horrorfest (on 20 January 2011)
62 copies? rofl okay, don't know why I even go on this site, most of the tracking is pure retarded bullshit!
Solid-Stark (on 08 January 2011)
I seriously doubt those are actual EMEAA sales when the first one did over 2m in the region alone...Go Resistance!
palitococo (on 09 December 2010)
@chris212223 Dont rush ur blood this one will Reach at least 2.5M by the end of 2011 and im almost sure it'll do 3M LTD, so those are great numbers.
chris212223 (on 07 December 2010)
this game definately deserves to have sold as much as the first one if not more!!
gustave154 (on 28 November 2010)
this game should have sold 4 million. sony ADVERTISE RESISTANCE 3 PLZ
Pho_Hybrid (on 21 November 2010)
agreed the game definatly deserves more
palitococo (on 17 November 2010)
Yeahhhhh 2.5M LTD WW
AdventWolf (on 15 November 2010)
This game deserves more!
snyperdud (on 11 November 2010)
2 FUCKING MILLION!!! This deserves it.
BanTiger (on 02 November 2010)
Better then Halo and Killzone
yahoocom1984 (on 30 October 2010)
Better than Killzone 2 for sure
Jay520 (on 29 October 2010)
Cirio (on 26 October 2010)
Almost 2 million!
fvgc3 (on 26 May 2010)
A successful "Flop" that so many game studios wanted.
NSS7 (on 21 May 2010)
Flop compared to 1st game
Heavenly_King (on 20 May 2010)
iWarMachine (on 02 May 2010)
i'm buying it this week...but this game should get in the 2M mark when R3 comes out.
Attoyou (on 02 May 2010)
ouch, Low low low sales for a great FPS with Great Online.
palitococo (on 27 April 2010)
2M for sure, but at least deserve 2.5M
zgamer5 (on 25 April 2010)
hopefully sony will try and turn the tables around with resistance 3. this game had the best multiplayer.
Kinneas14 (on 23 April 2010)
C'mon!Only 150.000 copies to go!
Pho_Hybrid (on 21 April 2010)
not to mention the holiday of 2008 was basically geared towards the 360 and WII, since it was the reccession scare, and the most expensive console (PS3) loses then
Jay520 (on 18 April 2010)
this should be bundled
Solid-Stark (on 18 April 2010)
I would blame the lack of marketing and the release near other big titles for the holiday 2008.
jbrist (on 16 April 2010)
I want to know why the game sold so poorly, I mean, even though the narrative of the story wasn't so great, it was still a really cool singleplayer experience, and the multiplayer was mindblowing...

I mean, the multiplayer is how Halo should have been...
Solid-Stark (on 14 April 2010)
And now 150k left
Pho_Hybrid (on 11 April 2010)
Sweet! I swear it would stop selling at 1.70 (at full price) but this proves me wrond :D hopefully 2 mill with the GH
Solid-Stark (on 10 April 2010)
160k left!
THATGUY (on 02 April 2010)
now with greatest hits hopefully 2 million will happen
Dark Odin (on 31 March 2010)
greatest hits! now it will reach 2 million
gustave154 (on 29 March 2010)
yeah i think its undertracked...
Solid-Stark (on 28 March 2010)
I'm starting to think its undertracked. This game's sales sits on a number for a long time.
Heavenly_King (on 11 March 2010)
R2 you can do it!!!!! only 180,000 copies left.
Barozi (on 09 March 2010)
still best PS3 exclusive IMO.

Maybe GoW III will change that...
Dgc1808 (on 06 March 2010)
Woah. I just took a look at these sales for the first time since a few weeks after launch.

Not bad at all if you ask me. Would be excellent if it ever hit 2M.
headshot91 (on 03 March 2010)
@MM, I disagree, admitedly there are parts of the game where the graphics are great, but most of the time textures are pretty muddy and poor, its juts not famed for its graphics. OPM UK said so and i agree with them
MarshmallowMan (on 26 February 2010)
@darkheart709: I totally agree. Fun game. Still play it, especially the co-op.
@headshot91 and sbvgc2012: I think the graphics are better than just average, but not great compared to the games you listed. However, those games are a lot more recent, so that's not the most fair comparison. I will agree that certain components like the blood animations were a step backwards from RFOM. Still a good looking game and worth playing 15 months later!
Solid-Stark (on 26 February 2010)
I agree.
But Greates Hits release and Resistance 3 hype should settle it at ~2.3m
darkheart709 (on 25 February 2010)
finished this game today. its so disappointing that this game didn't sell more. I loved the single player campaign and the multiplayer is awesome. This has to be one of the most neglected games ever
headshot91 (on 25 February 2010)
About the graphics, you either can't read or are blind. The graphics are bog standard. Poor compared to Uncharted 2, BF:BC2 or MW2. OPM uk agrees with me.
darkheart709 (on 21 February 2010)
just bought this game today.
sbvgc2012 (on 15 February 2010)
About the graphics,you either haven't played the game,or just shitting around
blueknight (on 05 February 2010)
i read somewhere that resistance 3 and killzone 3 are in the works, cant wait for part 3 of both games especially resistance 3
Pho_Hybrid (on 04 February 2010)
nope :(
superbeast1370 (on 03 February 2010)
wtf are you people waiting for? buy this game!!
headshot91 (on 01 February 2010)
good game solid 8/10. But they need to work on the graphics, they are pretty rubbish by todays standards.
Kinneas14 (on 01 February 2010)
It will top 2 million!This is not a flop.
Globox (on 31 January 2010)
I still think that this game would have been more popular if it was TPS, can you imagine Resistance universe running on Uncharted 2 engine having cover and all that? man that would be awesome.
palitococo (on 30 January 2010)
Nop its 57.99 in almost everywhere. I still say the same, this game can reach 2.3 - 2.5 Miliions.
AnarchyWest (on 27 January 2010)
did this game ever have a greatest hits release yet?
blueknight (on 16 January 2010)
this game had the best ending that ive seen in a while
Gearbox (on 14 January 2010)
loved it
kunaixhaku (on 12 January 2010)
this game is really good what's wrong with ppl :/
Rafux (on 02 January 2010)
I cant stop playing this game online, its amazing team deathmatch and coop
Solid-Stark (on 30 December 2009)
Its a good game regardless if its a good sequel or not...But these sales bring sad times for the chimeran race.
AnarchyWest (on 30 December 2009)
do people really hate this game cause they took out the weapon wheel?
Uruler (on 28 December 2009)
The game's terrible compared to Resistance 1. It got those sales by making Resistance like every other FPS, getting rid of the click wheel, health bar, unique wepons elec. Trying to make the game like halo.
A big fraction of the game sales were from Europe and Japan, since they Americanized the game they lost sales there.

Resistance 2=fail Insomniac pres even came out and said so himself.
hunter_alien (on 28 December 2009)
It could reach those numbers... if bundled and made GH.. otherwise I doubt it. Still 2 milion + is not bad ;-)
NicholasCage (on 26 December 2009)
Ideal sales for this should be 2.5mil lifetime.

Greatest Hits this already Sony.
iWarMachine (on 25 December 2009)
this game deserves more sales. just like any otherinsomniac game.
Haste262 (on 23 December 2009)
Better than killzone 2
Pho_Hybrid (on 17 December 2009)
Nice boost :P
palitococo (on 17 December 2009)
2M march 2010.
blueknight (on 14 December 2009)
just got this game it is an awesome game 9/10 very addictive
dsage (on 11 December 2009)
on playstation maagisine this game sold 800k in first week and so far the sales are 3.98ml
NeoMatrix (on 08 December 2009)
2 mln. in 2010.
yusuke93_ita (on 07 December 2009)
sold 20k in one week
sabby_e17 (on 06 December 2009)
Why isn't this being tracked?
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 04 December 2009)
Outsold by Uncharted 2!
THATGUY (on 30 November 2009)
this deserves alot more, hopefully it reaches 2 million.
Pho_Hybrid (on 26 November 2009)
thats ok its got a nice boost, hope it sells 2 million :P
nen-suer (on 24 November 2009)
nice, adjusted up
ithis (on 20 November 2009)
Completed single player on hard, mostly fun and good, but with both frustrating and uninspired elements at the end.
sepisfu (on 19 November 2009)
last week it was 1.68 today is 1.72 how come
SilentPyramid (on 11 November 2009)
add me for buying this wonderful game vg charts..!It deserves more
MarshmallowMan (on 05 November 2009)
Hope this game gets a bundle deal. I've liked it so much, I want everyone to play it!
Avarice28 (on 28 October 2009)
This game is obviously under-tracked, it has been sitting at 1.68 for 2 months straight.
shitbox1080 (on 24 October 2009)
0.1M japan sales says a lot for this game,guys a shooter game sold 0.1M in japan!!!!
shitbox1080 (on 24 October 2009)
1.68M is still a nice sales for a shooter game.

Since when is 1m a normal sales????
Kantor (on 23 October 2009)
R2 got little advertising because Sony's flagship title for holiday 2008 was LittleBigPlanet. It's because of the marketing that LBP received that it got such great sales.

For a shooter the quality of R2, 1.68 million in a year is fantastic.
Fenristh (on 22 October 2009)
The devs of Uncharted and Killzone are both owned by sony, Insomniac is not. Obviously they will spend more money on their own games rather than others'
shuckille (on 21 October 2009)
i read an article online this week stating that sony doesn't really market insomniac as they do naughty dog and it's really true.....hear me out, i really didn't see much advertising for R2 when i was coming out last year..........however killzone 2 was being advertised back then.....same with Uncharted got the shit advertised out of it and poor insomniac rachet and clank a crack in time suffered the same lack of advertising.......the are all great games their reviews state so but this game suffers from poor advertising or a "lack" advertising
zaMy (on 18 October 2009)
This game was great, I dont get why so many people hate it.

I havent seen this game updated in a while though...
Solid_Snake4RD (on 17 October 2009)
they should have released it before the holiday rush cause it just got mixed in and nobody noticed it.
Monges79 (on 16 October 2009)
The first one was much better. I actually got pretty bored with it.
ArcticGabe (on 15 October 2009)
People were expecting 6 million b4 release of this game! now its struggling to reach 1.7 million. what a let down
Aj_habfan (on 14 October 2009)
Go to Worldwide sales and choose Sony Computer Entertainment as publisher, you will see weekly sales.
Avarice28 (on 09 October 2009)
or is VGchartz no longer tracking the sales of this title. There is no way this game stopped selling, unless they stopped shipping copies to retailers. It is safe to assume that it is just badly under tracked.
headshot91 (on 08 October 2009)
up till about week 9, resistance 2 waws easily beating RFOM, but after that number 2's sales have just dropped off almost completely!
huaxiong90 (on 04 October 2009)
@geddesmond2: Yeah SCEE are complete pains in the ass from time to time. It was released early where I live, though.
geddesmond2 (on 03 October 2009)
Sony messed up with this game in the others region because of that 3 week delay they put on it. Hopefully they learned there lesson. People don't like waiting longer than others for a game and Trine in America will test that theory out
-ku- (on 03 October 2009)
-ku- (on 03 October 2009)
At steady ate of 10k per week with the 15 weeks left in the year
Plus Xmas time i can see this reaching maybe just short of 2million by the end
remember its still at 59/69
huaxiong90 (on 03 October 2009)
Please reach 2 million. And ANNOUNCE Resistance 3 already!
Solid-Stark (on 02 October 2009)
@ -ku-
I wish but it doesnt look like that will happen.
Im a big time Resistance fan and these sells are dissapointing compared to RFOM
-ku- (on 19 September 2009)
According to the sales charts it's on week 43
that's 9 weeks away from a year so assumingly with its current sales of around 10k a week it should achieve 1.73 by a years time in November plus New slim sales and Xmas my bet is 2-2.2 million

I'm betting December's 4/5 weeks will sell 35-50 k. I'd be so happy if more this game deserves 4-5 million Lifetime sales.
AnarchyWest (on 13 September 2009)
I need to hear a Resistance 3 announcement
Dark Odin (on 31 August 2009)
this deserves so much more sales.

but I hope that it reachs 2 million with the boost from the end of the year and a platinum release.

canīt wait for resistance 3!
AnarchyWest (on 30 August 2009)
"They are calling to us...can you hear it? its beautiful"
Serious_frusting (on 28 August 2009)
this game looks bril. just checked it on utube. goin to get it
jordjtr (on 20 August 2009)
When does the Platnium Edition release? Amazon UK lists it as Sept. 4th and Shopto list it as Aug. 28th. Play don't have a release date and GAME don't even list the game.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 17 August 2009)
Hope it reaches over 1.70m after 09.
kyjoe9 (on 16 August 2009)
this was a great game, i can only wait so long for resistance 3
sabby_e17 (on 15 August 2009)
I think this will sell 2 million when all is said and done.
Squall_Leonhart (on 12 August 2009)
The problem is that the first game was bundled with the PS3 in the EU for years after release so had very high sales, but this isn't so always destined to be lower. Still good though!
skiptomylou41k (on 07 August 2009)
i doubt the next game will be released at a different time, insomniac always seems to release during the holidays. I can't wait ti finish the the campaign on my hdtv, my old one broke and the games is an eye soar on my old tube
snyperdud (on 06 August 2009)
That's more like it.

Adjusted up.
headshot91 (on 05 August 2009)
the graphics arent the best 8/10
_mevildan (on 03 August 2009)
There better be another one. I loved this game.
zaMy (on 02 August 2009)
Yea this game had a horible release date, released abit after CoDW@W and Killz2 came out soon after. Hopefully the 3rd one will get it right ( if there is one)
Goodfella (on 31 July 2009)
I should plat this by the time R3 is out :D
skiptomylou41k (on 28 July 2009)
this game is great, still grinding away towards that Killing Machine trophy *sigh*
FootballFan (on 23 July 2009)
I love this game!
The Velour Fog (on 23 July 2009)
This game is amazing. Underated.
CaptainDJ (on 17 July 2009)
Good Game, I love the huge battles, but sometimes it really gets annoying. I think the levels are too small for 60 players. The reason is because people camp usually were people spawn. I find it very annoying because it wasn't just one level, It was a few levels.
ylowbstard (on 06 July 2009)
One of the best shooter this generation. It's a shame that it was released so close to Call of Duty 5.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 03 July 2009)
Resistance 2 > COD5 IMO
machokingpr (on 22 June 2009)
XxXProphecyXxX (on 19 June 2009)
which is a shame since i found this alot better that COD W@W...
willyzzz (on 19 June 2009)
the only reason it din't sell so good is that it came out in the same month as call of duty. (on 19 June 2009)
I like "resisitance fall of man" bettr than this.
locos85 (on 19 June 2009)
I thought this would be doing more that 2 million. Come on PS3 owners start buying games.
AnarchyWest (on 18 June 2009)
The Resistance storyline has become my 2nd favorite
I can't wait till Resistance 3
Gearbox (on 18 June 2009)
(killzone 2 killed it) and the fact that u cant play the campaign with friends is a total piss off, like even the new cod has that
CaptainDJ (on 17 June 2009)
This game is amazing online! I really thought this would sell 2 million by now.
Nik24 (on 12 June 2009)
Why is this selling so bad?!?!?
Natester (on 11 June 2009)

2.1M Lifetime? How can you say that when Resistance Fall of Man has sold 3.60 million? And R2 is selling better? I say at least 4.5 Million Lifetime
XxXProphecyXxX (on 09 June 2009)
sales hasn't been updated for quite some time now.
Horrorfest (on 08 June 2009)
Why does this sell so bad? It's the PS3's Halo but better. Insomniac deserves much more.
NKAJ (on 03 June 2009)
brilliant co-operative
CatFangs806 (on 03 June 2009)
Adjusted down 50K.
Theo (on 02 June 2009)
So can we agree that anything over 1.5m are good sales? I always thought anythin above 1m was good. It deserves it : )
FootballFan (on 27 May 2009)
2.1 millon lifetime
_mevildan (on 23 May 2009)
Why is the competitive ass? I love it actually.
TheThunder (on 21 May 2009)
finally finished the campaign on Superhuman it was a bitch. Got all the Trophies for the Single player all is left is e Multiplayer ones, although I won't get them all because there is 2 Competitive mode trophies and the Competitive in Resistance 2 is ASS
ash4324 (on 20 May 2009)
Killzone cost Ģ40 million and still hasn't overtaken R2. Pound for pound or dollar for dollar it will always be in front.
urameshixr (on 19 May 2009)
wtf! THE SALES DOWN??? muahahaha
Zuhyc (on 19 May 2009)
This game has been adjusted down alot!
_mevildan (on 18 May 2009)
Adjusted down!!! Oh well. Still decent sales I think.
Avarice28 (on 18 May 2009)
Why in the flying mudflaps was this adjusted down? currently killzone 2 is beating this by a couple of thousand.
yusuke93_ita (on 18 May 2009)
adjusted down
RPG (on 18 May 2009)
Adjucted down
urameshixr (on 17 May 2009)
i NOT agree than you!!!!!!
snyperdud (on 13 May 2009)
1.6 million sold to consumer. Nice.
TheThunder (on 13 May 2009)
yay I repurchased this game on the sale at Walmart
and Kantor the game's SP Blows KZ2 SP and the Co-op is fun but of course KZ2 is miles better in competitive mode
CatFangs806 (on 12 May 2009)
I really want to play this. All my friends at school say this is awesome.
Kantor (on 11 May 2009)
It's a good game, sure, but Killzone 2 owns it in every conceivable way.
Kantor (on 11 May 2009)
Come on Killzone 2! Overtake this damned thing already!
machokingpr (on 11 May 2009)
kz2 mmmm is good but R2 is a Wooooooooooooooo! R2 the best fps game
urameshixr (on 10 May 2009)
in the next weeks killzone 2 you surpasses the sales of r2...

kz2>>>>>resistence 2
Squall_Leonhart (on 10 May 2009)
I wonder when Sony will start to bundle this with the PS3 like they did with Resistance 1 and Motorstorm which would get the sales to be the level of those games!

Great game though, really should have hit 2 million by now imo!
leo-j (on 10 May 2009)
Killzone 2 is on the verge of outselling resistance 2
_mevildan (on 07 May 2009)
Anybody heard any shipment numbers for this game?
Time Lincoln (on 04 May 2009)
great game, hope it continues to sell well.
nen-suer (on 04 May 2009)

I meant king of online FPS

but MGO is the King of ALL
Kyuu (on 04 May 2009)
I prefer both MGO and RE5 Online over all first person shooters! lol, go ahead and laugh.
nen-suer (on 02 May 2009)

Come on Re2 is the king of online
headshot91 (on 02 May 2009)
nah cod4 ftw!
Heavenly_King (on 01 May 2009)
This game will at least sell 2M
Killzowned (on 29 April 2009)
Best online on a console.
machokingpr (on 29 April 2009)
Yeah 10/10 that is the best fps game
Resistance09 (on 28 April 2009)
:) 10/10 now that the patchs and dlc are out its pretty much perfect
kersed3 (on 27 April 2009)
this has a chance of beeting sales of the first resistance! Because this game has better sales for the 10 weeks then the first resistance by about 100-200k
XxXProphecyXxX (on 26 April 2009)
Haven't got the DLC yet but im still hooked on the 8 player co-op 8.7/10 very good game.
Gearbox (on 20 April 2009)
is there such thing as grimm mode where its just wave after wave of grims, liek nazi zombie mode
Gearbox (on 20 April 2009)
wow havent played this game in a long time, decided to try it,. ive got a 304 mb update to do and for some reason its taking forever, 154 minutes to be precise.
snyperdud (on 20 April 2009)
Should reach 2 million at least.
SSurTails (on 20 April 2009)
Sales aren't 'outstanding' but still. Wish I had the game...
Heavenly_King (on 15 April 2009)
This game is really great; but I dont think it is a great idea for Sony to have 2 FPS released in very short time frame :S
Killzowned (on 15 April 2009)
Online is amazing. I'm playing it over KZ2 atm.

Also, this is how online co-op should be done, nothing else comes close.

Outstanding game, 10/10 easily.
-Z- (on 14 April 2009)
After playing it for a while, I totally agree with you guys. This is one of my favorite games this generation.
Fei-Hung (on 13 April 2009)
this game was undertated. I don't understand the complaints.

The game has awesome action, bosses, features, one of the best online experiences for an fps with the best co-op fps kick ass ever.

This game deserves to get 2-3million sales!
Kantor (on 13 April 2009)
Selling pretty well, for what it is. It'll break 2 million easily, has a shot at 3 million, which to be honest is more than it deserves.
sagarsdadude (on 10 April 2009)
does it have a chance of getting to 3 mil?
sabby_e17 (on 09 April 2009)
very good sales for an fps in japan
Goodfella (on 09 April 2009)
This game is worth every penny. Better than original by far.
JEstevens (on 07 April 2009)
:S will never pass fall of man

I think this one better

great game
XxXProphecyXxX (on 06 April 2009)

NO...I too think It's better than the first in every single way.
AnarchyWest (on 06 April 2009)
Am I the only one who believes this one was better in every way than the first one?
-Z- (on 05 April 2009)
I have rediscovered this game after the superb patch. Now I can't stop playing co-op! There's always tons of people online and getting into a game is quick. What more can you ask for?
FailureIsNotAnOption (on 05 April 2009)
I OWN this game and i want to add it to my game collection,why did someone take away the add to collection>?
imran_nxt (on 02 April 2009)
@ps3-sales!: more like adjusted up :)
ps3-sales! (on 02 April 2009)
Did this get adjusted down?
NanakiXI (on 01 April 2009)
Has done very well by itself. Not being massively bundled like the first on. Not bad at all.
ninjascroll (on 27 March 2009)
The new patch added Superhuman difficulty for Co-op (its a blast) and Meltdown a conquest style Competition mode.
Pretty great update and all for free. There also some maps and skins if you feel like spending some money.
snyperdud (on 26 March 2009)
Adjusted up. Sweet.
ps3-sales! (on 26 March 2009)
gotta love adjustments :)
mjc2021 (on 24 March 2009)
@ Aj_habfan

You mean the $400 special edition XBox? It was basically a pro console with Halo 3.
nen-suer (on 23 March 2009)
very good legs
Aj_habfan (on 23 March 2009)
Halo 3 is bundled and discounted...
Seece (on 21 March 2009)

You can't compared a hack and slash to a shooter ...

It is dissapointing sales ... I mean Halo 3 outsold this game this week ... and halo 3 is over 70+ weeks old.
oliminator1994 (on 18 March 2009)
KZ2 will overtake it in sales in the next month...
_mevildan (on 16 March 2009)
Well, Killzone 2 is certainly cool. Loved the single player, but for online antics, Resistance 2 is still my favourite. I spent about 2 weeks away from it, but I am back. I will probably head back to Killzone 2 land to get the "Elite" trophy sometime.
HanzoTheRazor (on 15 March 2009)
9/10 Solid game and much better than the 1st!
mjc2021 (on 13 March 2009)
To XxXProphecyXxX:
Well this isn't horrible sales. But if it were on the 360 I bet it would have sold a few million more.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 12 March 2009)
Sales disappointment?? NG2 barely made it to 1m and yet ppl call this a this appointment?.
Theo (on 12 March 2009)
Why do people keep reffering to this game as a sales disapointment?

Co-op is the best shooter coop out there.
JEstevens (on 11 March 2009)
why everoyne says that Sp sucks ?!?!?!?!!

For me it is way better than MP

Great game second best FPS in ps3
nen-suer (on 11 March 2009)
One of the best games ever

Hope for R3 soon
Aj_habfan (on 09 March 2009)
Never liked how there is no recoil and it takes like 100 bullets to kill one enemy. Sales are alright. I don't think this franchise is very strong though.
cheese_man (on 09 March 2009)
Huge improvement from the first one, but still missing a lot of things. I think adding vehicles would really make this game more interesting. Other than that 8.5 for me :)
snyperdud (on 09 March 2009)
Its a different kind of shooter than KZ2.

But I found it to be quite amazing,definitely worth a try.
pslee (on 09 March 2009)
how does this compare to KZ2?
i tried R1 demo and it was pretty good.
Resistance09 (on 06 March 2009)
oh Resistance my love why are you so fun
XxXProphecyXxX (on 05 March 2009)
such a awsome game.
cool48 (on 02 March 2009)
This game owns online, KZ2 will really have to be impressive to stop me from playing this.
machoking (on 02 March 2009)
Deviation59 (on 02 March 2009)
Considering how flawed the single player campaign is, I'm surprised by how many people are still picking this game up over time.
Reasonable (on 28 February 2009)
Any news of DLC for this - new maps, etc.? I'd love some new Coop maps.
Xen (on 27 February 2009)
It seems to have nice legs.
fabkazuya (on 27 February 2009)
great game.
hope next resistance will place nathan as the main character.
scourge666 (on 26 February 2009)
2 mil for sure
machoking (on 26 February 2009)
NEW MAP I WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pollolealps3 (on 24 February 2009)
its a good game for me one of the best ive RFOM..=D
Skeeuk (on 24 February 2009)
i tell you what tok a hit on R2 in the uk, is that chart game company who supplies game to major outlets went bust.

my local asda didnt have thier charts updated for weeks.
machoking (on 24 February 2009)
how many that game sold true ?
Joemazing (on 24 February 2009)
oops... meant 160 GB... thanks for the correction!
Resistance09 (on 24 February 2009)
i love this game GO RESISTANCE 2 btw im resistance_lord if anyone has heard of me
snyperdud (on 22 February 2009)
I think sales couldve been better,but they arent bad.

Should continue to sell until R3.
sepisfu (on 22 February 2009)
it is really good game , i like the online a lot
until i get killzone 2 this keeps me busy

good job insomniac
Snaaaaaake (on 22 February 2009)
There is no 180Gb PS3...

60 Players is not useless, you just suck.
scourge666 (on 22 February 2009)
60 players is so useless, u die without knowing how at timess
Terrell (on 22 February 2009)
got the first one need this one hope it reaches 2 million at least
Joemazing (on 20 February 2009)
here in canada some retailers are offering R2 for free with the 180GB and Uncharted ps3... perhaps to move the game before K2 takes the shooter crowd? its too bad... i never that R2 was a bad little game. i hope the co-op influences future shooters
Solid_Raiden (on 18 February 2009)
Funny, neither of the Gears games got adjusted down even with high proof of both games being overtracked. Evidence from Epic's mouth no less. Go look at the cover of Brett's (site's owner) game. What's on the cover? His face on Marcus Fenix's body. I smell conspiracy!
machoking (on 18 February 2009)
why R2 have 1.39 and that was in 1.40 vg sucks
Squall_Leonhart (on 18 February 2009)
Adjusted down also, same with LBP... Why is it always the PS3 console/games that get adjusted down but rarely the other consoles... seems a bit fishy!
Neos (on 17 February 2009)
geddesmond2 (on 17 February 2009)
to bravo.the game sold retail at 60 euroes but the game company sold to shops at less so half those figures id say
Snaaaaaake (on 16 February 2009)
No it is not bundled in Europe.
Chrizum (on 15 February 2009)
It is bundled in Europe though.
Bravo315 (on 14 February 2009)
No, the game isn't bundled. I have to admit I am dissapointed with the numbers, but 1.3m x 60 = $78000000 so I would hardly say the game has flopped and has gave both Sony and insomniac a good amount.
snyperdud (on 14 February 2009)
The Back story through both games is just tremendous.
machoking (on 13 February 2009)
go R2
Stocko (on 12 February 2009)
Resistance outsold Gears 2 in Others Kool!
Munkeh111 (on 12 February 2009)
I think Sony has restarted some ads, I saw some more LPB ads and MS PR recently after not seeing any for ages
Artur (on 11 February 2009)
There are still ads on UK tv. Was surprised to see one last night.
ocnkng (on 10 February 2009)
Aah!1 broke into the top 20. Go R2!
Cowboys4u86 (on 10 February 2009)
Wow, nearly 100k in Japan is pretty good for an FPS.
Lil_D420 (on 10 February 2009)
& #$jeep going up o yeah *shaooow* if ur mexican we scream that out when we get faded & see some hynas *shaooow*
outlawauron (on 09 February 2009)
not that i know of.
luisgvm (on 09 February 2009)
is this game bundled?.
Xen (on 09 February 2009)
Adjusted down a bit.. =/
machoking (on 08 February 2009)
I want that R2 sell more than 2.5mi
I think that R2 have more gameplay that Kz2 , cod halo , is the best fps
ocnkng (on 08 February 2009)
competitive is awesome. I am very sure of this coz I play Rainbow Six:Vegas on Xbox Live and its full of glitches and lag. I never saw that in R2 competitive even though there are so many people playing online
oliminator1994 (on 07 February 2009)
Resistance 2s ending is great!

I really like Resistance it is superior to the prequel.
Solid_Raiden (on 03 February 2009)
I'm fine with people saying the campeign sucked, hell maybe even the competitive. But the 8 person co-op was brilliant if not a little repetitve.
Lil_D420 (on 02 February 2009)
8 player Co-Op 60 player Online Sick Trophies nice Story Mode I Love this Game - KILLZONE 2 better have at least good online this for me to give up playing Resistance 2
Nitrous_18 (on 01 February 2009)
competitve and co-op is insane
Good Game
Squall_Leonhart (on 01 February 2009)
I wonder if Sony will begin to bundle this in the EU like they did with the first towards the point where the sales were beginning to slump!

This is a great game though and should be well past 2 million by now!
Barozi (on 30 January 2009)
I really don't understand why anybody could feel dissapointed with the sequel.

Far bigger levels; More colours (beautiful graphics); intense boss fights; huge online mode
snyperdud (on 29 January 2009)
I love this game.

Awesome SP
Awesome MP

whats not to like?
xxxvitoxxx (on 29 January 2009)
this game was dissapointing for some reason
machoking (on 29 January 2009)
R2 are the best game 1pesonshoter I dont stand why dont sell more than CODWaW
R2 es el mejor juego de PS3 no creo q killzone sea mas entretenido
makingmusic476 (on 28 January 2009)
It's legs currently aren't as good as uncharted's were at the same tiem in it's life, but the game was expected to be somewhat frontloaded, being a sequel and all, and it's performance over the next few weeks will show what it's legs will truly be like.

Uncharted was selling ~50k a week at this point in it's life, but just a few weeks later it dropped to ~30k, the equivalent of Resistance 2's sales this past week. Seeing as R2's sales would've dropped off fast, it's conceivable that it evened out at ~30k sooner than Uncharted.

Resistance 2 will easily break 2 million, and whether it'll break 3 million or not depends on how far it's sales drop over the next few weeks. And what impact Killzone 2 might have on the game's legs.

It's ~250k higher than Uncharted was at this point in the game's life, and if it holds steady at ~30k a week, it should keep a similar lead for quite some time.
AnarchyWest (on 28 January 2009)
i can't believe a lot of PS3 owners still haven't bought this of the best games for the PS3 imo
ocnkng (on 27 January 2009)
I love this game. There's nothing like the superfast multiplayer
cheese_man (on 26 January 2009)
This game is great. I hope it sells more.
Heavenly_King (on 26 January 2009)
Cowboys4u86 (on 26 January 2009)
Not as good as R:FoM, it feels kind of rushed. The atmosphere was better in the first one as well, I also preferred the narration style of story telling to Nathan actually speaking. I doubt this will reach R:FoM's lifetime numbers. Too much competition now, especially with KZ2 around the corner.

Should probably hit close to 2 million when it's all said and done. It all depends on whether it gets a GH release or not.
snyperdud (on 26 January 2009)
sales are starting to die :(
Ratchetti (on 24 January 2009)
Not true. I don't know in which country you live, but there were quite some TV ads in Germany.
Only problem with them: They sucked !!!

OK. I live in Finland. But have you seen all those friggin' Awesome street ads?
XxXProphecyXxX (on 24 January 2009)
This game is amazing!!! I love the 8 player co-op.
darthdevidem01 (on 24 January 2009)
I have 2 firends

one of em loves this the other thought its disappointing

killzone 2 out in a few'll have to be a skip on this title I think
TyePhoid_PAL (on 23 January 2009)
Just rented this. Up to the bomb on the chimera ship. Feel very disappointed so far. KZ2 not far off though.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 23 January 2009)
But I want more cutesy platformers! ;_;
Seriously, this game is just bad. I tried to like it, I really did.
gundamx (on 23 January 2009)
@--OkeyDokey-- no1 cares wat u think. the game is awesome:)
tombi123 (on 23 January 2009)
What were they thinking releasing this on election day :/ idiots. And almost no adverts in Europe at all (I didn't see a single one). This game could have sold so much better.
Squall_Leonhart (on 22 January 2009)
Loved the ending of the game, i would be surprised if Insomniac did not make another one!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 22 January 2009)
I wish people would stop buying this crap so Insomniac can go back to making good games >_>
ocnkng (on 21 January 2009)
go R2!! my favorite game of all time. Can't wait to be lootenant.
Barozi (on 21 January 2009)
WOW !!!
So I just finished RFOM (which was very good) and went through the first 2 levels of Resistance 2 and I have to say this game is so much better.
Easily AAA.

Not true. I don't know in which country you live, but there were quite some TV ads in Germany.
Only problem with them: They sucked !!!
Ratchetti (on 21 January 2009)
There were not a single Resistance 2 TV ad in Europe :o.
NicholasCage (on 21 January 2009)

Long legs in Japan?
Aj_habfan (on 20 January 2009)
Nice sales. Would been even better if it released same time in NA as Europe.
Theo (on 20 January 2009)
This game has sold quite well considering it's lack of advertisements throughout the EU and the competition it had at the time of it's release. Can't wait for the final game of the trilogy :D
outlawauron (on 20 January 2009)
This has had good legs in Japan. I'm impressed.
Squall_Leonhart (on 19 January 2009)
Come on Resistance 2, you deserve so much more sales than this... then again in terms of sales compared to Resistance 1 this is a huge success!
s-grandi93 (on 19 January 2009)
yeah the ending was amazing... is there gunna be a third?
Kyros (on 18 January 2009)
Wow awesome ending I love capelli.
axumblade (on 18 January 2009)
It's still in the top 50 on the others charts? Maybe you should check again.
headshot91 (on 18 January 2009)
god this has fallen off the others charts!
_mevildan (on 18 January 2009)
I have really been enjoying the competive mode on this. Finished the single player 3 times through as well.

Does anybody know the NPD december units sold amount for the game? Would be interesting to see. All I have found is that Sony said it was one of their best selling games in December.
Hyams (on 17 January 2009)
Just got this game. It's awesome - much better than I had expected.

Although the graphics are very erratic, amazing in some places and poor in others. I think Insomniac's 1 year dev time finally got the best of them. The game was just too big and ambitious to make properly in only a year.
luistomas8782 (on 16 January 2009)
man, this is a hard game
Heavenly_King (on 16 January 2009)
ocnkng (on 15 January 2009)
KZ2 is a great game but the 60 player online for this game is the best!
brazylianwisnia (on 14 January 2009)
sales are much better than Resistance:FOM
insomniac_dog (on 13 January 2009)
I must say that the sales were not as good as I expected, but it is CERTAINLY NOT a flop.

This is a fantastic game and a must-buy for FPS-loving PS3 gamers.
NicholasCage (on 13 January 2009)
This game WILL sell:

0.07 Japan
1.25 America
1.00 Others

End of the Year in my opinon :P
Heavenly_King (on 13 January 2009)
This game will at least sell 2M
Ratchetti (on 13 January 2009)
If game sells over million in seven weeks it's NOT A FLOP!!!
Hardware123456 (on 12 January 2009)
this aint no flop WTF u talkin bout
headshot91 (on 12 January 2009)
its just so weird that some of the textures are very detailed such as the bosses and some walls etc and others in co-op especially that aare jusr basically one colour and real flat like! IIt still is a good looking game tho
XxXProphecyXxX (on 12 January 2009)
over 1m a flop??? LMAO!!!!!
chido (on 12 January 2009)
this game flopped because of call od futy. only reason i didnt get it
gundamx (on 12 January 2009)
this game ruz:D
s-grandi93 (on 11 January 2009)
@Kyros yea i agree with that man... i just enjoyed killing chimera so much i didnt care about the story line all that much, it was just so fun lol
darthdevidem01 (on 11 January 2009)
cool it passed 1 million finally then

looks like 2 million can be done easily.
TacoBoy49 (on 11 January 2009)
I thought this game would sell like 5 million before it launched. Now I'm thinking it will do about 2 million if they don't bundlle it. I'm sure they will almost all first party Sony games have had some sort of bundle now.
SpartanFX (on 10 January 2009)

you traitor ;)

it's a good game ,,keep it man.your collection needs it.

but i guess anything for killzone 2 ;)
Skeeuk (on 09 January 2009)
im very sorry R2 but you are about to get sold on ebay in under 4hours time.

i need to preorder socom and killzone.......and need some funds to get socom preorder.............Ģ29.99 at gamestation with headset:)
deathgod33 (on 08 January 2009)
definately a resistance 3 after you watch the last cutscene
Thechalkblock (on 07 January 2009)
Pretty good legs so far.
Ratchetti (on 07 January 2009)
Resistance series will be at least a trilogy.
Kyros (on 07 January 2009)
"i actually really enjoyed the story"

I am not saying that the story is bad, simply that it seems that quite a bit information at the beginning is missing. What is a sentinel, Who is Daedalus, Similar things happened in Resistance1: What are cloven, I never saw one. ... I had to look at an internet page to get a summary. Apparently parts of the story were revealed in a ad campaign website. But that still makes it inconsistent for players who didn't know that i.e. me.
OmegaRugalv3 (on 07 January 2009)
People are just spoiled by the crazy sales of games like Call of Duty, Halo, Mario Kart, Smash Bros etc etc.

not every game sales a million in a week.
brazylianwisnia (on 07 January 2009)
Resistance 2 have fantastic sales.R1 had reached 1,2mln after 27weeks.R2 reached it after 8 weeks in US and 6 in EU.
brazylianwisnia (on 07 January 2009)
They said it will be at least a trilogy.Just look on Ratchet & Clank series.Sales will bust up at the end of January.Also Killzone 2 can bust sales of Resistance 2.
Gearbox (on 06 January 2009)
hopefully they make it a trilogy
s-grandi93 (on 06 January 2009)
i actually really enjoyed the story
Kyros (on 06 January 2009)
good game, real improvement. But the story writer should be shot. Soo confusing. I have the impression somebody removed a couple of key cutscenes at the beginning of the game. This is not how you present a story.
Munkeh111 (on 06 January 2009)
Given up on getting this. Pretty much every other game is avaliable for less than Ģ30, but this is out of stock in most places in the UK, so I have given up on getting this. I may pick it up in the summer
Resistance09 (on 05 January 2009)
This game should hit 2 million by february i mean seriously theres alota value here :]
gundamx (on 05 January 2009)
where are the EURO sales???????
brazylianwisnia (on 05 January 2009)
yes,The third part is in concept stage.Expect it summer 2011.Maybe even Q1 2011.
I'm curious how good will be graphics in next Ratchet...
revovichfan12 (on 05 January 2009)
I heard a lot of good WOM from this franchise and I just got a PS3 for x-mas. I picked up both 1 and 2 and about half way through 1. Great series! Im expecting a lot of fun from #2. Hope there could be a third. Have they released anything about a possible third installment?
Barozi (on 03 January 2009)
Can't wait to get my hands on that
ocnkng (on 03 January 2009)
Online is out of this world.
TyePhoid_PAL (on 03 January 2009)
Played the first couple of missions. Thought it would be pants but its very good and the graphics are much better too.
brazylianwisnia (on 03 January 2009)
I think that campaign is better than in Halo 3 or GOW and online is massive.It will be selling good until R3.Also i think it will beat Killzone 2.Halo 3 showed that colorful shooters are selling better.
vrc (on 03 January 2009)
Wow sorry to say but R2's sales here in the UK will be hit massively, they're having major distribution issues with it - almost every single major store is out of stock.

Sad news, it's such a great game.
Reasonable (on 03 January 2009)
Where are the missing Others numbers vs US?
Theory (on 02 January 2009)
Great shooter hopefully more people will pick this game up.
cool48 (on 01 January 2009)
Frickin sick game, playing the campaign for the third time now, I just can't over how fun it is!
oliminator1994 (on 31 December 2008)
I think that online campain and cooperative are al brilliant and id reccomend this game. Its selling really well.
Fenristh (on 30 December 2008)
AnarchyWest: It's selling better than the first, idiot.
Simulacrum (on 30 December 2008)
Hmh.It doesn't do anything too well,well Online game only.I would say borrow/rent it,if you don't like online,then no reason to buy it.
I would say this deserves still 2m sales.
AnarchyWest (on 29 December 2008)
why isn't this game selling like the first Resistance
leo-j (on 29 December 2008)
its because world at war is getting the attention of FPS fans on the ps3, already over 2 million copies of COD sold.
Frankenstein (on 29 December 2008)
Shooter of the year.

2nd best game of the year.
Dalton2K5 (on 29 December 2008)
Finally it reached a million... I can't believe how many PS3 owners don't pick this one up.
gundamx (on 28 December 2008)
2million here we come:D
XxXProphecyXxX (on 28 December 2008)
@Zlejedi- Yes on PC but give me a game on console who has 60player online??...
Zlejedi (on 28 December 2008)
@erodrig 32vs32 is something people on pc has been playing for last 5 years in Battlefield :)
deathgod33 (on 27 December 2008)
this game is terrific, i cant believe i actually like it more than gears 2! great story mode and the cooperative mode is pretty cool too when you have full 8 players.
beto89 (on 27 December 2008)
reached 1 millie!!!!horray
erodrig85 (on 27 December 2008)
Heavenly_King (on 26 December 2008)
Hopefully this game will reach 2m soon. GO RESISTANCE!!!!!
Kantor (on 26 December 2008)
Wow, really strong sales. I don't believe people think this flopped... it's selling WAY better than RFOM.
Dark Odin (on 26 December 2008)
YAY!!! now, letīs wait for 2 million
Slavedemonxi (on 26 December 2008)
YES! This game totally deserves every sale it gets.
sexybeast (on 26 December 2008)
XxXProphecyXxX (on 26 December 2008)
barely a drop on others...1m very nice!!!!
Damstr8 (on 26 December 2008)
Xen (on 26 December 2008)
1mln, good job. It's without bundles, right?
Squall_Leonhart (on 26 December 2008)
Finally 1 million!

Start the countdown to 2 million!
drakesfortune (on 26 December 2008)
People need to stop doubting this game and LBP. This game will probably hit 2.5 to 3 million by this time next year based on how Ratchet and R1 behaved. This game is going to continue to be a steady seller on the PS3.
MontanaHatchet (on 26 December 2008)
Well, it's a million seller. Great job Resistance 2.
Blaiyan (on 26 December 2008)
klaudkil (on 26 December 2008)
yaaay 1mill.. much faster then r1 did
Skiman (on 26 December 2008)
Woot 1m!
leo-j (on 26 December 2008)
Over 1 million, so slime beast is it a flop?
playnext3 (on 26 December 2008)
its already a million seller with NA numbers
Squall_Leonhart (on 26 December 2008)
Almost at 1 million!

Tbh i expected this to pass the 1 million mark a long time before it will, but with all the great games coming out at the same time it did hurt this game. The legs on this should be impressive though!
playnext3 (on 25 December 2008)
i finally booght ,and yeah i love it i cant stop playing it,i didnt like the storyver much but splitscreen with my brothers and friends its too fun
s-grandi93 (on 25 December 2008)
i cant believe how good this game is... especially the 8 player co - op, its so fun doing it split - screen with a mate... and the voice chat is really clear... also, some of the texture work on this game is soo good
Simulacrum (on 24 December 2008)
Just stop talking about sales.
This doensn't deserve sales like 3m.
I have played 3 hours of campaing omg it sucks.
I don't care too much about multiplayer,I play those on PC.
Well gotta finish campain and then try co-op with friends,then try online,then maybe it gets better.
But right now I would give this 5.5/10.
SpartanFX (on 24 December 2008)
Stovo has uploaded a wrong picture.

One of the pictures are from resistance fall of man.(first row the middle one)
Kantor (on 24 December 2008)
Well, I've only tried the campaign so far, haven't finished it, it has a few shortcomings but is overall very good. And I hear the campaign is the worst part.

To all the people saying this will stop at 2 million, RFOM has sold over 3 million so far, and R2 is tracking significantly above it, I think we can expect 4 million LT for this game, and even more for Killzone 2.
Kantor (on 24 December 2008)
Yup, I think this game will cross a million when the 20th data comes in.

6th: 132,240
13th: 141,331

So on the 20th, we should expect around 150k WW, putting the game on 1.02 million and tracking significantly above the original!
jacezo (on 23 December 2008)
Uhh... this game is just ok, i shoulda got fallout
xstonexcold316x (on 23 December 2008)
Online Multiplayer is not hard at all come on I come in around 3rd on ranked matches and i suck at FPS's
Crystalchild (on 23 December 2008)
Yesterday, it was sold out everywhere i looked for it ~ that makes some hope for the numbers.
SilentJay321 (on 23 December 2008)
Gets old fast...especially since your friends won't have enough practice to avoid getting slaughtered online.
Stocko (on 22 December 2008)
1 million next week!
leo-j (on 22 December 2008)
I played resistance 1 the graphics are terrible 0-0
Skeeuk (on 21 December 2008)
only thing i dont like is the multiplayer is to damn hard, resistance is that type of game in where only the most skilled win all the time.
Munkeh111 (on 21 December 2008)
It will certainly be over 2m LTD, and over 1m next week
gundamx (on 21 December 2008)
awesome game:) great ending:)
playnext3 (on 21 December 2008)
i think 1 mil next week,another 80k from others,50k from usa and 3k for japan, and we have our mil seller
XxXProphecyXxX (on 21 December 2008)
gonna hit 1m soon... sweet!
cool48 (on 20 December 2008)
Not doing much worse than LBP sales wise:

LBP week 3 total: 772k
R2 week 3 total: 714k
Gearbox (on 20 December 2008)
sales r rising cause of christmas nice
_mevildan (on 20 December 2008)
Well, I was in two minds about getting this at first simply because it was more expensive than practically any other game when it came out here. But I am glad I did, because it kicks a$$. Multiplayer is just so damned good.
palitococo (on 20 December 2008)
3 million LTD.
Marty8370 (on 20 December 2008)
Bought from for only Ģ19.99
konnichiwa (on 20 December 2008)
The game didn't make me wild, I expected maybe to much from it.
Kantor (on 20 December 2008)
I just bought this, I'll play it after I finish Uncharted.
Gearbox (on 19 December 2008)
japan box art rocks all the rest suck
Damstr8 (on 19 December 2008)
hopefully the legs will last in NA/EU
the games deserves a million this year.
Aj_habfan (on 19 December 2008)
Steady sales in Europe, this game should sell quite well the rest of the year.
Gearbox (on 19 December 2008)
man i cant believe they took out multilayer campaign pissed me off so much
Damstr8 (on 19 December 2008)
@ solid Raiden

no kidding,im at only 3000 kills and i play this a lot.
squeeky (on 19 December 2008)
Co-op just plain rocks in this game. Can't get enough.
Solid_Raiden (on 19 December 2008)
The 10,000 ranked competitve kills trophy is a mother fucker! :(
realill (on 18 December 2008)
Bought this game recently. I played it for one evening and really like it. Going to hit co-op soon :)
Crystalchild (on 17 December 2008)
christmas is coming, hope it gets a bump in the next days. (its just awesome!)
Agamemnon862 (on 16 December 2008)
Why such slow sales? Even Left 4 Dead is catching up.
leo-j (on 15 December 2008)
Will be atleast a 3 million seller imo
Skiman (on 15 December 2008)
This is a fantastic game to say the least. It's a little different from Resistance 1 with the feel of it, but as a whole, this game deserves a lot more sales than it's getting right now.
geddesmond2 (on 15 December 2008)
it may be unbelievable to you but theres thousands out there doing the same
Simulacrum (on 15 December 2008)
Just bought today!
For 50€,that pretty much in my book.
I don't usually buy games for such high price.
s-grandi93 (on 15 December 2008)
i can not believe that that is your reason for not getting this great game... unbelievable.
geddesmond2 (on 14 December 2008)
damstr8 dont get me wrong i know its a great game.but theres hundreds of other games out there to play by developers that treat everywhere sick of all the let downs by companys expecting to get my money for a game that gets exclusive content for the xbox or release it weeks to even months somewhere especially one that was everyones must have this christmas.forget it.maybe when they research wat happened to the sales of this game theyll see that delay wasnt good for them and try release there next game worldwide at the same time.
Stocko (on 14 December 2008)
Its doing good cause its againest Geow2 and Fable 2 and they have twice the fanbase it will reach a million b4 end of the year...
Reasonable (on 14 December 2008)
Wonder when the Others sales are going to show up?
Damstr8 (on 13 December 2008)

thats a shame.fantastic really is.
geddesmond2 (on 13 December 2008)
i really enjoyed the first one but sadly because of the delay scee and insomniac put on us europeans and the lack of collectors edition here in europe.i wont ever buy this game and if other developers do the same i wont be buying there games either until developers and scee get there act together.the delay really hurt this game and i dont see it doing a mil in the next few weeks.there was only one person on my friends list playing this game and now hes traded it in and got codww because none of his friends had it either because of the delay they stuck on it.bad moves by scee
jimfear (on 12 December 2008)
one of the best FPS ive played since a long time

luistomas8782 (on 12 December 2008)
the online is massive
palitococo (on 12 December 2008)
this game will sell well in the future, if you don't believe me just look at the RFOM dates.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 12 December 2008)
I think it's gonna sell well in the future coz the first 1 sold way lower on first week compared to this same for uncharted but hey look at their sales now... who wud have tought.
Simulacrum (on 12 December 2008)
Ok now I call sales pretty bad.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 11 December 2008)
so sad that others spent their moneys on that crap NFS undercover and not this awsome game....such a shame =(
Damstr8 (on 11 December 2008)
it kills me that this isnt over a million yet...
outlawauron (on 11 December 2008)
@ erikguy

Take that back! Uncharted rocked!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 11 December 2008)
It's not doing that bad. It'll make it to 2 miilion.
Tuanniez (on 11 December 2008)
Well at least we can rest and know that this will easily get to 1 mil =D It'll keep selling once it gets to platinum and Greatest Hits too!
ninjascroll (on 10 December 2008)
Until Killzone 2 comes out I would think most would buy this or WaW.
The Co-op is so intense 8v100 your eyes almost can't believe how many enemy are on screen at some points.
Damstr8 (on 10 December 2008)
@ Aldro....but your getting later....right.
erikguy (on 10 December 2008)
uncharted didnt even have adventure. it just sucked.
Aldro (on 09 December 2008)
Im sorry Nathan Hale... But i had to go with Nathan Drake. I dont regret it atm.. I had you in the beta, but Uncharted was just better i needed an adventure that is why! You are solid with 60 ppl online and awesome Co-Op and probably a good story! But i needed adventure.. i needed adventure!!

Im sorry... XD
Gearbox (on 09 December 2008)
trophies should have their own section where u can scroll though them, this way takes up way to much space
s-grandi93 (on 09 December 2008)
when i get this im gunna try 2 get every trophy!!
cool48 (on 08 December 2008)
Cool I like how it shows the trophies on the side.
Thechalkblock (on 07 December 2008)
I had this game, beat this game, and played the online. If you really like online multiplayer, this is a definite buy.
Barozi (on 06 December 2008)
@ Onna

Bundle ;-)
Squall_Leonhart (on 05 December 2008)
This game should do well anyway, i mean this is a much better start than R1 had and that went on to sell over 3 million :-)
Fenristh (on 05 December 2008)
Good opening in Others. I want this but I've got to wait until Xmas. ;(
*~Onna76~* (on 05 December 2008)
Part 1 sold worse in the beginning, than part 2 and look where the sales wind up.
arsenal009 (on 05 December 2008)
Not even close to Gears but this game will make sony some $$.
leatherhat (on 04 December 2008)
This game is doing really well, despite the naysayers. Should do over 3 million lifetime
klaudkil (on 04 December 2008)
500k is not a flop but still not the sales i expected.....and what if it whas bundelt? people still but it becaiuse they wanne play the game that is bundelt with it
shanezx (on 04 December 2008)
ouch, deserves more sales
BrayanA (on 04 December 2008)
here in Europe Ratchet, and Uncharted were where and are still heavy bundled
realill (on 04 December 2008)
Finally today it released in Russia ... it was long way to come Sony. Will order it soon.
WiiStation360 (on 03 December 2008)
Easily over 1M in a few weeks
leo-j (on 03 December 2008)
Ratchet, and Uncharted were never bundled(until now..)
Damstr8 (on 03 December 2008)
this game deserves more than this.
deathgod33 (on 03 December 2008)

r u kidding, that would mean it will sell less than Resitance 1
chris1_16 (on 03 December 2008)
wow the sales boosted up
Damstr8 (on 03 December 2008)
@ slimebeast

or it'll reach pretty good sales with legs,as Uncharted and Ratchet did.(they weren't bundled until a month ago)
Simulacrum (on 03 December 2008)
Not bad for First day sales in Europe.
Well I get this tomorrow...
Slimebeast (on 03 December 2008)
Awful debut but like Ratcher & Clank, Motorstorm and Uncarted Sony will eventually make sales "okay" by bundling R2.
JordanBlack68 (on 03 December 2008)
There has been supply issues in the UK
Ismailxp (on 03 December 2008)
1.5 mil. LTD
s-grandi93 (on 03 December 2008)
tripple post?? wth
s-grandi93 (on 03 December 2008)
s-grandi93 (on 03 December 2008)
Dodes (on 03 December 2008)
one of the best games of the year

not bad sale!
realill (on 03 December 2008)
s-grandi93 you are too optimistic about it :)
s-grandi93 (on 03 December 2008)
thats only first day sales and its supply constraint, i expect > 200k next week in others
leo-j (on 02 December 2008)
140k in one day isnt bad, Im expecting 150k for OTHERS next week
Damstr8 (on 02 December 2008)
disappointing sales....*shakes head* shame.
Griffin (on 02 December 2008)
Pretty much what i was expecting in Europe.
McDonald (on 02 December 2008)
Outstanding. Out fucking standing game.
erikguy (on 02 December 2008)
games like this dont sell in Japan but look....

thats how great this game is.
Gearbox (on 02 December 2008)
still its a great game
Gearbox (on 02 December 2008)
so its supposed 2 sell 123k opening week in others... maybe if the advertisements werent so crappy for it ....
Jo21 (on 02 December 2008)
i am buying it this week see u there!
iron_megalith (on 01 December 2008)
Still having fun with it!!
Damstr8 (on 01 December 2008)
I think japans' is the best.
s-grandi93 (on 01 December 2008)
in australia the cover art is the 1 with hale on top then the chimera on the bottom.. i like it
kunaixhaku (on 30 November 2008)
i think they were trying to copy halo 3, master chief with its rifle, orange
Damstr8 (on 30 November 2008)
cover art isnt bad,just the first games was just cool as hell.
Gearbox (on 30 November 2008)
cover art sucks..... o well the third migth be better. the first was amazing
pearLy (on 30 November 2008)
Considering Resistance: FoM sold more than 4 times better in Europe in its first week I think that if the same would happen with R2, it could maybe be possible within the first 2 weeks.
Squall_Leonhart (on 30 November 2008)
I wonder what the sales from Other's will be like when they come in next week...

Is there any chance that the sales from Other's could be in the 600k range to make this pass 1 million?
MikeB (on 30 November 2008)
It's easily the best 3D shooter of this sort I have played so far. :-) All shooter loving PS3 owners, you got to have this game! You will experience huge scale battles like you have probably never experienced before in a shooter game!

People can nitpick over minor imperfections or graphics details (which are still excellent for this game overall), not polished up to the level compared like a few top large budget shooters moving around in relatively small linear areas, but what would you expect? This game is in an entirely different league in terms of scale and on-screen activity. But most importantly extremely fun to play!
aidey68 (on 30 November 2008)
I received my preorder from GAME on Thursday, from what i've played so far, it doesn't bring anything new to the FPS scene, but it does play well ;)
Bladeneo (on 29 November 2008)
Holy shit, havent even touched the story mode yet, been having far too much fun with the co-op.
Damstr8 (on 29 November 2008)
incredible game,i will be playing this for a long time.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 29 November 2008)
Maybe it's because I've played a thousand shooters this year, but this game is really, really.... unimpressive.
StarcraftManiac (on 29 November 2008)
Whooow! The graphics amazed me right from the start! So epic, the scale and everything! Love it!
Squall_Leonhart (on 29 November 2008)
Here's hoping the europe figures for this game will be pretty impressive. Got it on thursday and the graphical jump from R1 is very impressive.

Imagine the graphics of Uncharted with the continued story from R1 :-)
ziquisira (on 29 November 2008)
I love this game. In the weekend i wil finish the campaign
duff4444 (on 28 November 2008)
this game is freaking amazing.
headshot91 (on 28 November 2008)
i got this game yesterday, so far v gd but im stuck on those drones with those stupid shields AHHH!
leo-j (on 28 November 2008)
I said GEARS 1...
Skeeuk (on 28 November 2008)
just bought this 2day very very good game indeed.
Artur (on 28 November 2008)
Europe is coming to change these digits up there!
Cthulhu (on 28 November 2008)
got it today along with siren
Aj_habfan (on 28 November 2008)
He said Gears 1...
Mausenheimmer (on 28 November 2008)

Fact Check: Gears 2 sold 1.45 million copies in week one in the USA, as opposed to 910k like you said.

A little oversight of about 535k copies, or 135k more copies than Resistance 2 has sold to date in the USA and Japan.
s-grandi93 (on 27 November 2008)
wait, with the way the sales charts r going, next week will be 28th, so does that mean that for first week in others 4 resistance 2 will only be 1 day : (
s-grandi93 (on 27 November 2008)
cant wait till christmas!! i hope it sells 600k first week in others
kunaixhaku (on 27 November 2008)
im getting this christmas, i think a lot of people are, sales will go up a lot near christmas
Damstr8 (on 27 November 2008)
it will have strong legs in America just like the first.
scabab (on 27 November 2008)
No people just dont care about this game
chris1_16 (on 27 November 2008)
what's up with sales? was there a shipping error or something?
leo-j (on 26 November 2008)

Gears 1 sold 910 k its first week, R2 wihtout OTHERS has managed 300k, so we will see what happens.
Madsen1994 (on 26 November 2008)
Take it easy guys. Vgchartz havent updated the sales yet
FPSrules (on 26 November 2008)
yeh, give it some time. it still hasn't been released in europe yet. and we all know every ps3 game sells better everywhere else that is not north america

look at LBP, it sales were terrible a few weeks ago, now its close to a million sales and MM and sony already profitied off the game
iron_megalith (on 26 November 2008)
Bought this game yesterday still haven't played it though. :D
Kaos24 (on 25 November 2008)
I thought that this game was fantastic. Maybe a little on the easy side but it was a wild ride.
Heavenly_King (on 25 November 2008)
Egghead (on 25 November 2008)
This didnt even come near Gears 1 with a much higher userbase

Oh well, still a fantastic game, im just thinking PS3 fans will stop using sales card after whats been happening these days...
Barozi (on 25 November 2008)
Comparing a launch title to it's sequel is BULLSHIT
*~Onna76~* (on 25 November 2008)
a) Wait until European sales arrive. It will most likely hit to 1 million. b) compare it to the RFoM sales and you notice that R2 is doing about 8 times better in the US in its first 2 weeks than RFoM did back then. If R2 is a flop then RFoM was a much bigger flop in its release.
oliminator1994 (on 25 November 2008)
im getting this game for xmas :D
Damstr8 (on 24 November 2008)
what an extremely incredible game,easily my favorite shooter this year.
AnarchyWest (on 23 November 2008)
im buying this game over the holidays
mexitalrish (on 23 November 2008)
man, i severely overestimated this game. i seriously thought with all the hype i had been hearing from message boards here on vgchartz that r2 was going to sell as well as gow 2. i mean, in all honesty, i expected at least 1.5 mill already by now. i thought it would be huge, guess i was wrong
Dallinor (on 23 November 2008)
Should have at least a 400k opening week when EU sales come in. not too bad.
kunaixhaku (on 23 November 2008)
he means co-op CAMPAIGN resistance 2 co-op has hardly anything to do with the main story
Barbarian-Attackz (on 22 November 2008)
there is co-op you dumb mo-fo open your eyes..ideot
Gearbox (on 22 November 2008)
i cant believe they got rid of co op campagin PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH.
forsaken0825 (on 22 November 2008)
people i know brought cod5 instead of this bad timing from sony to release @ America
Simulacrum (on 22 November 2008)
CE option for no europe???
What is that?
Squall_Leonhart (on 22 November 2008)
Come on America... The game deserves better legs than this!

Should count yourselves lucky as the EU get the game a month later and no option of the CE at all :-(
FPSrules (on 21 November 2008)
these sales are impressive, considering the fact it was released only in a region where currently where 90% of 360's where sold

it gets released soon in japan and europe, we should see this game sell at least 1.5 million copies, even though regardless of sales, this is the best game i played since MGS4
Crystalchild (on 21 November 2008)
i think the first week in "others" will put the sales easily to 800k. and i think it will grow in america, after they have played enough gears2. :)
--OkeyDokey-- (on 21 November 2008)
These sales make LBP seem HUGE! :P
bugrimmar (on 21 November 2008)
it's coming november 28 in europe
realill (on 21 November 2008)
Why total sales are not changing?
YaK (on 21 November 2008)
I only own a ps3 which I love dearly lol but I find these screenies funny but VERY deceiving. The ingame graphics do not look anything like them lol, no where near as crisp and clear. Gameplay is good though, but I wished the graphics would of been better. Oh well, maybe next time. Also, It was very smart of them releasing the game at the same time as gears 2. Good Job!
Slavedemonxi (on 20 November 2008)
Um, Mrchi, this game is definitely on par with Gears 2 easily. I actually have both games, and both are amazing. You should stop trolling.
MrChi14 (on 20 November 2008)
300k in 2 weeks... and people actually compared this game to Gears 2. laff.
ocnkng (on 20 November 2008)
Why didn't they release it in Europe?? Is sony daft? This is an amazing game and just sad to see these numbers.
Gearbox (on 20 November 2008)
awww ioi did u really have 2 adjust these numbers :(
kunaixhaku (on 20 November 2008)
ummm this does not look right this was 304k first week soo ummm nonsense much? it looks like this site gave 360 a huge leap of sales on hardware and software side as an adjustment.
scabab (on 20 November 2008)
Wasnt Res 2 at 304k Week 1 in US???
-GhostMLD- (on 20 November 2008)

look at Gears 2 first 2 weeks....
coolestguyever (on 20 November 2008)
320,000 in 2 weeks in just America...Nice!!

Others will help greatly
Agamemnon862 (on 20 November 2008)
Should do great in Others
Natester (on 19 November 2008)
This Game is perfect in every way
Natester (on 19 November 2008)
what people don't realize is that there are 2 BOX ARTS 1 for the standered and 1 for the collectors edition
kunaixhaku (on 19 November 2008)
in terms of boxart i think they tried puttin a twist to the halo 3 boxart, they shudve stuck with keeping it original
Fenristh (on 19 November 2008)
Annoying that this is even out in Japan and still not out here in Europe!
Gearbox (on 19 November 2008)
american box art sucks bad... R1 was way better... how could they screw it up so bad
Levi (on 19 November 2008)
The game had a really solid first week specialy when you compare it to R1 salesplus the game had a lot of competion.I wonder if it will have legs threw the holiday oh well I love the crap out of the game.
xxxvitoxxx (on 18 November 2008)
just finished the story mode and its a solid 9 =)
duff4444 (on 17 November 2008)
This game is fucking sweeeeeet
flavaflav92 (on 16 November 2008)
even if it doesnt have sales like gears 2, its still a great game:D
Gearbox (on 16 November 2008)
y so muchg negativity? im expecting somewhere around 400k to 500k in europe. sad how the cover art sucks balls, like comon fall of man cover was amazing
leo-j (on 16 November 2008)
Reality check?

you need to study these sales.. PS3 games end up selling 60% of there sales in the rest of the world.. most if not all of the ps3's games sell better in OTHERS than in NA..
ocnkng (on 15 November 2008)
@mkimkilop and @gabriel
I would consider your posts as trolling.
BTW this game is amazing, I think its sales are very good also. Once it releases in Others, its going to cross 1 mln very rapidly.
pieschl05 (on 15 November 2008)
the game is amazing but the advertising is weak. I saw 5 gears of war advertisements per 1 resistance. I was also a poor decision to release it later in the rest of the world.
leo-j (on 15 November 2008)

Why would it sell worst in OTHERS, were the first game sold much better, and the install base is much larger?

Griffin (on 15 November 2008)
There are quite a lot of "Japan only" games or other Japan games going on. It should have a decent opening this week in that region.
FPSrules (on 15 November 2008)
Since when does a game have to sell to be good. Shadow of the Colossus was the game of the year back in 2005, and recieve very good ratings, got a 9.7 on ign, it sold less than a million copies
FPSrules (on 15 November 2008)
Aj_habfan (on 14 November 2008)
400k - 600k others? That's Gears 2 area. It will probably sell about 200k in Others first week.
saxophonehero (on 14 November 2008)
the numbers aren't that bad.
Bagaren85 (on 14 November 2008)
Could and should sold more. In America, for god sake. Sony needs a killer beast.
derwarre (on 13 November 2008)
Not the greatest numbers considering Gears 2 and Fable 2 opening weeks. If LBP and Resistance 2 could not open with 1M in sales, then nothing for the PS3 will. Sad.

PSN: yungder
Layth (on 13 November 2008)
Not bad, but was expecting more. This along with LBP are Sony's big guns and neither one lived up to the hype. MS slaughtered sony with games like Fable 2 and GOW2 in terms of sales.
Cowboys4u86 (on 13 November 2008)
I'm thinking this will have better opening numbers in the EU. It had to compete with Gears for gamers money in the US and had the disadvantage of being heavily outnumbered in terms of consoles out there. Still, this is a 7-1 increase over RFoM's debut so it's very nice indeed. Not only that but there has been a ton of exclusives in the space of a week that have come out. This should have great legs.
Abalistar (on 13 November 2008)
I was expecting something closer to 500-600k, but these aren't awful numbers. I'm sure it'll still at least top R1's US total.

I wouldn't expect it to have the insane legs that R1 had though. You gotta remember that at the beginning Resistance was pretty much the only game to buy, and there were PS3 shortages for a couple months.
jdelanoy (on 13 November 2008)
I was definitely expecting more than 300-350k, but oh well
ninjascroll (on 12 November 2008)
This game owns R1, 8 players co-op. Class based/Berserk specials deathmatch and skirmish etc etc and epic single player can't lose.
headshot91 (on 12 November 2008)
ah well i was expectin about 500 k in america...
Solid_Raiden (on 12 November 2008)
Decent sales but I was thinking it would sell more like 500k first week. But then again, 2 million gamers bought Gears the same week and it came out election day so I supose 300k is very respectable given those circumstances. Can't wait to see others sales.
Dark Odin (on 12 November 2008)
good opening! I as expecting a lit bit more, but cīmon... the first had a 40k opening. so itīs great!
itīll have legs
ocnkng (on 12 November 2008)
I love the co-op. This game shud have lots of legs
Squall_Leonhart (on 12 November 2008)
Not too bad, could do to have been higher. But if Resistance 1 is anything to go by then this game will have major legs! It went from a ~40k start to selling over 1 million in the US alone!
Snaaaaaake (on 12 November 2008)
Sales are ok. Have to wait until December until EU numbers are in. =/
Aprisaiden (on 12 November 2008)
300k i okay -- i would of preferred it if the game did 500k + ...

Here is hoping the game has legs.
pieschl05 (on 12 November 2008) sorely dissapointed...i was hoping for around 750-1 mill. Games great Insomniac, don't get you heads down. This should have legs.
-GhostMLD- (on 12 November 2008)
300+ k is good. but this just shows that resistence is desined to live in the shadow of Gears.

Not trolling, just stating fact based on both games and their sequels.
indodude (on 11 November 2008)
@ Damnstr8,

Hoping for more? I think you got enough,please compare Resistance NA week 1 sales to this.
Damstr8 (on 11 November 2008)
pretty decent opening,i was hoping for more, but it wont need any help selling.its an amazing game.
indodude (on 11 November 2008)
8 player co-op is so addicting for me!

This is gonna be huge in Others!
foolpittier (on 11 November 2008)
yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!! metal gear solid 4 beat this in the U.S. even though they had way more advertising. That's amazing. Resistance 2 is still one of the best first person shooters of all time though.
ZenfoldorVGI (on 11 November 2008)

Fallout 3 is a magnificent game with a huge marketing campaign.

There is no shame in being outsold by it.

This game'll have legs and surpass R1. It'll do a lot of sales in others, you'll see.
Egghead (on 11 November 2008)
Great sales, though neither this or Gears pushed much hardware

Sad really
Phoenix_Wiight (on 11 November 2008)
ouch. im suprised fallout did a lot better...
leo-j (on 11 November 2008)
300k is good
ninjascroll (on 11 November 2008)
Wow just Wow this game is freaking crazy good 8 player co-op and 60 player deathmatch skimish etc etc. I didn't like the first resistance online but this ones a grand slam.
ocnkng (on 10 November 2008)
This game is awesome, I completely agree with all the posts here
realill (on 10 November 2008)
I will buy this game once it available in Russia.
metalgearmatt (on 09 November 2008)
I predict an opening week of 540 m!!!
erikguy (on 08 November 2008)
this game is fantastic!!

when u look the game up it says 7.7? how do I rate the game?
challis (on 06 November 2008)
I'll say this, the campaign is fantastic!!
cool48 (on 06 November 2008)
Awesome game up to now, better than the first and ties Crysis and Bioshock for my favorite FPSs.
Solid_Raiden (on 06 November 2008)
Just beat it. And WOW at the ending. Once you beat it, you'll know what I mean. An amazing game! More then well worth the collectors edition I bought! :) Not only is it greater than the original in every way, but it might just be ahead of COD4 as my favorite action fps this gen thus far.
Gearbox (on 05 November 2008)
ill get it for christmas.
Finnbar (on 05 November 2008)
Great game so far, I enjoy it MUCH more than the first one!!
flavaflav92 (on 04 November 2008)
this game is..... AMAZING! the campaign, the co-op, and the competitive are amazing!:D
Slavedemonxi (on 04 November 2008)
yes! This is my most anticipated game of the year. Well this and gears of war 2 are.
challis (on 02 November 2008)
Hmmm. I got it today from a local Sony Store. The single player campaign looks great, at 720p, but the split screen, offline coop campaign has poor graphics quality, small screen, and a different, frankly lame story. Resistance 1's split screen coop campaign was much better. So far. Unless I'm missing something.
StarcraftManiac (on 29 October 2008)
Is this a joke?! Sony's biggest shooter this year is released one month later in Europe then in the US... This is pure BS!!!
Aldro (on 22 October 2008)
Got the Beta! its great. Sure not MGS4 great since MGS4 made me cry & totally made me forgett Starwars and get all the other MGS games XD. But yeah its good and im soo going to get it :D going to play the beta now bai bai
Munkeh111 (on 14 October 2008)
Please say we get the CE in Europe!!!! It is coming out 3 weeks later for us, so they better give us something
Squall_Leonhart (on 14 October 2008)
Seems like there is still no word on the CE for Europe :-(

Hope that we get it!
sharv33n (on 12 October 2008)
im definatly gona get this!!!!!
Snake612 (on 11 October 2008)
This game better have amazing sales.
Damstr8 (on 04 October 2008)
pre ordered today, completely paid off.
finalsquall (on 04 October 2008)
Pre-ordered it today :D
JiaJia (on 03 October 2008)
Look at them sales numbers !!!! 5 million LTD confirmed!11
Gearbox (on 02 October 2008)
look out for gear_box on the leader boards lol jks
s-grandi93 (on 02 October 2008)
i think its coming to europe on the 28th of november
ollie3650 (on 27 September 2008)
when is this comming out out in europe and namly the UK
s-grandi93 (on 24 September 2008)
the graphics have improved dramatically... amazing looking game
Gamer4eva (on 21 September 2008)
This is going to be a beast of a game.
segajon (on 18 September 2008)
when is resistance coming to others
hatmoza 2.0 (on 15 September 2008)
i must pwn u
i will crush u noobs in this game
Blaiyan (on 12 September 2008)
Finally got an invite for the private beta.
akuma587 (on 10 September 2008)
Woot, wait, why does Gebx own this game?
s-grandi93 (on 09 September 2008)
i hope the graphics improve a tad, cant wait for it though!! day 1 for me
slimeattack (on 08 September 2008)
This game will be awesome.
Squall_Leonhart (on 08 September 2008)
Bring the CE to the EU Sony!

Please!!! lol
Gearbox (on 05 September 2008)
i like the only on playstation. its like a big slap in the face to the competitors..
Munkeh111 (on 03 September 2008)
And the UK one is identical
tombi123 (on 03 September 2008)
From now on, for PS3 exclusive games, can we have the PAL box art. The 'only on playstation' and 'playstation network' signs seriously ruin the box art.
Gearbox (on 30 August 2008)
dam my friend got into the beta for resistance 2!
Blaiyan (on 29 August 2008)
Just pre-ordered R2 CE
Squall_Leonhart (on 20 August 2008)
This game is so going to kick ass :-)

Loved the first one!
sharv33n (on 12 August 2008)
this game is gonna be SO kool.

ps3's halo is comin soon.
Munkeh111 (on 10 August 2008)
Why do people add fake box art. I know this is from the official site, but it is just a place holder
Gearbox (on 10 August 2008)
nah probabaly more like 6 million life time and 2-3 mill first week. Lest we forget mgs4 sold 3 mill first week as said by gamespot.
insomniac_dog (on 01 August 2008)
4 million lifetime sales, 1.5 million first week, and one hell of a good game. Can't wait.
Gearbox (on 19 July 2008)
Why does everyone compare this to gears? They are two different games. Yes they come out the same time, but most people who have both consoles will just get BOTH games.
JEstevens (on 19 July 2008)
Must buy for christmas
Snake612 (on 07 July 2008)
It will defintely be a top seller for the ps3. I predict 2.4 million the first week. It have tough competition with gears of war 2.
Slimebeast (on 11 June 2008)
I predict 85% on Gamerankings, and 3 million copies lifetime sales.
headshot91 (on 21 May 2008)
Insomniac sed they were concentrating on improving the graphics and WOW those screenshots look gr8!!!
Dark Odin (on 15 May 2008)
5 million I donīt know. but sure will sell more than the first..
Munkeh111 (on 13 May 2008)
It can easily sell over 4m, the 60 player MP is going to really attract people to the game. Without CoD 5 being a major player (it will still sell over 1m), many of the CoD 4 players will migrate to this game
MontanaHatchet (on 12 May 2008)
I disagree, although 4 million is achievable.
s-grandi93 (on 09 May 2008)
this game will sell 5million copies, who agrees??
Blaiyan (on 17 April 2008)
That teaser was amazing. Anxious to see some gameplay on june 13th.
solojohlo (on 01 April 2008)
When the hell will insomniac release some new info. I'm getting desperate here!!!
gamerdtr (on 16 March 2008)
This is one of few games that I will buy without even reading a review to find out what it is actually like. I trust Insomniac Games that much to produce an awesome game!
The_Noob_Slayer (on 14 March 2008)
I own the game because i bought it already paid it off my pre-order, so people saying its not possible it is i haven't rated it yet but i am sure its going to be a 10
lemieux-rules66 (on 08 March 2008)
wow!!! I did not know it was alrdy out? How is it. Is it any good?
playnext3 (on 03 March 2008)
wow 5 people owned this game already lol,what a shame!!!!!!!!
Squall_Leonhart (on 28 February 2008)
More people own this game, and as usual its getting rated before its been released lol
s-grandi93 (on 20 February 2008)
make that 3 people
Squall_Leonhart (on 11 February 2008)
This game should be good! The 1st was just so much fun to play :D
solojohlo (on 11 February 2008)
I find it amusing how 2 people own this game when it doesnt come out for 9 months
SSurTails (on 10 February 2008)
I might have an eye on this one
NFGBlinkAC (on 10 February 2008)
I wasn't too fond of Resistance 1, but I still thought it was above average game. Resistance 2 I am definately more interested in now because of the new features.
dannyphantom105 (on 09 February 2008)
Should be amazing. I just replayed the first one and the campaign and story were great, as is the online still.

cant wait for the new graphics, story, weapons, and co op.
Damstr8 (on 09 February 2008)
PDF (on 27 January 2008)
my #1 must have game of the year.

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TrevDaRev (on 20 January 2013)
Was flicking through various game pages
on Wikipedia, and it states on there
that this game has sold over 3 million
WW. Could be undertracked by quite a
Mario_pana (on 12 December 2012)
A game that was great before killzone 2
kicked it's ass.
paulrage2 (on 29 March 2012)
I'm gonna play this game in my new
account to get the platinum trophy
Dahum (on 16 March 2012)
nice sales
dsage01 (on 19 December 2011)
Looking at the poor Resistance 3 sales
despite it being a great game makes me
sad :(
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