The Secret of Monkey Island

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Platform: Microsoft WindowsAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Sega CD
Developer: Lucasfilm Games Genre: Adventure

Release History

The Secret of Monkey Island LucasArtsNorth America01st January 1990Retail
The Secret of Monkey Island LucasArtsEurope01st January 1990Retail
The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition LucasArtsEurope15th July 2009Retail

Game Overview

The game starts with Guybrush Threepwood arriving at the lookout point on Melee Island, on his quest to become a pirate. After a brief talk with some pirates down at the SCUMM Bar, he finds out that to become a pirate, he must pass the three tasks. After passing the test, he hears that the governor of the island, Elaine Marley, has been kidnapped by a pirate named LeChuck. So Guybrush decides to assemble a crew and take a boat to Monkey Island, where he can find the ghost pirate LeChuck and rescue the governor. Despite being one of the funniest adventure games ever made, it also has enough serious moments to make it interesting to play. The graphics are good, with quarter of the screen being taken up by a section where you can select commands, such as Look At, or Pick Up, and the other three quarters of the screen being taken up by the main animation window. This takes some getting used to after playing later LucasArts full screen games such as Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle, but after a while it just feels natural. The puzzles are very good in this game, with most ranging from simple (such as getting the fish in the SCUMM Bar), to difficult (such as finding out what to do with the cake), but even if you get stuck on a puzzle the game doesn't get too frustrating, as there always seems to be something new to do in the game. There are many characters dotted around the islands, and there are numerous topics to speak about with them, most of which range from mildly funny to completely hilarious. Overall, this is one of the best adventure games on the PC, and is a great start to an excellent series of games.


c0rd (on 20 January 2010)
Never got into this one somehow, but the
theme is damn catchy. Music was so much
better in the 90's...

definitely give this a shot when I can.
zexen_lowe (on 31 December 2008)
A classic. One of the first games I
played in my life. I remember every
single phrase of it. Insult
swordfighting, the rubber chicken,
Guybrush, everything makes this game a
okr (on 09 February 2008)
Monkey Island I & II (I consider them as
one game) is the best point & click
adventure ever made. Ron Gilbert has
created one of the funniest games

If you haven't played it and
are interested
- BUY it used (no
stealing, please. Serious gamers don't
steal games. At least borrow it)
download the free application ScummVM
- play it on
any available system you want (any PC or
MAC/Linux, business handhelds, even PSP
and DS)
ElRhodeo (on 23 January 2008)
One of the best games there ever were.
This and Monkey Island II.
el_ciprés (on 23 January 2008)
a legend
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