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10/01/95 Enix
07/08/94 Enix
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You've just moved into the town of Rococo, and you're bored stiff. There doesn't seem to be anything to do around town, and your father, who happens to be a world-famous inventor, won't let you into the basement to tinker with his "Invention Machine." After a renegade group of pirates called Hackers invade Rococo, the townspeople are in a panic, nobody seems to know what the Hackers want! Now you're torn between helping your father fight the Hackers and sneaking into the basement to look at his latest invention. That's the backstory of ROBOTREK. The rest of the game is an RPG that will take you to another dimension as you search for answers and the truth. Are you ready for the adventure you'd never thought you'd have the opportunity to take?

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celine posted 15/03/2009, 01:37
Very strange RPG.
Quintet is a seal of quality.
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weezy posted 20/01/2008, 12:44
Gem RPG for the Snes.
You make robots and kill things with them :)
Program and equip your robot
Funny moments in game.

In this case Enix made=Enix goodness

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