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10/19/07 DSI Games
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08/14/08 Zoo Digital Publishing

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Betty dreams of life on the big screen, but she will need to move into the city if she is ever to fulfill her dreams of stardom. You will help Betty make all the money she needs by helping Grampy open “Betty’s” Jazz Club, and work to take the tiny club from rags to riches. With each shift Betty is one step closer to the silver screen as “Betty’s” grows into a spectacular Jazz Club with service so fast and entertainment so great Betty will have no problem raising the cash to fund her big debut! Betty has two shifts at the club! For the first shift, Betty works in a casual environment where guests are free to enter and seat themselves. The customers make their requests to Betty - maybe it's for a milkshake, some candy, or a song from the band. Service them quickly for a bigger tip! In the second shift, Betty hits the stage! As Betty's concert begins, music notes will appear on the top screen - use the Nintendo DS stylus to select the corresponding notes in the correct order on the touch screen. Each correct note earns the cheers of the audience and more tips for Betty. But one wrong note and the crowd may decide to turn!

  • Highlights four characters from the original Betty Boop cartoons - Betty, Grampy, Bimbo, and Gorilla
  • 7 different types of customers-each with a different attitude and profile
  • To give Betty a boost, satisfy customers and build her Power Meter
  • A dozen different upgrades available for the club as the game progresses
  • Challenge a friend in multiplayer mode - compete head-to-head in a 1st shift memory game or take the stage in a fast-paced musical 2nd shift


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