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Garou Densetsu 3: Road to the Final Victory

餓狼伝説3 遥かなる闘い


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04/21/95 SNK
04/21/95 SNK
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Just when Terry Bogard can finally relax, he found out something very unfortunate. Geese Howard is alive & well! Geese is searching for the Jin Scrolls, sacred scrolls that can grant whoever has them alot of power! If he were to take the scrolls, he'll be able to rule Southtown again! He'll never let go of his power! Making matters worse, Ryuji Yamazaki, a bloodthirsty psychopath, is on the loose on Southtown & he's also looking for the scrolls, but for what reason? Fortunately, Terry's younger brother Andy, as well as their friends, Joe Higashi & Mai Shiranui will be helping to prevent Geese & Yamazaki from getting their hands on the scrolls. Not only that, but 5 newcomers have entered Southtown, each of their own motivations & goals to fulfill. Who will be the 1st to find the scrolls?!


-5 returning, as well as 5 newcomers, add up to a total of 10 immediately selectable characters!

- Not only you can fight in the normal plane & background plane, but you can move a little bit towards the foreground plane to dodge attacks & strike back which adds a new demension of strategy!

-Graphics have been redrawn! It's unlike anything you've ever seen before!

-266 Megabits!

-Available on the Neo Geo, Sega Saturn, & PS2 on Fatal Fury battle Archives vol. 1!


Written by MarktheShark275


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