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09/21/04 Square Enix
11/01/02 Square Enix
09/17/04 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Final Fantasy XI: Online - Summary

Twenty years have passed since the great crystal war, when the forces of darkness gathered and evil threatened the peaceful kingdoms of Vanadiel.

An alliance was the formed to rid Vanadiel of the evil but after a narrow victory, the threat has returned.

As the beastmen organise their forces and make their advance towards the nations of San D’oria, windurst and Bastok, a desperate call goes out the adventures around the globe for help.

  • Begin your journey into the world of Vanadiel by creating a customised character from a host of physical attributes and jobs.
  • Experience missions, quests and boss battles by yourself or join up with other party members to form powerful alliances as you explore the incredibly vast environments that make up Vanadiel.
  • Fans will be pleased to discover that final fantasy xi will incorporate new features while retaining the renowned series familiar look and feel.
  • Through the playoneline viewer, players will be able to connect and communicate on Final Fantasy XI.
  • Aside from using the playonline viewer as your gateway to Final Fantasy XI, players can use the other applications including Playonline chat and Playonline Mail, access to support, customisation tools and other games, like the enhanced online version of the tetra master card game from Final Fantasy XI

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mwjw696 posted 09/07/2008, 04:25
Played this for 3 years of my life. Loved it and all the friends I made. Greatest time sink of my life.
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Commando posted 07/06/2008, 05:22
I hate to admit I actually own the P.O.S. Worst MMO ever!
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Caramon posted 14/02/2008, 09:04

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