Burnout Paradise

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 1.95m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360
Developer: Criterion Genre: Racing

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b00moscone (on 25 August 2015)
Fantastic game!
Aj_habfan (on 24 June 2015)
I would love another Burnout game, this was awesome.
mysticwolf (on 21 June 2011)
i just got a ps3, and i remember playing this game at Target and it was awesome! i want it now!
zuvuyeay (on 15 June 2011)
good fun ,i only played for a bit last time and lost my saves due to breakdown,now its a good free blast
John_Doe (on 23 January 2011)
lol, its selling as fast as in its first year
stimpi13 (on 25 December 2010)
Great game...If you want a fun game you must play Burnout!
AdventWolf (on 01 January 2010)
This game is great! More people need to check this out.
AnarchyWest (on 30 December 2009)
I love this game, just wish the DLC wasn't so expensive
Carclis (on 31 October 2009)
This game is pretty underrated.
metalgearmatt (on 03 September 2009)
tied with 360
AnarchyWest (on 12 August 2009)
how did the 360 version pass the PS3 version?
I know if you include PSN sales its ahead but wasn't it ahead at retail a few weeks ago?
sabby_e17 (on 05 August 2009)
Finally 1 million!
FootballFan (on 02 August 2009)
1 million!
NanakiXI (on 26 July 2009)
1 mil!!! Dammit!!! Took forever lol :P
manman6 (on 19 July 2009)
1 million
FootballFan (on 13 July 2009)
I reckon this will have hit 1 million if the PSN version was added. -end-sarcasm-
Munkeh111 (on 08 July 2009)
Damm these silent adjustments!!!!
drakesfortune (on 08 July 2009)
Wait...not a million seller anymore? wtf?
drakesfortune (on 29 June 2009)
Well deserved million! Great game
Munkeh111 (on 27 June 2009)
It took its time!
Blaiyan (on 26 June 2009)
Yep. #32 finally.
getrdone (on 26 June 2009)
Finally 1 million
FootballFan (on 19 June 2009)
1 million in 2 weeks
Munkeh111 (on 16 June 2009)
Not far from 1 million now!!!
yusuke93_ita (on 09 June 2009)
million seller in 4 weeks
FilaBrasileiro (on 28 May 2009)

20k in the first 3 weeks


It's definitely over 40k now
FootballFan (on 22 May 2009)
ive heard this has sold 40k on psn?
leo-j (on 12 May 2009)
I bought it on PSN so my sale doesnt count
imran_nxt (on 08 May 2009)
Now someone has to add these sales from here: http://www.vgchartz.com/games/game.php?id=31686
Tuanniez (on 25 April 2009)
Its platinum in EU and AU i think, so it should easily sell the 50k it needs for the 1 mil =D
Time Lincoln (on 22 April 2009)
Such a great game. Been playing it non stop lately
Aj_habfan (on 20 April 2009)
Burnout the day!
axumblade (on 19 April 2009)

Actually, this was trailing the 360 version. I think the 360 version got adjusted down though...
Munkeh111 (on 19 April 2009)
Woo then... this is a fantastic game and it does deserve the sales
Rainbird (on 19 April 2009)
@ Munkeh111

I remember Criterion saying that the download version sold 20k during its first three weeks or so, so I think it has passed a million by now.
Munkeh111 (on 19 April 2009)
It is probably over 1m with the downloads, but it is creeping to that 1m mark
Deviation59 (on 18 April 2009)
Wasn't it always ahead of the 360 version because of EU sales?
axumblade (on 17 April 2009)
Hey! this one is ahead of the 360 version now! When did this happen?
AnarchyWest (on 07 April 2009)
one of my favorite games
agardini51 (on 04 April 2009)
Well it should go up at least one more as I just bought a copy today. I think it is a steal for $20.
Aj_habfan (on 30 March 2009)
Probably did pass 1 million by now. Weren't there over 20k downloads the first week?
Dgc1808 (on 29 March 2009)
Nearly 1Million
grimygunz (on 27 March 2009)
ok this and farcry2 adjusted up and motor storm 2 adjusted down.

A lot of adjustments lately
snyperdud (on 27 March 2009)
Cmon one million.
Dark Odin (on 26 March 2009)
wow this got adjusted up right?

might be a million seller now in some time (already is with PSN sales...)
ViceKingz (on 22 March 2009)
Best 20 bucks i've ever spent
snyperdud (on 17 March 2009)
Awesome game.
blazinhead89 (on 15 February 2009)
Sick Game, Sick Online
drakesfortune (on 10 February 2009)
Everyone should buy this game at $20. It's so much fun, and they added in the ability to restart races now, so all the haters be damned, you can restart your races now. There is now no excuse not to own this game, and the trophies are fun too!
Aj_habfan (on 08 February 2009)
Just bought, $20, can't go wrong at that price =)
Blaiyan (on 24 January 2009)
Apart of the huge Upcoming update is a restart option and that fixes a major flaw for me. That's definitely going to make me start playing this game again.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 18 January 2009)
I saw a Platinum version of this game the other day.

Doesn't that mean it's sold over a million?
Dark Odin (on 13 January 2009)
criterion said that has been downloaded on PSN 50k times
metalgearmatt (on 11 January 2009)
the only video game company that supproted their game since launch and they still have less than a million. this is sad...
Lil_D420 (on 03 January 2009)
o wut this games down
TKC-Muzzer (on 01 January 2009)
Remember the sales probably don't count those downloaded from the store.
Sephiroth357 (on 01 January 2009)
Good game.

Still trying to fully complete it.
Deviation59 (on 01 January 2009)
More love for Burnout Paradise!
erodrig85 (on 27 December 2008)
awesome a all out fun racing mutli player game great replay value even more now with the trophy updates and bikes i hope reaches 3 million this game is pure adrenaline so bad is that its not well track in here
Barozi (on 26 December 2008)
it's already confirmed by Criterion, that both versions sold over 1 million and that the PS3 version is slightly ahead
nordlead (on 22 December 2008)
Actually, this game probably already passed the X360 version because you can buy it on the PSN.
jayman (on 22 December 2008)
Best racing game of any gen. Hope it passes 1 mill at least.
whacker41 (on 07 December 2008)
wow, only 20k away from the 360 version. Didn't see that coming.
MontanaHatchet (on 07 December 2008)
This only sold 10k on Black Friday week? Why? I thought this game would be a hit.
jerseyboy609 (on 07 December 2008)
its about to outsell the 360 version?
oliminator1994 (on 05 December 2008)
I need this game! if anyone could give me it on PSN it would be much appreciated.
*~Onna76~* (on 19 November 2008)
Best arcade race game out there! And it has trophies, plus its cheap and available on PSN. More excuses to avoid this game ain't left.
Coud (on 02 November 2008)

Even if some players play the game with several online accounts (and I doubt there are a lot of them), it seems like Burnout Paradise sold more than one million copies.
Maybe thanks to the release of the game on the PSN ?
Dark Odin (on 04 October 2008)
Great game. downloaded yesterday and Im loving it!
YoppaDo (on 28 September 2008)
Trophies weren't retroactive, but I didn't mind replaying this, not had it for months and never completed, trophies are even more incentive to play again.

If you go into the news section on PS3 now, it says 900,000 (or about that) players have entered Paradise City.
Munkeh111 (on 27 September 2008)
Such an awesome game, just started playing it again and it is soooooooooo fun!
Munkeh111 (on 23 September 2008)
I can't wait for trophies, and I am pretty sure they are retroactive!
Dark Odin (on 22 September 2008)
this thrusday ^^
Dark Odin (on 14 August 2008)
If its true... Ill download it trought PSN!
DeadOnArrival06 (on 12 August 2008)
I hope this gets the trophy support soon. Great game.
Terrell (on 31 July 2008)
well i gotta get this soon
Dark Odin (on 31 July 2008)
now. selling less than 5k in NA. will it reach one million?
I think so... by christimans I guess
Impulsivity (on 26 July 2008)
I bet you this game will shoot up as soon as trophy support is released. I just got this today based partially on reviews, but to be honest 90% based on the trophy addition. It has been way better then I expected so far.
Yakuzaice (on 19 July 2008)
Got adjusted down about 60k, had just passed the 360 version.
insomniac_dog (on 17 July 2008)
This will get a million, I'm pretty sure. Its predecessors reached the million mark, so if enough fans buy this instalment, one million is guaranteed.
insomniac_dog (on 17 July 2008)
This will get a million, I'm pretty sure. Its predecessors reached the million mark, so if enough fans buy this instalment, one million is guaranteed.
megaman2 (on 12 July 2008)
epic game addictive!
YoppaDo (on 10 July 2008)
Must pass a million on both PS3 and 360 for my satisfaction :P

The after-support for the game is just phenomenal.

And look, the 360 and PS3 are tracking within a few thousand of each other now.
s-grandi93 (on 04 July 2008)
even though i dont own this game, i will be happy as ever when it reaches a million
MontanaHatchet (on 26 June 2008)
Alright, 700k!

A million smells so sweet, and so close.
*~Onna76~* (on 23 June 2008)
This game is totally addictive. I'm trying to get the Elite License now. Only 100 events to go :-D
DonWii (on 19 June 2008)
Wish it had offline multiplayer, but otherwise very good.
Kamahl (on 18 June 2008)
i was gonna buy this game but then i found out it didnt have offline multiplayer and that was my favorite part of the burnout series... if the next one has it, i'll buy it
skip (on 07 June 2008)
Buy this game. Its pretty fun but as said there are a few frustrating elements. I have a great deal of respect for the developer for the fact that they are adding to the game without any of the usual ea money grubbing.
insomniac_dog (on 26 May 2008)
This game is quite possibly the best in the series. It deserves better than this. NFS: Prostreet is so inferior to this game, and yet Prostreet has double Paradise's sales numbers. For shame you American speed-needers!!!
MontanaHatchet (on 17 May 2008)
You overestimate the power of the Burnout series. It's not a weak series, but it's not a very strong one. It will reach a million on both platforms, but it will take a while.
Skeeuk (on 17 May 2008)
suprisingly poor seller on ps3 and 360

i though it would have rocketed to 1 million
ItalianBoyPhil (on 13 May 2008)
The only real issue with the game was the 'No Retry'
but it did have potential and where i lived Ads/Billboards everywhere
Username2324 (on 12 May 2008)
I thought this one would reach a million in only a couple months, I really like the game, it looks great and plays great. (Love the D3 support) Hopefully during the holiday season sales will go up.
MontanaHatchet (on 06 May 2008)
With the holiday season, this will reach 1 million easily. No concerns.
EHSTEVE (on 06 May 2008)
Damn... this really deserves 1 million
YoppaDo (on 19 April 2008)
It's kinda depressing that the Need for Speed: Carbon port for PS3 has sold more than this. Maybe the patches or a price-drop will give it a boost, hopefully anyway.
Skeeuk (on 09 April 2008)
very very good game, blindingly fast. although thre are some frustrating elemen, these will be resolved with the next huge update

im highly suprised at the sales though i though burnout was a tip top IP
DeadOnArrival06 (on 06 April 2008)
1 Million combined sales. Let's hope this game gets 1 million on the Playstation alone. Hopefully in a couple more months we'll have one million on each console.
playnext3 (on 26 March 2008)
million seller combiend with the 360 sales
damandan05 (on 18 March 2008)
I really enjoy this game, it's been years since a racing game has pulled me in, deserves more sales, and more people playing online which is a good time.
Aj_habfan (on 01 March 2008)
Sad to see how this game ended. It had such potential...
Yajimari21 (on 20 February 2008)
no hearts in the system? ;___;

Yajimari21 (on 20 February 2008)
YoppaDo (on 20 February 2008)
Oh wow!! PS3 and 360 are both at exactly 0.33 million, crazy. People!! Buy Burnout now! It needs a million!!
tombi123 (on 19 February 2008)
^ thats a really good idea :)
gamerdtr (on 18 February 2008)
I just got this game recently and I can't wait to begin playing it! Hmm, isn't it strange how AAA titles on PLAYSTATION 3 all have ratings in the range of 7 on this site? Well I guess that since there will always be immature people doing this we will just have to view ratings for PLAYSTATION on this site as counting out of 8 and not 10!
MontanaHatchet (on 16 February 2008)
I can't wait for this game to reach 1 million.
SpeedBreaker (on 15 February 2008)
on both consoles, it sold 580k copies worldwide.
DeadOnArrival06 (on 15 February 2008)
The game will reach a million across both consoles, but I doubt now that Niether PS3 or 360 will see a million on it's own. It's sad really. This game is a masterpeice.
dannyphantom105 (on 13 February 2008)
probably won't reach a million. but its gonna have good sales nonetheless, hopefully making enough profit for ea to realize that good games sell more than mediocre ones.
Aj_habfan (on 13 February 2008)
Droped HARD.

Don't think it will reach a million.
EHSTEVE (on 12 February 2008)
I... unfortunately won't make my prediction that I made a few weeks ago.
YoppaDo (on 12 February 2008)
I'm really not sure if it'll reach 1 million, hopefully it has good legs.

It'll be a real shame if it doesn't do a million, it's such a good game.
Dark Odin (on 12 February 2008)
wii it reach one million??
Munkeh111 (on 12 February 2008)
Incredible game, I absolutely love it
outlawauron (on 11 February 2008)
I got it today! Huge drop in EU numbers!
DeadOnArrival06 (on 10 February 2008)
The American sales are pathetic. C'mon guys, you don't know what you're missing!
outlawauron (on 09 February 2008)
Ill be getting this on Monday.
playnext3 (on 09 February 2008)
2 more copies sold in the second week compare to do first
Pinto55 (on 09 February 2008)
This game is amazing... And it's selling well... I think it will pass 1 mil.
EHSTEVE (on 08 February 2008)
lol. NA week 2 sold 2 more units than week 1
YoppaDo (on 05 February 2008)
Looks like America might let down the 360 version as well as the PS3. I hope Europe gives this game what it deserves, absolutely fantastic game.
playnext3 (on 05 February 2008)
i wounder if the game will pass 1 mil
loffeldclan (on 05 February 2008)
Double, but my point above proven true. Look at what the PAL region is doing for these games! We rock!
loffeldclan (on 31 January 2008)
America has let down the PS3 version. I live in Australia and I am very proud of the PAL market for actually buying games for their PS3 system. Sony and developers have solely the PAL region to thank!
Munkeh111 (on 30 January 2008)
@ riot, I have no resorted to giving most Sony games ten to make up for the crap scores given by other people
Riot Of The Blood (on 30 January 2008)
It was the Wii fans, Daddo. They have a known reputation for doing that type of thing. See, the thing with PS3 games is that there are enough Sony fans to defend their games.
rukusa (on 30 January 2008)
Pretty strong start if you ask me :).
Daddo Splat (on 29 January 2008)
Also cross platform games in the US usually will win just because achievement hounds have to havem. well exclusives are why we get individual consoles ya I got a PS3 Wii and 360 and right now Iam with gamefly so Igot the 360 version of burnout its a great game the days of buying a game a week are over for me too expensive!
Daddo Splat (on 29 January 2008)
Hey just wondering you all didnt roll over to the 360 version of the exact same game and give it ones did you! if so why! And dont say cause its sucks to pay for live! And PSN is free! that has nothing to do with how the game plays! I hope it was the wii fan boys out to keep other games down but the 360 a 2.5 and the PS3 a 8 same game hmmm. I would hope it was wii fans! Because they cant get the game on thier system!
Damstr8 (on 29 January 2008)
it sold better than the 360 version?....really? how did that happen?
DeadOnArrival06 (on 28 January 2008)
Better sales than 360 so far, keep it up!
sexybeast (on 28 January 2008)
Well the PS3 version for BO did better the first week than the 360. As much as I want the PS3 version to do better, in the states Burnout will sell more.
coolestguyever (on 28 January 2008)
88,000 thats solid. Throw in maybe 50,000 for US and you got yourself an impressive opening (half) week of 138,000
coolestguyever (on 28 January 2008)
Demo was fun, also its gotten like an 88 rating on Metacritic. Looks like a great game, hopefully it sells well.
segajon (on 27 January 2008)
It will be really close betwwen 360 version and ps3 version. the last racer EA released Need For Speed: Pro Street is currently at 360 .98million and PS3 at .93million, this one will probably sell that close too.
Hopefully Ps3 comes out on top. Up to Europe.
DeadOnArrival06 (on 27 January 2008)
I hope it sells a million sooner than that. This is a great game that any and every PS3 owner/Burnout fan should get.
EHSTEVE (on 26 January 2008)
I expect this to sell a million before March
HB~Sauce (on 26 January 2008)
I gotta get this game sooner than later.
Munkeh111 (on 26 January 2008)
going to be getting this game really soon, I just loved the demo, it was just so fun to play
kamil (on 25 January 2008)
The numbers should be on Monday (for first week in Europe). It has a chance in beating X360. Racing games are more popular in Europe than in USA and PS3 games generally sells better in EU.
loffeldclan (on 24 January 2008)
I want to see numbers here as well. It should be interesting to see, but I am not sure if it can beat the 360 sales numbers!
DeadOnArrival06 (on 24 January 2008)
No numbers yet? I hope PS3 version sells better than 360
EHSTEVE (on 20 January 2008)
I can't wait for this game. The demo was great!

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b00moscone (on 25 August 2015)
Fantastic game!
Aj_habfan (on 24 June 2015)
I would love another Burnout game, this
was awesome.
mysticwolf (on 21 June 2011)
i just got a ps3, and i remember playing
this game at Target and it was awesome!
i want it now!
zuvuyeay (on 15 June 2011)
good fun ,i only played for a bit last
time and lost my saves due to
breakdown,now its a good free blast
John_Doe (on 23 January 2011)
lol, its selling as fast as in its first
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