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Golgo 13: Dai 2 Shou: The Riddle of Icarus





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01/01/90 Vic Tokai
07/27/90 Vic Tokai
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A "Star Wars" satellite has been snatched out of orbit, the world edges toward nuclear oblivion, and the CIA and KGB are blaming each other. Golgo 13 is back just in time. The Mafat Conspiracy is a phantasmagora of action and interaction. Your eyeballs will stretch from their sockets as you speed through Europe in Golgo's Ferrari. Your bones will rattle as you leap across the cars on the Orient Express. And if you think you've seen bad dudes, wait till you feel the power of Duke Togo's wicked karate kick. The Mafat Conspiracy is for those who demand the very best in video games!

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spurgeonryan posted 17/08/2011, 02:51
Good old Vic Tokai! Look for him in a bunch of old time PC games. I love that this is in 3D! Plus it has conspiracy in it which is in very few game titles it seems.
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The Ghost of RubangB posted 28/04/2008, 01:54
The maze was a total bitch. You had to draw a map of the whole thing.

Or look one up online.

Other than that, this game IS FUCKING AMAZING.
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mesoteto posted 10/04/2008, 07:38
man i hated this game--i could never get out of the first maze thing...but then again it was like the 3rd game i ever played
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