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12/05/98 Electronic Arts
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Los Angeles is one rough place to serve and protect, but you won’t be patrolling the streets alone. Meet the TAC X-1 Alpha, a revolutionary miracle of modern science - durable, armed to the teeth, and capable of handling the worst the crime lords have to offer. This advanced piece of hardware has the ability to transform into two unique vehicles: the Walker and the Hovercraft. And if you plan on a lengthy career with the force, you’ve gotta take advantage of the strengths of each. Lt. T.J. Ryder is your dispatcher. She’ll help you survive this dangerous world. She's a cool head; got the best eyes in the business; technology to burn--and knows how to use it; and she's watching your every move.

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stof posted 11/01/2008, 03:31
Holy Crap. I just thought of something. If anyone else still has this game on computer, Message me and we can play Precinct Assault together.

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Quartz posted 11/12/2007, 11:57
I mentioned it before in a thread, and only just remembered to post it up. :D
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stof posted 11/12/2007, 11:55
I loved this game! The single player missions are alright, but the real joy here comes from precinct assault. It's an arena battle territory capture game, where you take over turrets to attack your opponent and get points to convert bases and produce tanks and helicopters. This was one of my most oft played games back in the day. YAY for Future Cop!
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