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The Dog Island: Hitotsu no Hana no Monogatari



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05/06/08 Ubisoft
04/26/07 Yuke's
03/06/08 Ubisoft

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Become a real-life hero – drive the coolest, high-tech rescue vehicles to SAVE your city.

Emergency Heroes is the open world rescue driving game that is designed for the next generation of young rescue heroes.

Race to the scene in advanced police, fire and EMT rescue vehicles that let you jump over four-lane highways, power-slide into water towers and track down criminals at high speeds. By combining simple intuitive controls with fast, exhilarating action, Emergency Heroes offers an exciting experience the whole family can enjoy, exclusively on Wii™.

Key Features

  • Drive the next generation of rescue vehicles. Pilot and command numerous high-tech rescue vehicles designed specifically for ultra high-risk, high-speed navigation. Choose between police, fire and EMT vehicles.
  • Explore and protect the entire city. As an emergency hero, your mission is to protect the peaceful city of San Alto. Drive through stunning free-roaming open environments, and keep the city safe at every turn.
  • Two player co-op. Challenge your friends or combine forces to form the ultimate rescue hero team to protect your city.
  • Fun for the whole family. Making full use of the Wii Remote™, everyone in the family can enjoy being an emergency hero.
  • Fast-action Gameplay. Take advantage of Hero Mode and play like you mean it – the faster you drive, the faster you rise and gain access to invincible powers.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 11,410 n/a 2,014 13,424
2 n/a 7,344 n/a 1,296 8,640
3 n/a 5,701 n/a 1,006 6,707
4 n/a 3,805 n/a 671 4,476
5 n/a 3,419 n/a 603 4,022
6 n/a 3,080 n/a 544 3,624
7 n/a 2,776 n/a 490 3,266
8 n/a 2,975 n/a 525 3,500
9 n/a 2,731 n/a 482 3,213
10 n/a 2,571 n/a 454 3,025

Opinion (7)

*~Onna76~* posted 16/03/2009, 09:15
Where in earth did all those sales come from and that excluding EU and Japan sales?
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*~Onna76~* posted 19/11/2008, 03:19
What?? 110.000?? Am getting more surprised. I have this game as well as I'm a sucker for cute dogs *looking at my adorable Max*
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jpelles posted 13/11/2008, 07:16
There's actually some fans for this game. I liked one of the GoNintendo's staff Lube talking about this game.

Sounds like a fun RPG for Dog lovers and kids.
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Leni posted 10/09/2008, 07:08
it got 7.0 from ign, which means it's good, also it has nice graphics!! : )
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Baddman posted 25/06/2008, 06:46
what kind of game is this? an rpg? is it any good?
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SunRedRX7 posted 22/06/2008, 11:13
This game is actually pretty good.
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