Heroes of Might and Magic III

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): N/A
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Developer: New World Computing Genre: Strategy

Release History

Heroes of Might and Magic III 3DONorth America28th February 1999Retail

Game Overview

Heroes of Might and Magic III is a strategy game developed by New World Computing and released on Microsoft Windows.


Smeags (on 23 November 2010)
I forgot how long a single game can
take... just played a 3 hour game. O_O
Smeags (on 03 November 2010)
Great game! I loved playing as
Necropolis. Ghost Dragons for the win!
c0rd (on 24 November 2009)
Listening to the game's soundtrack
right now. It's amazing.

Why can't
they make games like this anymore?
Chrizum (on 12 October 2008)
Best game ever created by man (thus
excluding all Miyamoto games)
MeowTheMouse (on 29 February 2008)
after 3 the series went *PEW PEW*
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